Life in Mexico Goes On

February has been a bit heavy around here, huh? After I got the sixth or seventh message telling me to cheer up, and that the bad times will pass, I realized that maybe I’m not giving you an accurate portrayal of how things are going around here. Which is, mostly excellent. As all my friends back home repeatedly dig themselves out of snowfall after snowfall, Mike and I are still loving the laid back Mexican beach life.

So, here’s a glimpse of our winter-time life in Mexico, a follow up to the first Life in Mexico post I made back in December, and a chance to spotlight some more photos that haven’t really fit in elsewhere.

Things that make us love living here:

Hibiscuses are everywhere around town
Massive fireworks spectacle for the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico’s patron saint
For the festival they had a parade every day for 12 days!
Sailor dog from our trip to La Playa de Amor
I took a mole cooking class and learned that mole is really hard to make.
Our favorite Sunday beach spot
Kings cake
Mike loves the coffee here
Believe it or not this is not even the biggest bee I have found in our apartment. Horrifying.
The most amazing blue corn tortillas from my favorite restaurant, Yeikame
Promotional poster for Sayulita’s first film and tequila festival
Taco truck dog tries mind control
Queso fundido: melted cheese that tastes like heaven but will probably clog your arteries on the spot
Mike bought me a rose for Valentine’s Day, it is still going strong a week later
Tempting aguas frescas
Paletas: mexican popsicles. Basically the best thing in the entire world.
Native Huichol performance at sunset in Puerto Vallarta
The most bizarre and awesome carnival going on in Sayulita right now. Expect a post about this next week.

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  1. Mex is certainly one of my favourite countries, especially for the food, not to mention the culture and the surf of course. Glad you loving it there, I can’t see how you couldn’t

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