The Ultimate Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

I remember scrolling through Facebook last year and seeing photos of my older cousin’s bachelor party in Las Vegas. Between awesome bars, shows, and food, he looked like he had a blast there with some of his best friends and family members. He’s not the only one who chose Las Vegas as his bachelor party destination – many women and men flock here to have the time of their lives before marriage. When I went to Vegas a few weeks ago with Travel Nevada, I could definitely see why.

Before you get any ideas, I am definitely not getting ready to be married just yet! However, during the trip, I constantly thought to myself – “I am totally coming back here one day to do this again with my friends.” There are many ways to “go wild” in Vegas without taking the traditional party route of most Vegas-goers, especially if you’re looking to make the trip something that’s once-in-a-lifetime. If you’re trying to plan something unique before the big day, these are a few activities that I recommend.

Gun Shootin’

Even though I am a Texas girl, I can’t say I have ever shot a gun before. To be honest, I had never even seen one in real life, much less one as big as the giant M249 “S.A.W.” gun that I shot. We arrived at The Gun Store around 10 AM and were immediately given a “menu” of guns that we could choose. They ranged from small revolvers to huge automatic guns, and they had packages for children as young as 6 years old. To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed at the amount of guns that they had readily available, but our guide was extremely knowledgeable about all of them and gave us the overview about the history of the store.

Then came the gun shooting session (yikes). Of course, at first I was terrified to even hold it, since it was bigger and much heavier than me! I got over my fear quickly, though, because I was with a guide who helped me hold and shoot the gun without any recoil or danger. Our guide assured us that people of all ages come in here regularly, and the store even has a chapel for those who want to get married amongst the sounds of shots and the smell of gunpowder, a real “shotgun wedding,” or so to speak. If you’ve never shot a gun before and want to try something out of the ordinary, definitely give The Gun Store a visit and try it out!

Zip Lining in Bootleg Canyon

If you’re the type that likes to see landscapes from above, a thrilling way to do that is on a zip line through Bootleg Canyon, one of Nevada’s many picturesque rock formations overlooking Lake Mead. Flightlinez offers an awesome, 4-line course through the rocks, which boast some seriously stunning views of the area. You’re literally suited up with a harness, attached to the line, then you jump off of a wooden platform for the ride of a lifetime.
Some people think zip lines are scary or dangerous, but there were five experienced guides helping our group stay safe and organized during our rides. We were also given a training session beforehand to brief all of the safety procedures and rules. Overall, I felt extremely comfortable and found the rides to be indescribable. There’s a certain thrill to zip lining that I absolutely love, and Flightlinez did a great job of enhancing that feeling.

Racing Swanky Sports Cars

Ever wanted to race a Ferrari? A Lamborghini? How about drive over 100 mph? Well, Exotics Racing has everything you could possibly want. With a grand selection of some of the world’s nicest cars, this place is perfect for anyone wanting to take the drive of a lifetime. While I was there, I drove a white Audi R8 over 115 mph. I’ve never been a huge car person, but just the mere feeling of driving such a nice car that fast was actually one of my favorite memories of the trip.

During the rides, Exotics Racing ensures that each driver is equipped with training, a helmet, and a driving instructor in order to provide a safe and stress-free learning environment. After you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can choose to take however many laps you’d like. You can also choose cars ranging from Ferraris to Aston Martins, and for those who don’t want to drive, there is also the option to take a ride with a professional driver who can do wild and crazy stunts like on Fast and Furious! Whatever suits your fancy, if you’ve been interested in driving fast or in style, definitely check out this place for a life-changing ride.

High Roller at the Linq

There’s no way to bring together your trip to Las Vegas like a ride on the newly constructed High Roller, a ferris wheel that overlooks all of the strip. In the glass bubbles, you can see a panoramic view of the city over drinks with your friends. That over there? The Rio hotel. And there? Planet Hollywood. At night, the ride takes you above all of the flashing night lights and the vast city beyond, painting a picture of Las Vegas like no other attraction. As I stood quietly on the High Roller overlooking the city I’d just come to know, contemplating how I would describe my ride, I realized just how breathtaking the lights of this city can be.

During my trip, I was a guest of Travel Nevada. As always, my articles solely reflect my own personal views

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  1. It’s good to know that girls enjoy (mostly) the same stuff in Vegas, haha. There’s a few on here I’ll have to add to my own debauched weekend in Vegas plans.

  2. I used to live in Vegas and I remember meeting some French guys who were shocked by all the ads for gun ranges. While I am not a big fan of guns, it had never occurred to me that other countries didn’t have the same ‘amenities’. Weird the stuff you get used too.

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