Uruguay: The Best and Worst

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Total Days in Uruguay: 7

Total Days it Didn’t Rain: 5 (getting better percentage wise!)

Amount Spent: $550

Amount Per Day: $78.70 (good lord! This includes a $120 ferry ride but still, Uruguay is expensive!)

Jose San Ignacio outside of Punta del Este

Places Visited: Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo, Punta del Este, Punta del Diablo

Favorite Place: I thought Montevideo was a great city, kind of like a smaller, cleaner Buenos Aires. Punta del Diablo is how I imagine Montanita was ten years ago.

Least Favorite Place: I didn’t dislike anywhere but I didn’t really get the hype on Colonia. I mean sure you can take a day trip from BA to see it, but don’t get too excited about it.

Road trip

Most Memorable Moments: Cabo Polonio was a major highlight. Eating utterly amazing asado at a backyard BBQ in Montevideo. Drunkenly skinny-dipping in Punta del Diablo (shhh).

Best Meal: I’m a healthy carnivore but the asado here blew even Argentina out of the water. Slow cooked and salted just right, I would go back to Montevideo right now just for some more yummy meat.

Worst Meal: It wasn’t terrible but I couldn’t really get on board with the chivito, a popular Uruguayan sandwich which is basically a bunch of stuff shoved on a plate: bread, french fries, steak, cheese, ham, eggs, olives, peppers etc. Heart attack plate.

Biggest Misconception: I don’t know that there are many misconceptions about Uruguay because nobody seems to pay it any attention what so ever. I did learn a lot of new things about the country .

Biggest Disaster: Getting our rental car stuck in the sand and needing to be bailed out by some local kite surfers. Later that afternoon we drove 2 hours down the WRONG dirt road and had to run around.

Best Sunset: Tough call. I think maybe this one in Colonia.

Most Annoying Thing: They have different wall outlets in Uruguay which I wasn’t expecting. Make sure you have the right adapters.

Biggest Regret: That we didn’t have longer with the rental car. I wouldn’t have minded vegging out in Punta del Diablo for a few days.

Best Advice: Take the time to see more than Colonia, Uruguay has a lot to offer. Bring your bathing suit. Rent a car. And don’t skimp on the meat!

Coolest Animal Spotted: We saw pretty much all varieties of farm animals but my favorite creature was this imperious looking beach owl.

Would I come back? Yes. I think the coast is a great place for a relaxing vacation and I’m curious about the interior of the country which I know absolutely nothing about.

Have you been to Uruguay? What were your impressions?



15 thoughts on “Uruguay: The Best and Worst”

  1. You wrote this 7 years ago, I’m curious to know if you ever went back. I’m a Uruguayan born Australian and took my kids and husband for the first time 3 years ago. We loved every minute of it. And like Fede above, Chivitos are the best! The chivito is like nothing else in this world, Anthony Bourdain loved them too, what does that tell you? Anyway, Uruguay is a secret treasure still waiting to have it’s day in the sun! It’s the little and modest brother of its bigger, flashier neighbours. A lot of things they’re famous for came from Uruguay first but you won’t hear them boast. Good on you for going though.

  2. Cabo Polonio was one of my favorite places in Uruguay as well!! Love your blog/ excited to have another travel blog to look at!

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