Mapstravaganza!! 9 Things to Do with Your Old Maps

Maps are so awesome. They have a certain romance to them; when you unfold them there is so much potential and possibility. You can pore over them, planning out potential roots and connecting the dots between places. Plus, they are just really pretty.

I don’t have a house, but I often like to dream about what it would look like if I did. Of course it would have all of the random tablecloths, paintings and knick knacks I’ve collected from around the world (currently gathering dust in a box at my Mom’s house) and lots of photos of all my travels. An maps, lots of maps. Honestly, the place would probably look like a World Market exploded inside of it.

Be that as it may, I must carry on with my dream decorating schemes and I thought I’d share them with people who might potentially actually use some of these ideas. So using pinterest, I’ve started putting together a whole slew of ideas for cool maps, cool map related things (like bikinis) and neat ideas to put your old maps to use.

Here are just some of the things crafty people on the internet have taught me to do with my old maps:

1. Make  Map Coasters:

With just four simple steps, some plain coasters and some old maps you can have a stylish place to put your drinks AND prevent water rings!


2. Turn them into Envelopes

Handwritten letters, like maps, are quickly becoming antiquated. Fight the power and make some lovely envelopes to send to likeminded friends.


image cc: Poppytalk

3. Fold Them Up

Maps are paper right? So practice your origami skills and make a map globe garland.

4. Frame Them

Either by themselves or make neat picture frames like Tara did here.

5. Frame Them Part 2

In this case the maps are the focus, I love this idea.

6. Frame Them Part 3

Is that cheating? There are just so many cool ways to integrate your maps and picture frames! This one uses the maps as photo-mats.

7. Make Magnets:

Maybe this worked better for map puzzle pieces, but the effect is still neat.

8. Decoupage just about anything

Literally anything with flat non-porous surfaces: Chairs, tables, walls, whatever you’ve got lying around uncovered.

9. Make a dress??

Not exactly a how-to, but if you are creative enough to pull this off I bow at your feet.

What else can you do with your old maps? I’m sure you guys have some creative ideas. Share them below! And, if you’re on pinterest, check out my board, Mapstravaganza for some more map-related inspiration.

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  1. Now I know what we can do with all of our old National Geographic Maps, that can often be bought for pennies at thrift stores or libraries!

    GREAT IDEA! Many, many thanks!

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