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Just a few weeks before the wedding, when I was still freaked out about things like hairstyles and cakes, Mike and I spent a week in Silicon Valley and San Mateo County. It was such a nice getaway with delicious food, interesting sites and tantalizing glimpses of the ocean.

I’ll be writing a handful of articles, including the time I was attacked by goats (of course), and the Italian restaurant I discovered which was better than Batali. For starters though, here are some of the photo highlights:

Healthy California breakfast at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay
Lavender “tree”
Magical gardens at historical Filoli House
Busy bees
Walking through the dunes near Costanoa Lodge
Fresh caprese salad (that I begged for) at It’s Italia in Half Moon Bay
The coastal highway- I want to drive the entire length one day
The almost TOO friendly goats!
Champagne and S’mores, my new favorite combo at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Some irresponsible person let me drive a golf cart
Heaven, even if you don’t care about golf (I don’t)
Thomas Fogarty Winery

Gorgeous dome at the San Mateo County History Museum
One of the best pasta dishes I’ve EVER had at Donato Enoteca

I visited all of these wonderful places as a guest of the San Mateo County and Silicon Valley tourism board. All pictures and opinions are my own.





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9 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Highlights”

  1. What a wonderful getaway! Champagne and s’mores are two of my favorite things in life so that sounds pretty damn awesome. Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy travels ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. At my friend’s wedding in the Caribbean this summer, she had all sorts of those lavender “trees” at her final reception (it was an Indian wedding… there were lots of receptions)… all sorts of ornate tree things hanging all over the place with tons of flowers. It was kind of unbelievable.
    Also I want that caprese salad. Thanks.

  3. Gorgeous! This makes me so homesick. I grew up in this area and we went to Filoli on various school field trips. Glad to hear you guys had fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    And big congratulations on your wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Tieso ๐Ÿ™‚

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