Maui First Impressions

Can you believe I’d never been to Hawaii before this year? Actually you probably can. Despite being one of the 50 states, Hawaii is pretty freaking far away and expensive to get to, especially if you live on the East Coast. In fact, it was just one of 4 states I’m missing (Mississippi I’m coming for you next).

BUT, lucky for me, we moved to the West Coast, and all of a sudden it wasn’t so expensive ($450 round trip!) or far (6 hours non-stop from Seattle). So, when Mike decided to attend a WordPress conference in Maui over Valentine’s Day, you better believe I invited myself along. And maybe hijacked the entire trip until it was a weeklong vacation complete with whale watching, beach going and road tripping.

It’s what I do.

Not surprisingly, I loved Hawaii. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s beautiful, laid back, warm and just utterly wonderful. I fully intend to go back and explore other islands, but I’m really glad that Maui was my first. I’ll be writing a few posts about our time there but I thought I would start with an overview of what makes Maui in particular, pretty marvelous.

Reminded me of Mexico
HUMPBACK WHALE! We went whale watching with JCM Ambassadors at the Ritz Carlton (spon) and it was really neat
An intro to Hawaii’s “plate lunch”
We road tripped around the island which was so fun!


Sashimi of the day at Nick’s Fishmarket
My perfect Hawaii dress, sent to me by PrAna

Couple getting married on the beach in Kihei
Sweet Maui Gold pineapple
Surreal rainbow eucalyptus trees
It really looked like this!
The Road to Hana
You couldn’t ask for better February weather.
Our road trip buddy/new christmas ornament souvenir

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