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I went to Sri Lanka in search of inspiration, and I certainly found it. After over a year in North America, I was desperate to explore somewhere more foreign, to learn about a new culture and to really feel out of my depth for a little while. Basically, I wanted to remind myself of the many important reasons why I travel in the first place.

I got all that and more. Sri Lanka was beautiful, occasionally frustrating and just an incredibly interesting place to explore. I loved learning about the country’s unique cuisine, history and ecosystems. I have a lot of stories to tell you in the coming weeks (plus some stories about Hong Kong, and leftover stories from Las Vegas, Austin and Seattle that I still need to get around to- but let’s not dwell on that now.

As an appetizer, here are some of my favorite Instagram shots I took while traveling through Sri Lanka:

Getting up close with wild Elephants in Kaudulla National Park
Vibrant cave paintings at Sigiriya Cliff Fortress
A monk posing at the top of the cliff fortress
One of the many ancient Buddhas in the ruins of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO site
Colorful prayer flags
Cheeky monkeys with a view in the Pollunuwara compound
Old-fashion train departure board in Kandy
Stunning blue water and the Portuguese fort in Galle
Some of the vibrant spices that are staples in Sri Lankan cooking
Distinctive Sri Lankan boat on the beach near Galle
The actual TBC Conference in Colombo- the first of it’s kind!
The view from my window at the Hotel J in Negombo
the main beach in Negombo
My last sunset in Sri Lanka

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BONUS: Here is a video put together by my friends from Captain and Clark (with a cameo from yours truly) that goes a long way towards summing up our experiences in this “humid,” “spicy” and “sun-drenched” country:

 My trip to Sri Lanka was sponsored by Cinnamon Hotels and Sri Lanka Airlines.

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26 thoughts on “Sri Lanka in Instagram”

  1. I have wanted to go to Sri Lanka for so long but I haven’t gotten there yet. It looks like such a beautiful country and I’ve heard such good things about the food! I’m glad you enjoyed your time there. Sometimes the countries that are a little bit frustrating are the ones I end up loving the most.

      1. Wow, even more impressive. You’ve just missed 3. I guess the time wasn’t enough to visit Anuradhapura, its much more impressive than Polonnnaruwa and a lot more things to see too.

  2. Beautiful photos. My favorite was the monk at the cliff fortress – the image definitely tells a story. Would love to hear more about your visit as I’m thinking of headed there in early 2015!

    1. Funny thing about that monk: he was posing for so many pictures, and in between he was taking shots with his ipad. His monk friend had a DSLR. Wish I’d gotten a picture of that!

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