Things I Don’t Understand About This Insane Mexican Carnival

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in Sayulita. As I mentioned before, the town has been hosting an enormous carnival. Mike and I had a lot of fun playing the carnival games and people watching.

This was my first time at a Mexican Carnival and I ended up with a few…. questions that I would love to share with you now.

(Apologies for the crappy photography, I was overwhelmed by flashing lights).

Why so Much Sponge Bob?

I know spongebob is still inexplicably super popular, but man this guy was everywhere! Including a few suspiciously unlicensed variations.

Notice the terrifying shark

How Sketchy is this Bar?

And what is an “adios motherfucker?”

Is This a Mechanical Bull for Children?

Yes it is. That seems… not safe? Probably?

What is Up With These Carnival Prizes?

Instead of toys, many of the stands gave away things like boxes of cookies and these very utilitarian gift sets. Woo! Toilet paper and ramen!

The bikini babes are just for fun I guess

What did you win? Cornflakes and toilet paper!

Even Worse: These Prizes

Spongebob or cigarette case stuffed animal- you choose. Who even okayed this?

This Place Just Got Straight to the Point:

Win a bottle of booze!


Nightmares forever.

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20 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand About This Insane Mexican Carnival”

  1. Hahaha I went to carnival in Panama and had an adios mfer I was like a what??? Lol back home (DMV like you) it’s a blue motorcycle! And those prizes are hilarious!

  2. There photos were really funny! Maybe Spongebob is like Hello Kitty is in China (or is it Japan?). The prizes are so funny but kids with cigarette stuffed animals!? I think especially as Americans who had it drilled in our heads since childhood its even more shocking that maybe some other cultures where smoking starts young normally.

  3. Actually, the “Adiós Motherfucker” is a mix of Tequila, Vodka, Rum and Gin with lemon. Two of those and you’ll end up at the hospital, haha!

    The cigarettes cases are a “romantic gift” because the text says “I’m addicted to you” and “just for winners”. Still not lovely, tough.

    And that’s the first time I see cookies, noodle soups and toilet paper as a prize. That’s just weird.

  4. I’ve heard several different things but I believe an ‘adios motherfucker’ is a shot of tequila with hot sauce at the bottom. You buy them for obnoxious people in the bar and from across the bar cheers with them ‘adios motherfucker’.

  5. Haha! I loved this… sounds like a carnival made more for adults than children, although I would hope the spongebob madness would be for the children?

  6. OMG I’m cracking up! Each photo just got better and better. Can’t you just imagine the horror of the vacationing western family who shows up with kids in tow? LOL!

  7. We have the bottle of booze or even just money prizes here in Chile too during the independence day holidays where fairs with games get set up. Hey, I’d rather have liquor than a cigarette box plush toy!

    As far as the adios motherfuckers go, I’ve learned that they’re a West Coast thing. We drank them all the time in college because they taste good and get you drunk very quickly – it’s the same concept as a Long Island Iced Tea but with blue curaçao and Sprite instead of Coke. I don’t understand how this hasn’t translated to the East Coast yet since tons of alcohol in one glass is clearly a universally appreciated concept.

  8. I give them major points for giving out prizes that are actually useful. My husband won a 4-foot stuffed tiger once – we couldn’t give that thing away!

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