Postcards from the Mekong Delta

I’m behind on posting this week so in lieu of a Friday Postcard I thought I would do a bigger post with pictures from my overnight tour of the Mekong Delta. This will forever be known to me as the trip where my camera finally threw in the towel (I didn’t drop it this time! It went electrically haywire). But at least it spit out some pretty great pictures before it did:

The Mekong Delta is the rice basket of Vietnam- a lush, fertile place where pretty much everything, from houses to markets, floats. It’s exactly the kind of Vietnam you would imagine (when you’re not thinking about war). Even the most hard working people are quick with a wave and a smile. In short: it’s gorgeous.

Those donuts were delicious by the way. And don’t worry, the camera has already been replaced- by one of those “unbreakable” Olympus models. Hopefully it will serve me well as I continue to document the unending beauty of the earth…

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