Photo Essay: Yangshuo, Guangxi, China

Achingly beautiful, otherworldly landscape, dreamlike karst view…

These are all the words that describe Guangxi Province. Like you can see from the expressions, Guangxi is famous for its karst landscape. Not surprisingly it is one of the most beloved travel destination for Chinese people as well as foreigners.

Yangshuo, just an hour south from Guilin along the Li River, is surrounded by towering, leafy, limestone peaks. It is smaller and a much more pleasant town to enjoy the view. Low rooftop houses with dramatic peaks in the background and the Li River in front; all together they create this hard-to-forget view.

There are two main rivers around Yangshuo: the Yulong River (Dragon River) on the west and the Li River on the east. To enjoy the landscape, it’s the best to go out hiking, biking or walking around the nearby countryside, or by cruising down either of the rivers. During my 8 days in Yangshuo, I explored the corners of the town, hiked up to Moon Hill, biked along the Yulong River, and bamboo rafted on the Li River.

View of Yangshuo, on the top of the hostel.
Street of Yangshuo. Limestone peaks can be seen every corner of this little town.
600-year-old Dragon Bridge on Yulong River.
View of the countryside of Yangshuo, near Jima town. On the way to Yulong River.
The view that inspired 20yuan bill.
The view of Li River on the bamboo raft.
Nine Horses Mural Hill on Li River
A truck full of Shatian Grapefruit. It is one of the specialties in Guangxi Province.
Moon Hill, from afar.
Mandarins and Kumquats in Yangshuo.
Pick your own chicken home – at Gaotian Market near Yangshuo.
The view of Li River
Lying Tiger hill near Moon Hill.
Guilin Rice Noodle is all over Guangxi Province.
Beer fish


This article was originally published on Art of Adventuring, then moved to WW in February 2017.

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