Trips to Iceland for Twenty-Somethings

Earlier this summer I spent most of my precious vacation time traveling Iceland.  A friend and I rented a tiny Yaris and drove the circumference of Iceland along the Ring Road. It was interesting and different and it convinced me that trips to Iceland are the perfect trips for young people. Even (or especially) if you haven’t done very much travel abroad, here is what make trips to Iceland ideal:

trips to iceland

Trips to Iceland for Twenty-Somethings


The vast open spaces of Iceland are a tonic for overcrowded city life.  This is a country with a mere 300,000 inhabitants and where the biggest highway in the country turns to dirt in spots. The further you get out of Reykjavik the more isolated you will feel. Just be sure to have a full tank of gas!

trips to iceland

Ease of Travel

Of all the places I’ve been Iceland is one of the easiest to travel. The roads are easily navigable (there’s really only one of them), the cities well marked and this is a country to mind bogglingly crime-free that mother’s leave their babies in carriages outside while they drink their coffee. Additionally, Literally everyone speaks English. Everyone, from the gas station attendants to the Reykjavik partiers speaks English.

iceland trips for twenty somethings


Iceland has some really awesome physical activities for those so inclined. The hiking opportunities are vast and varied. Skiing, Snowmobiling, and ice-trekking can be done all year round on the ice caps. Golf is also very popular as is horse riding.

If, like me, you are of a lazier sort, you can relax in a geothermal pool like the Blue Lagoon. Great for the skin (but be sure to bring extra conditioner for your hair).

trips to iceland


Okay, maybe not everyone is as impressed by geothermal heat as I am but if the oddities below us are of interest to you, Iceland is the place to be. We hiked up Krafla, a still steaming volcano in northern Iceland. You can hike around on the very thin surface crust with no supervision whatsoever. The earth literally steams. Terrifying and excilerating.

iceland trips


The party scene is nonexistent out of Reykjavik but the capital more than makes up for it. Particularly during the summer months, when the sun barely sets, the youth of Iceland party all night long. The typical night involves pregaming at home (liquor is very expensive in Iceland). Around midnight young hip Icelanders begin to wander out of doors to  one of the many cafes that are converted to nightclubs after hours. After dancing all night you can attempt to find an after hours club for more partying or hit up one of the many late night hot dog or pizza stands before passing out .

I know I’m leaving a lot out, like the eery beauty of icebergs sliding slowly our to sea, or the purple lupines which seemed to blanket the entire country in June, or the plethora of postcard perfect waterfalls.  Iceland is  gorgeous country and one that benefits from the exuberance of youth.

Trips to Iceland


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  1. Does anyone know of any Iceland tours for young people?

    I love the look of intrepids Iceland discovery though that’s more popular with the oldies based on ages booked.

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