Where Do You Want to Go in 2014?

It’s the end of the year, which means it is a time for wrapping stuff up (pun INTENDED, oh god I’m the worst). Of course on the eve of the New Year it’s also a time for making goals and plans for 2014. I love this because I am excellent at making plans, less great at the whole follow through thing.

So far though, I don’t have any travel plans. Not concrete ones at least, unless you can call hanging out in Mexico and eating tacos until at least late-spring a plan. Mike and I have become masters of keeping our plans loose (or else we’re just really lazy), but despite my promises of learning to sit still, I am giddy with ideas of where we might go in this new blank slate of a year.

Since I have no plans just yet, here is a wish list of places I would like to go in 2014, rated in order of probability.

Various Parts of Mexico

The past few months have been all about settling in Sayulita, exploring the food, the people, the beaches. It has been heavenly, but we really haven’t traveled further than an hour in any direction. But I’ve been pouring over other people’s posts and photos and I’ve been making tentative plans.

On my must-see list are Guadalajara and Tequila, both close enough for a weekend trip. Further afield I’d like to do a culinary sight-seeing tour encompassing Mexico City, Pueblo and Oaxaca. I don’t think we will make it to the east coast at all but if that happens it would be pretty neat too.

Likelihood: very high.


Mike and I have wanted to visit Belize for awhile, we even considered it for that honeymoon we never really took. Since it’s quite close to Mexico and we know some people there we’re hoping to spend a week or two down there sometime in the next few months.

Likelihood: medium-high

Costa Rica, Honduras etc.

Originally I had hoped to use Mexico as a base to explore a lot of Central America, but I’m not sure that is going to be practical this year. If the right opportunity comes up I will happily head down there and explore though.

Likelihood: Low

US Travel

I don’t really know what the rest of the year looks like for us yet, but I know I will be in the DC area for at least two weddings in May and in August, so between that and my Answers job there is a pretty good chance we will get to do some US travel this summer. My (very long) wish-list includes Austin, Chicago, Louisiana and almost certainly the Pacific Northwest.

Likelihood: medium-high

30th Birthday Trip: Destination Unknown

Both Michael and I are turning 30 in October (I know!). This requires the kind of special celebration only travel can provide. I know I want to take him somewhere, but where probably depends on where we are living at the time. I have a couple of ideas but I’m keeping them close to the vest for now.

Likelihood: Oh, it’s going down. I just don’t know where yet.

England and Scotland

I’ve been missing London something fierce. I really can’t believe how long it has been since I last visited my favorite city in the world. To make matters even worse, Mike has never been to the UK. Maybe this year I will finally get us over there. If we do I would like to see more of England than just London and would also really, really like to spend some time exploring my Scottish heritage up north.

Likelihood: If wishing could get me there I’d already BE there.

New Zealand

I’ve been dying to go basically since I dropped it from my RTW itinerary to go to China instead. Now my good friend Liz is living down there which is even more incentive to get my act together. Holding me back: massively huge air-fare prices.

Likelihood: Not so good


My cravings for asian food have reached an all time high here in Mexico. I would love to get back over there at some point this year. Mike is dying to visit Japan, and my interest has been piqued by Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. We would both love to go back to Vietnam at some point as well. Which is to say: we’re not even really that picky about where we go.

Likelihood: Who knows?


Then there’s Italy which I want to visit basically all the time…

Obviously these are not plans, just wishful thinking. If I were going to include a full list of places I desire to visit from Albania to Armenia to Mongolia I would totally break my own site with too many words.

And of course we could end up somewhere completely unexpected depending on what fate and life throws our way. That’s what usually ends up happening to us.

Which is all a very long way of asking you, where do you want to go in 2014?

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  1. Dont count out places like Bath! great and compact it has such a rich history (roman spas) with a lot of grand architecture, and also some nice chillout places (the thermae rooftop spa) which can be nice if the weather goes right!

  2. I’m a huge fan of your blog !! ahahah
    if you visit to Korea, I will definately be happy:) and let you know some tips!

    enjoy your trip in 2014! i will keep staying tuned !

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