Street Art of Bogota: A Photo Essay

In many cities, ugly scribbles of graffiti are a sign of decay and neglect. This isn’t true in Bogota, where dozens of colorful “street artists” are repainting the city in creative ways:

The street artists of Bogota all have serious day jobs. They are college professors, graphic designers and authors. They don’t alway work under the cover of night- many have permission by the owners to use a building as their canvas.  Some of their designs are political, some are funny and some are just beautiful:

Many of the graffiti artists in Bogota are well known for their distinct style and subject matter, such as Pez, who always paints big smiling bird-type creatures:

My favorite:

If you are in Bogota and want to learn more about the rich street art culture, I recommend the Bogota Graffiti Tour, which is in English and run on donations. It’s the best way to truly delve into the art which makes the city so pretty.

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40 thoughts on “Street Art of Bogota: A Photo Essay”

  1. These images are gorgeous. I particularly like the second to last one. Sometimes street art can be almost hidden and you only notice it if you are searching for it or know where to look for it. But these would definitely be impossible to miss!

    1. It’s a popular print artist here in Bogota, I’m not sure if he copied the images from somewhere else though. They remind me of Banksy.

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