Megan’s Story: Moving to London and When a Trip is Awful

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve given any personal updates here on Why Wait and that needs to change!

The past 8 months of running this blog have been such a whirlwind, I’ve forgotten why I wanted to do this in the first place! To write! And share my journey and hopefully get some of you to stop waiting and to start venturing out into this crazy mixed up world!

If you follow me on social at all, I’ll try to be better about sharing on the @WhyWaitWorld channels, you’ll know my love of London is pretty intense. I finally decided it was time to sign a lease, and make London my home for the foreseeable future.


I’m sure the comments are going to come rolling in soon, How?… Why?…

Well, as an American, I am legally able to stay in the UK for 6 months out of the year with just a stamp. Because I am insanely happy with my current position/work environment being a member of the Hecktic Media, Inc. team, I’m not looking to find employment or therefore a visa in the UK. So, I’ll be in and out a lot, but that’s kind of how I like it! Settle down and get cozy for two or three weeks then venture off for two or three weeks. I think it’ll work, who’s with me!?

I’ve had a lot of inner turmoil about settling down. (I mean, is this even REALLY settling down??)

I’ve fiercely fought for years to become nomadic and be able to go wherever the wind blows and this feels like I’m throwing that down the drain. Steph’s recent article about Digital Nomads vs. Location Independent really captures my thinking, however. I want to be able to work from anywhere, my bed, the beach, the cute coffee shop down the street, the airport queue, wherever, but I still want a home. I want a place to come back to, to cook, to clean, to buy things for.

Most important, I want a community again. Traveling often allows you to meet people all around the world. But it also doesn’t allow you to build deep, meaningful relationships. I grew to crave talking to someone who knew me for more than a couple days. Someone who I didn’t need to tell stories to about my childhood or college years, because they already knew them.

I definitely get a real buzz from being anonymous in a new place. But eventually, that buzz wears off, and I want someone I can laugh about the past with.

When I really sat down and thought about where my people were I realized, along with my heart, the greatest density of them were in London.

So, here I am, in London for the foreseeable future!

Where I Visited Last Month: 

I spent much of October exploring Romania. The country was great, and full of charm, and a good escape from the typical hustle and bustle of the rest of Europe. The people that organized the Experience Romania and Experience Bucharest trips I participated in were absolutely awful however and I don’t recommend them. If you’re a blogger, feel free to contact me for more information. 

What do you do when you can see the beauty of a country but there are people involved in your experience that taint the memories? This is what I’m trying to wrestle with.

I did make some lovely new friends, holla at ya:

Stephanie from History Fangirl (If you geek out for historical shmutz but appreciate some dry humor and snark, this girl is definitely your girl!),

Traveling Mitch, whose real name is Chris! I’m really digging his “The One Food You Must Try In…” series, because well, food!

There really is something special that happens when traveling with two incredible gay men in a country that is not the most gay friendly, Jose from My Normal Gay Life and Ryan from Out With Ryan. These two opened my eyes a little bit more to the world around us, and continue to do so on their blogs, go check them out for a view into a life that may not be your own. Lord knows this world could use a smidge more compassion.

For a very fresh and real take on the not-so glamorous side of traveling and life (along with plenty of bits of the glamorous side!) Allison from Eternal Arrival is your girl.

If gorgeous, stunning photographs are your jam, Chris from Trip And Trail will surely swoon you into a new adventure!

And finally, for an actual look at Romania from a local, my girl, Alice writes in Romanian, but hello, there’s Google Translate now, so go over here and read her stuff!

I can say, Bucharest truly shocked me with how much I enjoyed it. It’s certainly a beautiful city to wander through. And the bookstore, Cărturești Carusel, was absolutely stunning and I could certainly imagine working away in that beautiful cafe on the top floor.

My trip took me into the far North of the country, and albeit beautiful, I would have preferred to explore it with a couple friends in a car than in the manner that I did.

More on Romania to come!

This upcoming month, I plan to explore London during Christmas time, I’m looking at you Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I have a quick stint to Glasgow and Edinburgh in the books with a dear friend and who knows what else! Oh! I also plan to show some Brits what American Thanksgiving is all about!

I hope you like these personal updates! Happy exploring!

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14 thoughts on “Megan’s Story: Moving to London and When a Trip is Awful”

  1. I firmly believe in the importance of telling your true story and applaud you for doing so. It’s unrealistic to say that every trip is a perfect amazing spectacular time and it gives readers an illusion of what full time or long term travel is really like. Good for you!

  2. I really disagree with what you said about Experience Romania team as you NEVER said anything positive during the entire trip and your words full of hatred and shouting and complaining were really not professional at all.

    1. It’s difficult to say positive things under the circumstances we were in. I’d encourage you to read the rest of the Experience Bucharest post comments, and then maybe you’ll understand the special circumstances that existed. I have a feeling you haven’t been filled in on everything that was going on.

    2. Hmm I’ve met Megan several times and also been on a press trip with her and she has only ever been 100 per cent professional, kind and courteous. If she really was complaining, I imagine there were some serious problems worth complaining about.

    3. You’re entitled to your own opinions Alex, as am I. I am a bit shocked to watch you so blindly support them when there were many times that you expressed your distaste with the trip as well. And as you can see, I didn’t go into detail here, so by you and others drawing attention to this point you’re actually making it a significantly bigger deal and pointing fingers when I did not.

  3. Hey Megan!

    I just want to warn you to be careful with the “technically legal” living in the UK for less than six months out of the year. I did that for a few years and while technically it’s legal, it’s frowned upon and immigration could ban you at any time if they think you’re taking advantage of it. (Something similar happened to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Brazilian husband when he tried the same thing in the US.) I had some scary border crossings, but I still feel like I lucked out by not getting into trouble. Just make sure you’re discreet at immigration, especially once those UK stamps start piling up, and have an escape plan if you need one.

    Also, FYI, you can bypass UK immigration altogether by flying to Dublin, taking the train to Belfast, and flying within the UK from there…

    1. Yeah, I’m a tad concerned. I just had a pretty gruesome border crossing this last time, so it’s making me rethink this plan honestly. Great tip about Dublin 😉 This last immigration go, he was recommending the registered traveler card, but I’m wondering if that’d flag me even more… Hmmm

    2. If you’re repeatedly entering the UK, best to do it by train or ferry. Heathrow is really tough. I was detained there for about 6 hours one night and interviewed twice.

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