Needed: Your Mexico Advice

I have known that I’m moving to Mexico for months now. We bought our plane tickets back in early July, jumped up and down, then promptly stuck all of our emotions in our back pocket for later. We’ve been so incredibly distracted by The Wedding that I have barely thought, planned or prepared for Mexico.

Last week however, it finally hit me- we are moving to Mexico! How awesome is that? The wedding is behind me and I was finally able to give in to the urges that lead me to lobby so hard for Mexico in the first place. The food, the people, the beaches. It’s not an abstract future thing anymore. It’s thrillingly, terrifyingly real.

In fact, I’m probably on the plane right now, as you are reading this. What a crazy world.

Since I was so distracted for so long, the only real planning that I’ve done is buying sunscreen and cute sun dresses. I did spend an evening perusing my Michelin guidebook. That was enough to get my pretty excited, but I didn’t really take the time to work on anything resembling a plan.

So once again, I’m reaching out to you dear reader. You guys have always steered me well in the past. Give me your advice, specifically on Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta, but also on Mexico in general? Where do I go? What should I see? Most importantly, what do I eat?

We have a place to stay the first couple of nights (with the incredibly welcoming Christine Gilbert), and then we’ll be searching for an apartment of our own in the sunny surfer town of Sayulita. I’m looking forward to living by the beach, learning about Mexican cooking and drinking margaritas. Mike is looking forward to working, but in a prettier location.

Beyond that, we’ve taken a show up and see kind of attitude. This usually works out pretty well for us so hopefully it will again. I know I’d love to visit Oaxaca, Mexico City and Guadalajara, but I’m pretty short on the specifics. Hopefully you can help me fill in some of the gaps.

Have you been to Mexico? Where? What did you love or hate?

This post was written by me, brought to you by Michelin.

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