An Open Letter to the Australian Weather Gods

Dear AWGs (Australian Weather Gods),

Enough already!

When I planned this trip, many months ago, I knew we were cutting it close to the tropical rainy season. That’s why we decided to start our camper van adventure up north and work our way down south, to avoid the worst of the rains. So far this plan has worked 0%, as is has rained nearly every single day since we picked up our camper van. Not just a drizzle or even an afternoon thunderstorm- those I could deal with. But great drenching, sheeting rain, every single damn day.

I’m really not one to complain, AWGs, I swear I’m not. I’ve taken plenty of trips in the past where the weather has been icky, and I’ve made the best of every one. I don’t mind a bit of traipsing about in the rain, it can even be fun sometimes. But tonight, huddled in our van somewhere north of Brisbane this 10 day rainstorm has pretty much beaten the spirit right out of me.

When I imagined this trip, I imagined long evenings lounging outside our van, sipping a beer, writing languorous posts about the many interesting places I’d been. Instead, thanks to you, AWGs, Liz and I are huddled in a shoebox, trying really hard not to kill each other. We can’t cook, we can’t do laundry, we can’t get any space, all we can do is lay next to each other and watch endless TV episodes on our laptops.

The thing is, I really WANT to like Australia. I was so excited to finally get here- to see the Whitsundays, Fraser Island, the Great Ocean Road and more. I know how lucky I am to be here: to have this camper van and the opportunity to drive around the country. I want to make the most of every minute here, but this rain is making it impossible to actually ENJOY any of the things I had planned.

Here’s a short list of some of the things we have NOT been able to do this week, because of bad weather:

  • A 3 day sailing trip of the Whitsundays
  • Surf lessons in Agnes Water
  • Turtle watching in Bundaberg

Not to mention all of the chilling at the beach, working on my tan and enjoying the great views. And the fact that I’m not sure we’ll even make it to Fraser Island if things keep up like this. Every day awesome opportunities to see and enjoy Australia are slipping through my fingers and washing down the drain.

Through it all I’ve been trying to keep an upbeat attitude. I’ve looked on the bright side and tried to be grateful. More that once Liz has threatened to smack me for singing Monty Python as water cascades down our windshield. Today though, the AWGs finally got me to crack. It has rained literally every second today: from the moment I woke up until I sit here now at eight at night. It hasn’t let up for even one single moment, and the constant, inescapable beat of the rain is driving me insane.

Today I stood by the side of the road, next to our camper van, and I just started laughing. I thought about all of these once in a lifetime opportunities I’m missing out on. I thought about how much I’m starting to resent being in one of the sunniest places on earth, when I haven’t seen the sun in days. The rain fell down on me and I laughed hysterically until the tears rolled down my face and I wasn’t even sure if I was laughing or crying anymore. Afterward I felt better but I think I scared the crap out of Liz.

So please, AWGs, send me a little sunshine. I’m tired of looking at flooded sugarcane fields and washed out creeks. I’m tired of hearing the ping ping of rain drops on our aluminum roof. And I’m tired of thinking of new, inventive reasons why this isn’t completely miserable, because right now it truly is.

And readers I’m sorry for whining at you, but travel isn’t always sunshine and pretty scenery. Sometimes it’s cold, and rainy and disappointing and you almost forget why you’re there in the first place. Here’s hoping something comes along to remind me.


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29 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Australian Weather Gods”

  1. I was *cold* in the Outback, in the Australian summer, so the weather here is crazy indeed… Sorry you missed the Whitsundays…

    I don’t know where you’re headed next, though, but Indonesia is amazing for turtle watching (especially Pulau Derawan) and Bali has incredible surf breaks.

    And, god, it’s good to read a whinge for once. I’m amazed, to be honest, you haven’t whinged about the prices yet. I know I have…

  2. Have you considered filing a complaint to the Governor/Mayor of the area you are in? JK of course, but my fake email to the Mayor of Ljubljana in September after we had 3 straight days of rain provided a much needed comic relief during our time there. Sadly, all you and do is laugh, and have some beers,

    I hope the rays come your way,

  3. Check the la Nina cycle and you’ll see that’s it’s going to be a wet summer. Six and a half years out of seven are dry and our waterways, artesian bores, wildlife and native fauna desparately need this wet part of cycle to prepare for the inevitable droughts that are coming.

    It’s not good for you and Liz but these rare wet periods are the only way to sustain the great diversity of life on what is driest continent on Earth.

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