I’m Going on Vacation!

Things may be a bit quiet around here for the next week or so because I am going on vacation! Mike and I are taking the ferry to Uruguay and will spend the next 7 days exploring the coast of this tiny little country.

I’m majorly excited. Not because I know a lot about Uruguay (it’s going to be a pleasant surprise) but because this is the first actual vacation I’ve taken in two years.

Err, what?

I guess it may seem a bit spoiled, that I need a vacation from all my traveling. After all my whole life is one big vacation right?


Not really. I mean my life is pretty awesome, but it’s also a lot of work. Money is a pretty big issue for me and as a result I work pretty much every single day (weekends too) answering emails, writing posts, hacking my way through html, working on various projects on and on. This is being conducted from various hostel common rooms on sketchy internet connections, making everything take longer than it should. There’s always something that needs to get done, to the point where I feel kinda guilty whenever I’m NOT working.

I love my work, but I’m pretty positive that’s not the healthiest attitude to have. I mean, even office drones get their two weeks a year. Particularly in the last month as we’ve been pushing ourselves to finish Eat the World, downtime has kind of fallen by the wayside. Luckily we are happily installed in Buenos Aires with desks and lightening fast internet, but it still kind of zaps the joy and wonder out of living in a new place.

My current office

The app is finished, for now at least (it will be out in a couple of weeks) and as reward it’s vacation time!

It sounds a bit like a riddle: how do travel bloggers go on vacation?

Easy: we leave the laptops at home.

Seven full days with no computer, that will be the longest I’ve spent detoxed in a long time. I’m going to read books and lay on the beach and stare into space. I might send out a bragging tweets but other than that I’m going to attempt to not even THINK about work for 160 hours or so.

could be worse

Then I’m going to come back and write some articles about it! No rest for the weary but I do love it.

What are your upcoming vacation plans?



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21 thoughts on “I’m Going on Vacation!”

  1. Awesome! While I was trekking around Australia for material and inspiration, I decided the last 10 days were going to be vacation. I didn’t bother to Facebook, Tweet or maintain my blog. It was the best 10 day stretch of unspoiled beaches, reef and rainforest I’ve ever experienced. Good for you! Get out there and do some relaxing!

  2. Woohoo! Dan and I have been talking about doing this for a while as well. It’s been ages since we’ve had a “real” vacation offline. Hoping to be able to do it in a few weeks on a quiet Mexican beach. Enjoy!!

  3. Our next vacation will be in Los Cabos, Mexico! We also happen to be getting married, so the 2nd half of the trip will be the real vacation. I can’t wait to get away from constantly being attached to my cell phone/computer and just relaxing on the beach with a cocktail and my new husband.

  4. Well you definitely deserve it! Enjoy, and we’ll be looking forward to reading about your vacation when you get back!

    For me, traveling at all is a vacation right now, so my next one is coming in less than 2 weeks, when I’m headed to Iceland for 6 days! I will be blogging a bit/editing tons of photos, I’m sure, but it will be a much-needed break from grad school!

  5. The second to last week in March, I’ll be spending a week in LA and San Francisco. This year has been spent enjoying domestic travel in the US. From there, it’s back to work until late May/early June. Hopefully it’ll be a more local holiday around Seattle and Portland.

  6. Enjoy! Laying on the beach with a book is the best.

    I am torn between a week in South Carolina on a beach outside Charleston or a week on the cliffs in Negril. hmmm…

  7. I just got back from a week in Aruba. It was the first trip in more than 2 years that I didn’t have a computer and smartphone for a whole week. It was glorious! Enjoy.

  8. Oh enjoy! Read and sleep and stretch like a fiend!

    My upcoming vacation plans sort’ve evolved into “quit my job and go travel for a year”…and I’m pumped! Starting with a lazy bumabout month in Melbourne, then we’ll see where the wind takes me.

    1. I am so happy to see other people talk about fleeing from their daily lives and escaping to better skies. It’s really encouraging to see others feel and plan to do the same as myself. Good luck to you Jenny!

  9. Jealous! Enjoy your vacation! My plans for one got waylaid by life uncertainties – but I know how vital it is to take a break, hope you come back refreshed!

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