Lincoln’s Hat, Fall in DC and Turkey: My Month in Instagram

Since I finally joined the smartphone generation I’ve been documenting my day to day life like a fiend. My Galaxy SIII takes amazing pictures, which make even my boring  life look kind of interesting. I’m still learning the art of phone-photography, and I definitely stil have a ways to go, but it sure is fun to try!

So I thought it would be fun to start a new monthly feature where I show you what I’ve been up to each month. Even though I didn’t spend a single night away from home this month (weird, I know) I still had an interesting time:

I enjoyed my first autumn in three years- the wait just made it seem more vibrant and amazing then ever.

I was visited by Shaun and Erica from OverYonderlust! Two of my favorite travel bloggers and people. I gave them my standard local tour around DC.

Wreaths set out for Veterans Day near the Vietnam Memorial.

The top hat Lincoln wore the night he was shot! It now lives in the American History Museum. After seeing Lincoln earlier this month I found this particularly cool.

I think I found the best pho place in town- thank god!

Enjoying the comforts of home- like a cat who runs to greet me at the door.

And books! Marvelous real books- I renewed my library card to fuel my bookwormishness.

Not to mention the joy of cooking at home.

Mike and I volunteered to host Thanksgiving this year. Because we’re masochists.

My very first turkey- turned out quite good actually!

Celebrating a post-turkey day Thankstravaganza mealwith my friends. Every year I miss this party- but not this time!

Sunset over the Anacostia river and the sewage treatment plant- the view from my Dad’s balcony. So pretty!

You can follow me on Instagram for more real-time updates on where I am and what I’m up to. 

Thanks to Samsung for gifting me a Samsung Galaxy SIII. As always the views expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views of Samsung.

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6 thoughts on “Lincoln’s Hat, Fall in DC and Turkey: My Month in Instagram”

  1. Some great photos. Occasionally I have a go taking pictures with my ipad, but it’s a tad cumbersome. Might have to join the smartphone generation as well 😉

  2. Great idea for a series. I noticed Uncornered Market also does photo essays with their Instagram pics. I was thinking of trying it too. One of these days.

    1. Yeah, Instagram photo stories are a great way of sharing a city or destination! I’m a recent convert to the idea though I’ve been using Instagram since the first day I finally got an iPhone (just a year ago…). Not until I started publishing them as stories did I realize the fun of it!

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