The Story so Far: Reviewing the Past Three Months

As usual, this post is running a couple of weeks late. My actual 3 month travel anniversary (travelversary?) was December 22nd, but in the rush of the holiday season and the urge to push out as many Australia posts as I could, I’m only now getting around to seriously thinking on this past quarter year.

I like milestones like these, they are a good time to look back and reflect on how things have gone so far and how I want things to go. I’ve had some major successes and some minor setbacks as I adjust myself to long term travel. So here it is, where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going:

Where I’ve Been

Japan. My first and my favorite country so far- where I first came to accept my travel limits and really embrace the spirit of solo travel. It took my a couple days to find my feet, but I quickly re-adapted to the backpacker lifestyle.

China. I’m almost embarrassed to bring this up again, but I went to China for unexpected reasons and it turns out I really liked it! It took me a little while to warm up to the gritty and confusing city life, but now I hope to return sometime this spring to see more of this cool and complicated country.

Australia. I’m not going to lie, Australia was kind of a bust. I was there for 8 weeks and it rained for about 7 of them. I struggled a lot in Australia, with the weather, with family issues at home, and with a general lack of inspiration that assured me my time would be better spent somewhere else. It wasn’t all bad though: I got to reconnect with old friends, spend quality time with Liz and when the sun did show itself, it turned out the country was quite pretty.

Where I am Now

At this point Japan seems almost like a distant memory, I feel as if I’ve been traveling forever. As I write this I’m sitting in a hostel in Bangkok, next to a certain blogger boy, recovering from ringing in the new year with buckets and bloggers on Kho San Road. I’m so excited to be back in Asia and not just for the yummy food and cheap cheap prices. I’m feeling renewed and refreshed and I’m ready to tackle some new challenges in 2011… once I get over my hangover.

Where I’m Going

The next 4-6 months will be spent back in Asia, a place I just get more and more fascinated with. I’ve met up with Michael and for the next two months we will be traveling Thailand and Vietnam-which I am super excited about. After that I will finally be solo again- most likely headed to Laos, Cambodia and back to China. After that, who knows?

As I said above, Australia was very uninspiring to me. The best part of what I do is taking the experiences of the day and transforming them into something entertaining or thought provoking to read. It’s why I blog and to be honest, how I find my purpose in these long formless days. I’m really optimistic about finding my groove again in this new and exciting place.

It’s a new year, a new country and I have a renewed energy for this blog and for other, as yet unannounced projects as well. I think it’s going to be a good year for me!

What are your travel plans for 2011?

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