Needed: Your Mexico Advice

I have known that I’m moving to Mexico for months now. We bought our plane tickets back in early July, jumped up and down, then promptly stuck all of our emotions in our back pocket for later. We’ve been so incredibly distracted by The Wedding that I have barely thought, planned or prepared for Mexico.

Last week however, it finally hit me- we are moving to Mexico! How awesome is that? The wedding is behind me and I was finally able to give in to the urges that lead me to lobby so hard for Mexico in the first place. The food, the people, the beaches. It’s not an abstract future thing anymore. It’s thrillingly, terrifyingly real.

In fact, I’m probably on the plane right now, as you are reading this. What a crazy world.

Since I was so distracted for so long, the only real planning that I’ve done is buying sunscreen and cute sun dresses. I did spend an evening perusing my Michelin guidebook. That was enough to get my pretty excited, but I didn’t really take the time to work on anything resembling a plan.

So once again, I’m reaching out to you dear reader. You guys have always steered me well in the past. Give me your advice, specifically on Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta, but also on Mexico in general? Where do I go? What should I see? Most importantly, what do I eat?

We have a place to stay the first couple of nights (with the incredibly welcoming Christine Gilbert), and then we’ll be searching for an apartment of our own in the sunny surfer town of Sayulita. I’m looking forward to living by the beach, learning about Mexican cooking and drinking margaritas. Mike is looking forward to working, but in a prettier location.

Beyond that, we’ve taken a show up and see kind of attitude. This usually works out pretty well for us so hopefully it will again. I know I’d love to visit Oaxaca, Mexico City and Guadalajara, but I’m pretty short on the specifics. Hopefully you can help me fill in some of the gaps.

Have you been to Mexico? Where? What did you love or hate?

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  1. Not sure what your moral opinion on the issue is, but I ended up at a bullfight while I was in Mexico and it was a pretty interesting experience. I was in San Luis Potosi during their annual fair, but I’m sure they happen elsewhere as well.

  2. Congrats on the wedding! We went to visit some friends that lived in Ajijic on Lake Chapala a few years ago. It’s an hour drive outside of Guadalajara. It’s a cute little town. We enjoyed the local food and culture. They had a great flea market on the weekend. Many of the locals sold their artwork and fresh fruits. We bought back to the states some of the pottery and paintings. Enjoy Mexico!!

  3. I LURV Sayulita! We did a girls trip there about 6 years ago, rented a sweet house on top of the hill with a pool. It was fantastic, although a bit touristy (and I’ve heard it’s gotten more so). Not obnoxious Cancun-type tourists, but surfers, etc (not a lot of Mexicans living there). There were Australian and European families that seemed to migrate and start businesses. I can see the draw! The place is amazing! Some of our favorite places to eat were: Sayulita Fish Tacos (best fish tacos to date), Sayulita Cafe (upscale- really good- although a friend got food poisoning there a different time, so- eh???), Rolly’s (for breakfast), Don Pedros (great ceviche- on the beach). Buddha Bar has a cool outdoor-lounge vibe (think it’s run by Australians?) There’s also a website that is a good resource for these things. Enjoy!
    Are y’all going to travel around Central America? Guatemala is one of my favorite countries, if you haven’t been! Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Tikal- so amazing!

    1. Awesome! Will add these to my list. There are a LOT of restaurants here.

      I’m hoping we’ll do at least a little of Central America- I’ve never been.

  4. I don’t have any helpful tips because I’ve only visited Mexico once when I won a trip to Cabo. I wish you all the best though and I’m looking forward to new posts from Mexico.

    Happy travels 🙂

  5. Los Barriles is a cute, little fishing town about an hour north of Cabo. It’s on the Sea of Cortez side. Quiet, quaint, lovely people and great food! El Viejo has the best fish tacos ever, and I mean that! You can go on a fishing trip or quad ride through the desert, along with many other awesome things. My fiance and I are getting married there next November. We’re planning on visiting Todos Santos also, which I hear is amazing!! Good luck with everything and I look forward to hearing about your travels!

  6. I spent a month traveling Mexico wi a mexican friend of mine… These are my top recommendations:
    – where to go: San Cristobal de las Casas
    – what to do: go swimming in a “cenote” (if you ever take an advanced scuba diving course… You can also go diving in the caves that you’ll find in e cenotes!)
    – what to eat: there’s obviously a lot to recommend… Specially because mexican food isn’t quite the same in Mexico as anywhere else (it’s so much better!). A great street snack would be tamales… You can get them sweet and savory. Both types highly recommendable!

  7. Isabel Torrealba

    I grew up in Oaxaca, so I can give you advice on that.
    Visit the botanical gardens, Santo Domingo (the museum, not just the church), the zocalo, Montealbán, mitla, and the market Benito Juárez. Go to the Hotel Camino Real, which is now called la Quinta Real, and explore the place a little (it used to be a convent, then an orphanage, and it is beautiful) and then eat a botana Oaxaqueña while you relax. Go to the Terranova, in the Zocalo, and eat some Enfrijoladas con Tasajo. There is this tiny place that sells the most amazing corn-based delicacies, it is called “Itanoni,” if you can, get a cab and ask him to take you to belisario dominguez 513 (corner with amapolas) and get tetelas, quesadillas, memelas and anything else! If you are a morning person, I recommend you go to the market “mercado de la merced” and ask for a place called “la florecita” they have amazing food: order hot chocolate, hojaldres (type of sweet bread) and empanadas de amarillo (giant quesadillas filled with mole amarillo). Last, but not least, if you want to try food from outside oaxaca city, more specifically the Isthmus, go to a place called la teca (you will need a cab to get there) ask the driver to take you to Calle Violetas en la Colonia Reforma–they will most likely know what la Teca is.

    Anyway, these are all my insider tips that you will probably not find in the guidebooks. I could tell you many more if you want to write me personally to my e-mail, I would be happy to.

    Good luck!!


  8. If you are in Guadalajara don’t miss “Mundo cuervo” the oldest tequila producing company, you’re gonna love it.
    About food you can try “birria” & “torta ahogada” typical regional dishes but the second one is a little bit spicy, so be careful.

    Welcome to México!

  9. We have five winters worth of experience traveling Mexico.

    First. There is a LOT more to see in Mexico inland and away from the beaches.

    Second. Learn the language. This will be much easier to do away from the gringo and ex-pat areas because you will be forced to learn.

    Third. Get to know the locals. And not just as employees.

    Mexico is a beautiful country and with friendly genuine people. Enjoy!

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