More Strange and Beautiful Iceland Pictures

Okay, okay, so people are really interested in pictures of Iceland! I’ve gotten great response from my articles Iceland for Twenty-Somethings and Iceland in Pictures. So, I give in, here are some more highlights of my road trip. Fortresses, craters and deserts:

A forbidding pile of rocks that was once used as a viking fortress in Northern Iceland called Borgavirki.

Horses graze in some ruins by a waterfall along the side of the road.

The Viti crater at the top of the Krafla volcano. It’s rimmed in snow but you can walk the periphery- as long as you don’t get too close to the edge! If you look at the top you can see some people, which should give you some perspective as to the size of this thing.

Svartifoss, a famous Icelandic waterfall in Skaftafell National Park in Southern Iceland. Slowly cooling lava formed the black basalt columns.

Between Skaftafell and the sea stretches miles of black sand desert known as the Sandar. The desolation is formed by runoff from the nearby glacier.

A colorful volcanic crater near Geysir park.

Another lush waterfall, this one (no joke) is supposed to have a pot of gold behind it.

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