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The shop owners in South East Asia don’t always have a great grasp on the English language, so one of my new favorite past times is spotting the strange misspellings and turns of phrase that can be found on menus, shop fronts and signs.

This place in Hanoi blows them all out of the water though:

Yes, Cock is the name of the store.  I couldn’t really tell what they were selling…. interior design stuff maybe.

I was extra pleased on my last day in Hanoi when I saw this:

Sometimes it’s just the little things…

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  1. Ha! Love it! I think the signs and misspellings are some of the best things about Asian countries! We have a whole section on our website dedicated to the random signs we see! One of my favourites was when we were in Hanoi and there is a brand of ice cream called ‘Fanny’…we call something else in Australia your ‘fanny’ and it’s not your butt…Ha haQ

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