Six Slick Ways To Stash Your Cash

So we are onward and upward with the guest posts! Today’s post comes from Monica Wong and has some very sensible tips for keeping track of your cash on the road:

I’m pretty low maintenance when I travel. No jewelry. No makeup. No comb. That’s right – no comb. I haven’t brushed my hair since junior high. No, that’s not nasty. I’m just lucky enough to have good hair. (Thanks Ma!) I also prefer tights, tunics and my slip on TOMS but there are a few things I always pack to stash my cash.

For the ladies, I’d recommend the following:

#1 Hair Roller

One hair roller kills two birds with one stone. To get rid of that dull, flat airplane hair, I slip a thin roller in the crown of my head under my hair, just like that ‘Bump It’ commercial. Make sure the roller isn’t too big otherwise you’ll pull a Snooki and turn it from classy to tacky. The hair roller also doubles as the perfect place to hide my money. I roll up a few large bills and use a bobby pin to clip it to the inside of the roller. Now, unless someone decides to clock you over the head, who’s going to think to rob you there?

#2 Padded Bras

I like a little umph in my hair but not always in my lady lumps. However, if I were going to put some umph in it, I’d umph it up with cash. Keep the important stuff close by removing the extra padding and replacing it with money. Try not to overstuff or you’ll attract unwanted attention.

#3 Pads

Whether or not Tom (Time of Month) drops in on you while you’re traveling, pads make the best dummy wallets. I prefer the ones with brightly covered wrappers. Open up the pad, slip in your cash, and reseal it with double sided tape – and wala! I don’t think any guy is going to want go anywhere near a neon pink pad.

For the gents, I’d recommend the following:

#4 Thermos

Buy a thermos that’s about the size of an average water bottle and tape your cash to the inside of it. Drop the water bottle in the middle and you’re pretty much set. Hand over your dummy wallet and hope the robber is stupid enough to just walk away.

#5 Guide book

Now, this is a dead giveaway that you’re from out of town but if you’re using a guide book you might as well just stash your cash in there. Tape it carefully to the inside back cover. You’ll always have it in your hands so you’ll always know where your money is. Just don’t be careless and leave it on a bench while you’re taking a break.

#6 Boxers

Hide your cash in your boxers but not just any regular boxers. These are boxers with a pocket sewed on the inside over the crotch area. Depending on how much cash you’re planning to stash in there, these stash boxers are available in small, medium, large and x-large.

What are other creative ways you use to stash your cash?

Monica Wong is a social media account coordinator and the author of A Pair of Panties & Boxers. She used to want the corner office. Now she wants the world. Follow her as she shares her travels around the world & her travels through life. Either way she travels, it’s food for her soul. You can also follow her on Twitter @monica530.

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