Summer, Italian Style- Italy Update


Once again I know it’s been quiet on here. Megan and I had a meeting where we agreed that we would write more. I’m currently working on a nice long master guide to eating in Italy, but I keep getting distracted by angrily reading the news and getting into pointless Facebook arguments. So in the meantime, here’s a petit update on life in Italy.

It’s HOT

Doggie ice cream helps

When people ask how things are going over here, my main response is that right now it’s so freaking hot! I mean, it’s not even that hot- it’s been consistently in the 80’s, humid, with the occasional dip up or down. But compared to what we are used to in Seattle, it’s brutal.

We do have an AC, but electricity is expensive so we try to use it sparingly. We are finding other ways to keep cool: picnics in the park, evenings on the patio (Mike is a master gardener it turns out, and he made us a little slice of paradise), day trips to the beach.

Traveling Around Italy

We’ve been living here in Italy for close to 9 months now and we’ve had the chance to explore a bit of Northern Italy. The train system here makes it incredibly easy, convenient, and affordable to travel around. Together or seperately, we’ve done day trips to Ferrara, Modena, Verona (twice), Vicenza, Florence and Venice (twice), Ravenna, and an overnight trip up to Turin and Cigliano (my great grandfather’s home village).

Of course there is lots more to see! High on our wishlist: Tuscany, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Calabria (where Mike’s family is from) and Puglia. Plus there is a ton still to see and explore in Bologna and the surrounding areas. Italy is just endlessly amazing.

I’m Finally Legal

Well, I was never technically illegal, but after 8 full months of starting the process, I finally got my Italian visa. And it’s good until 2023!

I received a family reunification visa, which basically means that because my family (husband and daughter) are Italian, I get to stay here. It wasn’t difficult to get, but it was tedious. There was a lot of waiting in lines, paperwork to assemble, and conflicting information. Every time I started to get frustrated I reminded myself that this process is light years easier than getting a visa to live in the United States, and tried to be grateful.

In truth, the whole immigration process is very humbling, I think some of our elected officials should give it a try.

Upcoming Travel Plans

I’m never happier than when I’m planning a trip, so I am feeling pretty peppy about everything we have planned for the next six months! On the docket:

USA- July: We will be in the States for a couple weeks to see my Dad get married, see my brother and his family, visit Mike’s family, and meet our new niece. Nothing too touristy about this trip, just spending lots of time with family.

Abruzzo- August– we’re renting a vacation home near the coast in Abruzzo with some friends. Very excited to see a new region of Italy and get in some beach time.

USA, Mexico- Sept/Oct- We’ll be getting in a little more time in DC, then heading down to the Yucatan. Mike’s mom is getting married at a resort in Cancun, so we’ll spend a few days there, and we have over a week to explore on our own. Still deciding what we should do with that time (Cuba is on the table too).

Christmas Markets in Austria- November– Cheap RyanAir flights means we get to spend a week in Vienna and Salzburg visiting the Christmas markets. This has been on our Eurobucket list for awhile so we’re pretty excited.

Nothing booked for 2019 yet but we’re thinking more Europe travel and less trans-Atlantic hopping. Tentatively planning Morocco, an extended Spain trip, possibly France for the Women’s World Cup, some more Italy exploration of course, and who knows what else.

How about you, what are your summer travel plans?

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  2. Great to hear from you, Steph! So glad to hear you’re loving life in Italy and making the most of living in Europe. And sounds like you have a full rest of 2018 ahead of you. Looking forward to more posts on here! I love reading your blog posts and hope I get to read more, more often!

  3. Your 2019 trips sound amazing!! An extended Spain trip is always a good idea? Whereabouts are you thinking?

    The only trip I have set in stone for now is visiting Toronto with my sister in a week for a music festival and then I’m hoping to visit Estonia and Finland at the end of this year. No idea for 2019 yet though, but everywhere is on my list 🙂

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