The Most Stylish Men’s Travel Clothes

This one is for the gentleman out there who like to travel but don’t like to look scrubby doing it.

My husband has the coolest job. You see, his company is 100% remote, which means he can work from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but they are constantly flying him to meetings in places like Germany, South Afric, and Mexico. That’s a lot of work travel, and it means he has had to upgrade his personal travel style quite a bit. I thought I would share his secret for stylish men’s travel clothes with you guys: Bluffworks wrinkle-free men’s travel clothes.

Upgrade Your Men's Travel Clothes with Bluffworks
Mike’s previous travel style
Stylish Men's Travel Clothes from Bluffworks
Much classier now

Bluffworks makes these fantastic work casual travel pants. Mike loves these pants so much that he has FIVE pairs. He’s got them in gray, in blue, in khaki. He even has the chinos. He wears them for work travel but also when we travel places like Japan and he wants to not look like a schlubby backpacker dude.

Now, these pants aren’t cheap, they start at $99, but they definitely last. Mike’s been wearing his oldest pair for 4 years now and it looks pretty much identical to the newer ones. And it’s not because he’s treating them super well, trust me. These things get worn hard, shoved in backpacks, tossed in the washing machine etc.

Mike says these are great for travel because they are stain and smell-resistant, so you don’t have to wash them after every wear. They can also just be machine washed and dried which is very convenient. They have a bunch of hidden pockets for security. Also, they look great.

Best of all they are super comfortable. Sometimes he just wears them around the house. I guess they work equally well networking at a conference or playing drums with a 1-year-old.  Seriously, these are some stylish but comfortable men’s travel clothes.

Mike has been a fan of these pants for years, but a couple of months ago they sent him their new blazer, and he loves that too. Mike wore this to his conference in Whistler a couple weeks ago and got mad compliments. It looks and feels like a wool blazer but it’s actually wrinkle-resistant polyester. So you can look professional without actually, you know, being professional.

Stylish Men's Travel Clothes - The Bluffworks Blazer
Neck tattoo is fake, just FYI

One warning though: do NOT try to iron your Bluffworks pants: those synthetic fibers will totally melt, as Mike learned the hard way last week. Yes, it does say this on the tag, but here’s an extra warning for you too.

Don't Iron Your Bluffworks Pants - Stylish Men's Travel Clothes

Disclosure: Bluffworks sent my husband some sample pants and blazer in exchange for a review. All opinions are his, even though he made me write this post.


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Stylish Men's Travel Clothes

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