Life in Mexico

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the special events, the food and the exotic wildlife here in Mexico, but I thought today I’d give you a glimpse into more of my every-day life in Sayulita (and take a chance to post some of my photos that don’t really fit anywhere else). It’s becoming routine for us but really, it’s rarely boring.

Here are some of the things about life in Mexico that make me insanely happy:

The tiny lizards who live in our apartment
Housekeeping Truck
Cat’s don’t beg.
Celebrating being married 2 months with Mexican craft beer
Mega-fresh strawberries at the weekly farmer’s market
Local baseball game
Horses underneath my balcony
Our friendly neighborhood churro man
Drinking on the beach (with blogger buddies)
Clamato juice is really popular here. This was actually just weird.
Beach art
Sneaky iguana in the tree outside our apartment
An important movie field trip to Puerto Vallarta
These stuffed animals are for sale eveywhere
Seriously though, sunsets

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