Sayulita Days Carnival

Every year around February 24th, Sayulita comes alive in the loudest way possible. For the week leading up to the party, a carnival pops up on the baseball field in town called Sayulita Days. It reminds me of the county fairs back at home. There are the normal things you would expect like rides, games, junk food, ferris wheels, and carousels. But in Mexico’s version of a carnival you also have games where you throw rocks at empty beer bottles to win beers. You also have pancakes sold as “hot cakes”, dozens of choices for tacos, dart throwing at targets where you win prizes such as cookies, chips, and ramen. It’s an endless amount of fun.

On the night of Sayulita Days, huge celebrations take over the town. If you are within 20 blocks (basically anywhere in Sayulita) of the baseball field, you WILL be awake till 4 am from the live concert blasting music. Our apartment was shaking because we live a block away from the carnival.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, stay away from Sayulita during the last weeks of February. If you’re not boring and looking for a really fantastic cultural experience that’s loads of fun, then come to Sayulita Days and experience the mayhem carnival.

The carnival usually lasts for about a week or two and starts around mid-February leading up to Sayulita Days and Flag Day.

El Pastor Vendor at Sayulita Days Carnival
Plenty of vendors selling tacos at Sayulita Days. This one here is selling tacos al pastor.
Carnival Rides at Sayulita Days in Mexico
Only 35 pesos for this crazy fast and fun ride.
Kids' Rides at Sayulita Days Carnival in Mexico
There’s a pretty good selection of kid rides at Sayulita Days.
Popcorn for Sale at Sayulita Days in Mexico
It’s not a carnival unless there’s popcorn.
Fried Junk Food for Sale at Sayulita Days
It’s not a carnival unless there’s junk food.

A Little Boy Playing With a Broom at Sayulita Days

Break the Beer Bottles with a Rock to Win a Prize at Sayulita Days
Break the beer bottles on the wall with a rock to win a beer. 30 pesos for three rocks. Hit 1 or 2 and you get equal amount of beers. Hit 3 and you win a 6-pack!
Dart Throwing at Sayulita Days Carnival
Incredibly difficult dart throwing game.
The Back Bar at Sayulita Days Carnival
Bar service
Balloons and Prizes at Sayulita Days Carnival
Some of the prizes are questionable. Marlboro?

A Mom and Child Picking Out Snacks at Sayulita Days

Playing Roulette at Sayulita Days Carnival
Expats, locals, and tourists attend the carnival. Roulette is played here and obviously does not have an age requirement.

Carnival Rides at Sayulita Days in Mexico

Wall of Prizes at Sayulita Days in Mexico

Have you experienced Sayulita Days?  What was your favorite part?

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Sayulita Days Carnival

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