Nice When the Sun Comes Out

So apparently I’m the “Rainy Day Girl.” Everyone has a thing, and my thing is that I get rained on, a lot. Not sure if I offended some vengeful weather god or if I just have really bad luck (ironically, as I write this my house in VA is on the verge of being assaulted by Hurricane Sandy).

It’s pretty discouraging to be chilly in soggy in traditionally sunny places like Thailand, Australia and Fiji, but I’m pretty much accepted my lot in life. I’ve weathered out uncommon rain storms in nearly every country I’ve been to.

So why would Nice be any different? I mean, sure I had mental pictures of the golden French Riviera, Fitzgerald novels and Brigitte Bardot in a bathing suit. Of course I wanted to see the coast in all it’s glory, even if we only had a scant two days to spend in the area. Sure it would be nice to have some sunshine, but of course the forecast said rain rain rain.

And that’s what it did. As we set out to walk around the Old Town the skys went from dark to darker and it started to drizzle. Still, it was pretty- or at least I could tell it would be if everything wasn’t gray and dripping. Finally it began pounding too hard even for us and we had to retreat into a hole in the wall restaurant for quiche and coffee.

Glumly we went back to the room to take a nap. One full day in Nice and we’d been driven inside by the rain- so unfair! “Let’s just try again in a few hours,” Mike said, un-hopefully.

While we were napping something amazing did happen- the sun came out! And oh boy, did I start to see the appeal of Nice then:

Special Thanks to for sponsoring our trip.


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9 thoughts on “Nice When the Sun Comes Out”

  1. Sitting with shorts on in a freezing cold Seoul (ran out of clean trousers, obviously – should have packed more winter gear), this post makes me feel SLIGHTLY warmer with all the picks.

  2. I always feel so sad for people who would come to Koh Tao in the middle of a rainy bout. It’s a different island when the sun is shining, like so many places!

    On another note, its it weird that when it rains in a new destination, I think of you?! You’re famous! Ha.

  3. That’s the magic of Southern France and particularly Nice, when the sun comes out it reveals the whole beauty of colors, the amazing blue of the sea and the warm reds, oranges and yellows of the houses. Great pictures!

  4. 1. Nice is one of my all-time favorite places. I felt like I could live there the minute we walked out of the train station (then again, I would need oodles of money).

    2. How in the WORLD did you get Eurail to sponsor your trip? I know I spent a month gallivanting around Europe with an Interail, and it was insanely great. Do share.

    3. Lovely, lovely photographs. But then again, it’s hard to snap a bad one in Southern France.

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