Steph’s Story

About That Baby…

She’s here! Actually she’s been here, for 7 weeks now. I knew that babies were time consuming but I never realized they eat up every LAST second of your day and leave zero space for pretty much anything else. It’s kind of insane- I spent 8 hours yesterday just trying to put away laundry. But that’s OK because LOOK …

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Peacing Out For a Awhile

Hey guys, Frequent readers know that something exciting is happening in Twenty-Something Travel land this August! Baby girl TST is due soon. Like, really soon! As a result, I’m going to be taking the next 4 months off from blogging. Fortunately I am self-employed so I can do this, despite living in the only developed country …

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On 2 Years “Off” the Road

August is promising to be a pretty eventful month, with the impending arrival of Baby Twenty-Something Travel and all. Before that emotional and physical tsunami hits though, it seems important to remember and remark that the beginning of August also marks my two year anniversary of living in Seattle, after nearly half a decade of …

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Sliding Doors

In my experience so far pregnancy leads to a lot of self reflection. Having a baby is such a massive life change that I actually think it’s great you get a whole 9 months to process it. Lots of important decisions to make, identity changes to come to grips with and big concepts to think …

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