Megan Stetzel

Megan didn’t get her first passport until she was 25, but she quickly made up for lost time. She filled that first passport in 3 years and is well on her way to visiting 30 countries by age 30!

She was one of those people who dropped her life, bought a one way ticket to Cambodia and planned to never return! In a way, she hasn’t. She started her first travel blog, Forks And Footprints in 2013 after buying that one way ticket to document her journey for family and friends, in 2015, she connected with Steph at a blogging event and began writing for . As they both aged out of the twenty-something bracket, they decided to combine forces and rebrand into what you now see as Why Wait To See the World to inspire other Millennials to get off their butts and see the world!

She’s gluten free and has a few other food allergies that make her travels a bit more interesting, (oftentimes resulting in a humorous story or two) and through her love of food, she hopes to inspire others with limited diets that those limitations don’t have to keep them shackled to their comfy kitchens!

Megan is currently based in London, sipping ciders and wandering the beautiful mews, but who knows where tomorrow will bring her! Follow along.


First Stamp Ever in Your Passport: Cambodia at age 25. Believe it.

Favorite Place in the World to Eat? Thailand, on little plastic stalls. Or Mexico…. I believe the key to happiness is found in Tacos.

Dream Trips: India, Maldives, Africa (no idea where to start with that continent!), Bali

The One Thing You Never Leave Home Without: A sarong. I’m basically always cold, so this is a blanket on airplanes, a scarf to dress up an outfit, a skirt when I’m going to or from the beach, and most importantly a reminder of past travels 🙂
What You Do When You’re Not Traveling: Work. Planning my next adventure! Catch up with family, friends and love on my puppy as much as possible!

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