Things I Don’t Understand About This Insane Mexican Carnival

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in Sayulita. As I mentioned before, the town has been hosting an enormous carnival. Mike and I had a lot of fun playing the carnival games and people watching.

This was my first time at a Mexican Carnival and I ended up with a few…. questions that I would love to share with you now.

(Apologies for the crappy photography, I was overwhelmed by flashing lights).

Why so Much Sponge Bob?

I know spongebob is still inexplicably super popular, but man this guy was everywhere! Including a few suspiciously unlicensed variations.

Notice the terrifying shark

How Sketchy is this Bar?

And what is an “adios motherfucker?”

Is This a Mechanical Bull for Children?

Yes it is. That seems… not safe? Probably?

What is Up With These Carnival Prizes?

Instead of toys, many of the stands gave away things like boxes of cookies and these very utilitarian gift sets. Woo! Toilet paper and ramen!

The bikini babes are just for fun I guess

What did you win? Cornflakes and toilet paper!

Even Worse: These Prizes

Spongebob or cigarette case stuffed animal- you choose. Who even okayed this?

This Place Just Got Straight to the Point:

Win a bottle of booze!


Nightmares forever.

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