Things I Didn’t Think I Would Miss, but I Do

Last week I put up a post talking about the things that I thought I would miss, but I don’t. Today I’m taking the opposite tact: a lit of things that I actually DO miss. Things I totally took for granted back at home but have come to long for on the road.

Things I Didn’t Expect to Miss:

  • The Seasons– Okay, so skipping snowpocalypse 37 this winter was really sweet, but my quest for endless summer hasn’t been totally blissful either. It turns out there is a whole mess of emotions and memories tied up to changes in the weather, and when you are on a hot beach all the time you kind of miss out on them. Right now I’m in Northern Vietnam, where the weather is seriously chilly, and although I’ve whined a bit, part of me is secretly thrilled to see some variety.
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  • Driving– I used to really dislike driving places at home, but now I really miss my car. To be more oddly specific: I miss my work commute. That was my time to be alone and decompress while rocking out to Lady Gaga or that Train-song-that-nobody-likes-but-me.
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  • Sleeping in My Own Bed– This was mentioned in the comments of my last article and I definitely agree. I’ve slept in more beds than I can count on this trip. Comfy ones, horrible ones, beds on floors, beds in a van, on a bus, boat, train. Nothing can compare to the security and comfort of waking up in your own familiar sheets.

  • My Family– Of course I knew I would miss my family, but I really have, much more than I thought I would. Maybe it’s because I spent the last two years in very close proximity to them (link), or maybe it’s just because I am SO far away, but part of me can’t wait to get home and see them again.
Early to Rise, Early to Bed
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  • Vegetating– Yeah, I’m kind of a lazy bum a lot of the time. Sometimes (particularly when you’re hungover) it’s just heaven to spend an entire day zoning out with a book or a Law and Order SVU marathon. When I’m traveling though there’s so much to see and do that I feel tremendously guilty every time I want to take an afternoon off and watch Dexter on my computer. Plus nobody likes to be that kid who never leaves the hostel, no matter how tired you are feeling.

One of the big lessons I learn, every time I go travelling, is how grateful I am for the little things in life. I am constantly stumbling across those “don’t know what you got til it’s gone” moments, and I think they are really valuable in making you appreciate your home life.

What surprising things have you missed?

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