Uruguay: The Best and Worst

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Total Days in Uruguay: 7

Total Days it Didn’t Rain: 5 (getting better percentage wise!)

Amount Spent: $550

Amount Per Day: $78.70 (good lord! This includes a $120 ferry ride but still, Uruguay is expensive!)

Jose San Ignacio outside of Punta del Este

Places Visited: Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo, Punta del Este, Punta del Diablo

Favorite Place: I thought Montevideo was a great city, kind of like a smaller, cleaner Buenos Aires. Punta del Diablo is how I imagine Montanita was ten years ago.

Least Favorite Place: I didn’t dislike anywhere but I didn’t really get the hype on Colonia. I mean sure you can take a day trip from BA to see it, but don’t get too excited about it.

Road trip

Most Memorable Moments: Cabo Polonio was a major highlight. Eating utterly amazing asado at a backyard BBQ in Montevideo. Drunkenly skinny-dipping in Punta del Diablo (shhh).

Best Meal: I’m a healthy carnivore but the asado here blew even Argentina out of the water. Slow cooked and salted just right, I would go back to Montevideo right now just for some more yummy meat.

Worst Meal: It wasn’t terrible but I couldn’t really get on board with the chivito, a popular Uruguayan sandwich which is basically a bunch of stuff shoved on a plate: bread, french fries, steak, cheese, ham, eggs, olives, peppers etc. Heart attack plate.

Biggest Misconception: I don’t know that there are many misconceptions about Uruguay because nobody seems to pay it any attention what so ever. I did learn a lot of new things about the country .

Biggest Disaster: Getting our rental car stuck in the sand and needing to be bailed out by some local kite surfers. Later that afternoon we drove 2 hours down the WRONG dirt road and had to run around.

Best Sunset: Tough call. I think maybe this one in Colonia.

Most Annoying Thing: They have different wall outlets in Uruguay which I wasn’t expecting. Make sure you have the right adapters.

Biggest Regret: That we didn’t have longer with the rental car. I wouldn’t have minded vegging out in Punta del Diablo for a few days.

Best Advice: Take the time to see more than Colonia, Uruguay has a lot to offer. Bring your bathing suit. Rent a car. And don’t skimp on the meat!

Coolest Animal Spotted: We saw pretty much all varieties of farm animals but my favorite creature was this imperious looking beach owl.

Would I come back? Yes. I think the coast is a great place for a relaxing vacation and I’m curious about the interior of the country which I know absolutely nothing about.

Have you been to Uruguay? What were your impressions?



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