A Twenty-Something Traveler Turns 30

So that finally happened.

When I started writing Twenty-Something Travel I was 25 years old. I was living at home, dating random guys on OkCupid and planning, desperately hoping really, that I would get the chance to travel full-time for just one year. Just a year and then I would be ready to settle down (ha.) The idea that I would one day be thirty, and that I might still want to travel, much less blog, never crossed my mind.

Me at 25

Like most mid-twenty-somethings I never really thought about turning 30, at least not in any concrete way. But, time passed. I did get to travel, a lot actually. I got married. I pursued my dream career with both successes and failures. And now here I am, somehow, 30 years old.

Which means this blog is now over.










Kidding! I would never do that.

In truth, I’m mostly pretty excited about turning 30. My twenties were an amazing, wild decade that I managed to live on my own terms, and I expect to do the same in my thirties. I celebrated my birthday by pushing myself totally out of my comfort zone at a music festival in Austin, Texas, surrounded by my husband and friends (a husband and friends who I would never have met if I hadn’t started blogging, I might add).

Me at (almost) 30

In fact, I would go into the next decade completely unencumbered if it weren’t for one small, enormous issue. This website.

I have paid for naming my blog Twenty-Something Travel many, many times over. Every time I meet someone (and in my profession, I meet a lot of people) the first thing they ask me after hearing about my website is “What happens when you turn 30?”

God, I loathe that question. I have answered that question in many ways: seriously, flippantly, like a smart ass (“I’m already 43”), and the truth all along was I didn’t really have any idea. In fact, I asked you guys last year, on my 29th birthday what you thought I should do. Change the websites name? Create a new site and leave this as a resource page?

I’ve had plenty of time to think about it and what I decided was this: I’ve worked too hard on creating this site to either rebrand it or abandon it. From a business perspective, it’s just not smart to mess with a name that is pretty well known and respected in the travel blogging industry. Furthermore, I believe in the message of Twenty-Something Travel and I don’t think it’s such a narrow message that it doesn’t apply once you hit a certain number of digits.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

So Twenty-Something Travel will be staying the same, for now anyways. My amazing staff writers Kay and Jessica will continue to provide their very different twenty-something perspectives and I will continue writing as well.

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of the writing I do on a daily basis isn’t even for this site. Twenty-Something Travel is my creative outlet and I cherish it. In time I might transition some of that writing, particularly stuff that is only tangentially related to travel to StephanieYoder.com (don’t click it, there is nothing there yet), but that assumes I ever find the time to build it out.

Until then, let us continue our 5 year conversation about traveling as a Millennial and all the joys, heartbreaks, trials and tribulations that go along with it.

But first let’s eat some leftover cake.

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28 thoughts on “A Twenty-Something Traveler Turns 30”

  1. We’ve enjoyed journeying along with you. I’ve found you very inspiring over the years as I’ve launched into my own travel lifestyle. Thanks for writing and sharing it all with us!

  2. Happy birthday Stephanie! I’ve always been a fan of your blog and am so happy it will continue on. I’m also approaching the end of my twenties and will be excited to be inspired by your journeys in your 30s.

  3. Happy birthday! And I totally agree, your site is really successful and well known, no sense in trying to change the name and re-brand. Glad you’re sticking with it!

  4. Happy Birthday! I think you are right to stick with this page, so what if you are no longer a “twenty something.” I have gone through a similar identity crisis with my site, I call it WorldWideVegetarian, but I am now vegan and really don’t include vegetarian topics anymore. But whatever, that’s my site, and I am sticking with it, and I haven’t even been going nearly as long as you have. Keep up the great work, and don’t worry about the site title!

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