Next Stop: Colombia!

That’s right, I’m headed down south, and sooner than I expected, too!

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I honestly feel like I just got home. I’ve spent most of my summer boomeranging between DC, New York City and rural Pennsylvania. Oh yeah, and Mexico. Somewhere in the middle of all that Mike and I have been contemplating our next major move in world exploration.

Truthfully, I’ve felt kind of adrift the past couple months, not really sure what the next step should be. The fundraising for Everywhere Connection didn’t go as well as planned (although we’re still going ahead), and money is much tighter than when I set off for Japan last year. What we needed was somewhere we could hang out, explore, while working on projects. Although we knew we want to head towards Latin America sometime this fall, the when and where were up in the air. I guess you could say we were waiting for some direction, a push.

Well, the push came. While skyping with a travel-blogger buddy of ours who lives in Bogota, we mentioned we were looking for house-sitting gigs. “Why don’t you come house sit for me,” he asked. He was coming back to the states for a few weeks and needed somebody to look after his ridiculously cute bull dog. A quick online search revealed that tickets from NYC to Bogota cost a measly $220, non-stop. How could we say no?

So that’s it. We bought the tickets the next day- departure date: September 30th.

The New Plan: For most of the month of October we’ll be in Bogota, hanging out with the AWESOME dog. After that things are incredibly open ended. We’ll be traveling slowly, house-sitting and renting apartments in various places around South America as we gradually make our way down to Buenos Aires (Mike’s favorite city) where we’ll be spending at least a couple of months.

It’s all happening a bit fast but I am incredibly psyched. Colombia! I’ve heard so many awesome things about this country- it is second only to thailand in travel blogger love. I’ll be doing more research over the next month but for now I’m just trying to brush up on my high school spanish.

In the meantime, maybe you can help! Are you in South America? Do you have any connections in South America? Any friends who might be looking for a house-sitter? We want to make as many connections as possible!

There is a lot to be done over the next month and a half, but I can’t wait to get back on the road again!

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