Street Art in Phoenix

In downtown Phoenix, there is an art’s district that is heavily saturated with farm to table restaurants, galleries, boutiques and live music spilling out from every corner. The area has been coined, Roosevelt Row, and it is home to some of the best street art I’ve seen and home to the majority of the street art of Phoenix. Roosevelt Row Arts District (RoRo) is an easily walkable area with nationally acclaimed art installations and cultural events.

RoRo is also home to arguably some of the best street art of Phoenix.

Luckily, my friend happens to live just outside Roosevelt Row so it was a no brainer to lace up my sneaks and take off on a self-led tour of the street art in the area. I quickly happened upon a map of all of the street art painted on the side of a building, which made me day even easier! Took a picture and off I went!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

Street Art Phoenix
This was the map that inspired my adventure for the day.


Phoenix street art
This was the first piece I came across, and ultimately what set me out looking for more.



Love does what? …Really a multitude!




This is absolutely my favorite photo from the whole day. That food truck. That wall. The behind the food the food truck. It’s all just so bright and perfect.




Don’t mind if I do.


And one final word asking local residents and visitors to respect the streets art. It definitely worked as I did not see any of the art work defaced in any way. Unless you count garbage cans painted with a cow print, although that may be part of the art of the district.


Where have you found the best street art in your travels?

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