New York’s Side Streets: A Photo Essay

If you asked someone one word to describe New York City, the word “charming” probably wouldn’t be the first thing that came to mind. After all, it’s a giant beast of a place, with its millions of residents, towering buildings, and mass of traffic and construction. The city is always bustling and full of life.

After visiting New York several times, I decided to make this most recent trip about exploring its nuances, its people, and its charm. To do this, we stayed in a less-touristy, gentrified area of the city, East Harlem. In the night, Latin music would blast from the windows, the smells of home-cooked meals and city streets intertwining in the air. During my exploration, I paid special attention to the alleyways and interesting moments that I encountered, rather than the tourist sights. To give you a glimpse of New York City’s more charming sights, here are a few photos to take you on the journey.

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10 thoughts on “New York’s Side Streets: A Photo Essay”

  1. Great pics. My son always wanted White XMAS. Do you think we shall enjoy ?.my plan is to go this Dec 2015.

  2. Having visited New York in May this year, I know exactly how much fun it was to discover all the amazing street art and culture around the place. Great pictures that have reminded me of my trip once again. I really need to share them all to my blog readers too!

    Thanks, BT x

  3. Great photos. Go to Brooklyn though. There you will find the charm. I tell everyone to get out of Manhattan while visiting NYC and discover the other four boroughs. There is so much to do and you will always be around locals =)

  4. You have a great eye! I love how you describe the Latin music and the home-cooked meals. Sign me up. Love the photo of the cathedral peeking through and the lines of the apartments and fire escapes!

  5. Love these pictures, especially the ones of some truly amazin gstreet art. It’s amazing how, without trying to hide at all, these wonders are often invisible to us New Yorkers scurrying along below.

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