Major FOMO and Missing BlogHouse Philadelphia

Long time readers will know that Bloghouse is my baby. I nearly went insane trying to concurrently plan Bloghouse Toronto and my own wedding, and had a blast at Bloghouse Chicago a couple years ago. From the first one in Besalu, Spain to last year’s even in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike and I have both been present at every event.

Until now.

At first I was really hopeful I would make it to the most recent Bloghouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 31 weeks is not an absurd time to be traveling, and I was headed to East Coast around then anyways for this wedding. Unfortunately, after getting back from Japan this spring I decided that it was just going to be too much to handle so late in pregnancy and I had to drop out.

I was super bummed. First of all, I love mentoring new bloggers at BlogHouse- I’ve made some really great friends this way and some great business connectors (that’s how we got Megan after all). Second of all, I’ve passed through Philly dozens of times but I’ve never actually gotten to spend much time there. This would have been a golden opportunity to really explore.

Mike isn’t able to attend anymore either, thanks to his new job, so at least I had him to hang with. We took a local food tour and watched the US beat Paraguay on tv. It was nice, but it wasn’t BlogHouse.

At least it sounds like the event went well, even without me there:

  • The event was held at the Sonesta Philadelphia Hotel, which looks absolutely marvelous.
  • Visit Philly toured them around to some city highlights like 2nd Floor Brewing Company, Independence Beer Garden (which I guess I would have missed out on anyways) and an open top bus tour.
  • Context Travel hooked them up with some guided tours and some really yummy looking donuts.

    Photo by Jennifer Huber
  • Most importantly, everyone seems to have learned a lot from Cailin, Lisa, Sherry and Anne. Joining BlogHouse is like joining a family and I can’t wait to meet these new members!

    Not traveling for an entire summer was never going to be easy, but I didn’t expect to get so bummed out by just the start of June! Still, Seattle in summer is a pretty good consolation prize and it’s just a few more weeks to go before this little world traveler shows up.

She already owes me a trip to Philadelphia.

This post is written by me, brought to you by the Bloghouse Sponsors- Visit Philly, Sonesta and Context.

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