Steph’s Story

Flirting with San Francisco

Travel, like dating, is an exercise in possibilities. A thrilling rendezvous with a new city is all about getting to know each other, searching for a common connection. Do I like how this place makes me feel? Could I see myself, working, playing, and living here? Could I make a long-term commitment? It’s a game …

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Operation Clean Sweep

Spending Diet update! You can track how my own savings are progressing here. So here’s the deal: I have a LOT of stuff. I have four bookcases full of books. I have a closet overflowing with clothes (although strangely, nothing to wear). I have drawers full of unused electronics, knick-knacks and trash. I am currently …

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We’re All Travelers Here

Warning: this post is ranty… Last week I wrote a post about how much I love the online travel community. And I really do, but every once in awhile (actually it seems to be happening quite frequently lately) I come across a certain kind of blog post that really rubs me the wrong way. These …

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We show you why, where, and how to get out and see the world.