Sick in Mexico

I haven’t written much of anything in the past three weeks and I can almost hear my fingers creaking as they work the keyboard. Never again should I go so long without putting words on page, it’s just not healthy.

It’s only halfway my fault though. A lot has happened in the past few weeks: I went on a resort vacation (and liked it!), saw humpback whales and visited the scene of this famous pinterest picture. I had my in-laws in town and played tour guide for a week, despite uncharacteristic pouring rain (thanks a lot Sayulita). I rang in New Years setting off sky lanterns on the beach with hundreds of others which was soggy, but beautiful.

And then, just when I had planned to get back to work and start writing up all these adventures, I got sick. At first I thought it was just a cold, but it got worse, not better. I had a half-baked idea I might have dengue, but the symptoms didn’t fit. Maybe the flu? Whatever was going on I felt like total crap and could barely string a sentence together much less write a blog post.

After several nights of listening to me sniffle and cough with a temperature of 100+, Mike insisted I see a doctor. I dragged my feet, but it was definitely the right call. It took the doctor about 30 seconds to diagnose me with a bronchitis, tonsillitis and a double ear infection. Basically my entire head was an infected, phlegm-filled, feverish mess (that’s a lovely image isn’t it?).

Not the drugs people usually associate with Mexico

This is actually the first time I’ve had to visit a doctor for illness since I left my job in 2010. I haven’t had an ear infection since I was ten and I have no idea what made my nasty cold morph into all of that. The last thing I expected while hiding out in Mexico was to get hit with a winter-illness triple whammy. I mean, what good is avoiding a polar vortex when you have the chills anyway?

Side note: how much is it to see a doctor without insurance in the United States? Here in Mexico it cost me 200 pesos, roughly $15.

After proper treatment and actual quality sleep I am already feeling a million times better. I’m ready to get back to work, which is good since I have a million scary deadlines looming over my head. There may be a delay in getting posts up here but hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Have you ever gotten sick on the road?


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