Travel Mindset

Tourism vs. Voyeurism

This is a subject I’ve struggled with in the past and would be interested to hear other people’s viewpoints in the comments.  There is something to be said for checking “must see” items off your life list – we all travel to some extent to “see” things when we go places. But what happens when …

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Is Travel Risky?

I have a secret: I’m not really a very brave person. At least I don’t think so. If you travel a lot, especially alone, you hear the phrase “you’re so brave” so often the words lose all meaning. It comes from non-travelers mostly, who are under the impression that traveling especially for an extended period …

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Travel is Constant Change

“I’m a change addict,” a woman at the Sydney YHA told me as she stuffed clothing into her backpack, “I just love the possibility of new things.” When you spend enough time in hostels, among other backpackers, the conversation turns to travel a lot. Where you’ve been, where you’re going, how long you’ve been gone, …

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Is Tourism Good for Cambodia?

All through my three months in South East Asia, I’ve been wrestling with something I can’t quite define. As I’ve explored Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and now Cambodia, I’ve often felt uncomfortable with the high status that comes from being a white westerner in a land of extreme poverty. I’ve seen people react, in both good …

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Haters Gonna Hate

The internet has been making me cranky lately. I’ve been sensing this growing resentment towards travelers and it’s making my skin itch. There’s the snotty comments scattered across the interwebs, there’s some weird infighting drama going on in the travel blogosphere (which I’m not going to touch), and then there’s the Eat Pray Love backlash. …

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Learning to Deal with Disaster

(This is the last post in a series where I’ve recounted the ways that travel has helped me to learn about myself. For reference check out: How Travel makes us Smarter, Wiser and All-Around More Awesome, Learning to Love Being Alone, and Learning From Our Travel Mistakes ) There’s a particular mental moment that every …

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