The Colors of Italy

I love Italy so so much. Not just because of my Italian heritage or the amazing food or the insanely rich history- although those are all pretty good reasons. Mainly I love the joy, energy and life that bursts from every corner of the country. It’s so colorful- in every sense of the word.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our October trip of the colors of Italy.

Special Thanks to Eurail.Com for sponsoring our train travel through Italy.

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17 thoughts on “The Colors of Italy”

  1. These photos make me want to go to Italy so much more than I used to, and as soon as I can too (we will see about the timing though).
    Keep up the great photos, I’m sure you will with the new phone 😉

  2. Being italian i should be used to all this but i’m not!!
    Maybe because i’m an expat and i miss my country so much but Italy is just Beautiful! if you have time, you should visit Sardinia during summer, it’s just amazing!

  3. Italy… Living in Europe I had the opportunity to visit the country a few times. What I like about Italy is the way it ‘feels’ in summer – all relaxed, great food and the people. I just love it!

  4. Beautiful colors! And I do love the joyfulness in the Italian culture. And I fell in love with Barcelona for the same reason. 🙂

  5. Lerma of Migration Expert

    I like the first picture most because looking through it conveys a story of the life of the fisherman.

  6. Italy is so vibrant and like no other place. I love the country and the colorful culture. Your photos are stunning. I especially love the boats. We took some of the colorful boats on our recent trip to the Cinque Terre. I’m so ready to go back.

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