Where to Eat in Dublin (And Drink Well Too!)

While I am a budget traveler at heart, dining out and drinking is one of my favorite indulgences while traveling. Luckily, Dublin is a great place to eat and drink while staying relatively budget-friendly. Check out 5 tips below for where to eat in Dublin including the best pubs and restaurants for getting an authentic Irish dining experience without breaking the bank.

Drink Guinness With a Whole New Perspective… Literally

Take Your Guinness with a View - Where to Eat in Dublin

One of my absolute FAVORITE images to take away from any city I go to is a skyline view. More often than not this sends me on a scavenger hunt for the best rooftop bar in town and then battling other photo-hungry tourists for a decent picture of the view. Thankfully, the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse offers a good view and an even better bar. Dominating the 7th floor of Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction, the Storehouse’s Gravity Bar provides a 360-degree view of Dublin and a complimentary Guinness to enjoy it with. Best off, this is a great bang for the buck because the Guinness Storehouse is Dublin’s top tourist attraction and something I would have done anyway.

Wondering Where to Eat in Dublin? Eat and Drink Where the Locals Do

Eat Where the Locals Eat - Where to Eat in DublinWhen in Dublin, do as the Dubliners do and find an authentic Irish pub. If you’re looking for the traditional Irish pub experience, O’ Donoghue’s is your place. Donned with a superbly Irish name, O’ Donoghue’s is a common drinking spot for Dublin locals. The pub is small in size, but huge in camaraderie with the different groups of pub-goers simultaneously meshing into one and cheering ‘slainte’ (Irish equivalent of ‘cheers’) with their friends beside them.

If you’re looking for a bigger, younger atmosphere I suggest a visit to The Long Hall. The interior of this pub is true to its name. Lavishly ordained in deep red and gold colors, The Long Hall still maintains a casual vibe and fun atmosphere. Despite being one of the oldest pubs in Dublin, locals and tourists alike flock here for an authentic outing in a traditional Irish pub experience. The Long Hall attributes its historical presence in the community to its great atmosphere and proud staff.

And, while pubs are great for drinking, Irish pub food is surprisingly great. Of course, you can gorge on the traditional fish and chips at O’Donoghue’s and The Long Hall. But you’ll also find stellar food at trendier options like Fade Street Social, where you can try perfectly cooked steak or unique duck samosas.

Don’t Be Afraid to Branch Out

Branch Out While in Dublin - Where to Eat in Dublin
Ireland is irrevocably associated with Guinness, leaving many visitors feeling like they’re locked into drinking the black stuff in order to reap the most authentic experience. However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you aren’t a fan of stouts! Ireland is now playing host to microbreweries like Metalman Brewing with their flagship Pale Ale and Franciscan Well Brewery’s banana-infused Friar Weisse.
And, if you want to drink Guinness but not stout, you can do that, too. Guinness Storehouse has a really cool Connoisseur Experience which pairs guests with a Beer Connoisseur in a luxe private bar. It turns out that Guinness produces many different types of brews, including Bitters, Extra Stout, Smooth, and even a few non-alcoholic varieties. This experience requires an advanced reservation, but the intimate, small-group tasting session is worth the wait.

Dublin Specializes in Adorable Cafes

Where to Eat in Dublin - Explore the Cute Cafes

While Dublin has plenty of great restaurants, you can get a lot of bang for your buck by having lunch at its adorable cafes. Take for instance, Queen of Tarts on Cow Lane. Queen of Tarts serves homemade soups and deliciously stuffed sandwiches on fresh bread. I highly recommend saving room for dessert as this place specializes in creamy sweets and tarts. This is where to eat in Dublin if you love dessert.  Order a pot of tea and complete the table set-up, pleasing your taste-buds, belly, and those food-hungry Instagram followers. They’re open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch with the option for cakes and treats at every meal.

Queen of Tarts in Dublin - Where to Eat in Dublin

While you may not think that you’d find good food in a shopping plaza, my second favorite cafe in Dublin is the Pepper Pot in the Powerscourt Town Centre shopping plaza. Whoever decided on this location was either a marketing genius or a shopaholic (or both?). If you’re lucky, try and score the balcony table that overlooks the mall’s center and enjoy people-watching with a savory sandwich in hand. Similar to Queen of Tarts, The Pepper Pot has mastered the art of serving fresh soups, salads, and sandwiches in an adorable café setting. Everything is made daily so every choice is a sweet one.

Relax in a Cafe in Dublin - Where to Eat in Dublin

Lastly, keeping up with the shopping and dining atmosphere is Avoca on the popular Suffolk Street. Just like The Pepper Pot, Avoca is located in the upstairs loft of a quaint little shop. It makes the perfect lunch spot before shopping and after with its ideal location near one of Dublin’s best shopping districts: Grafton Street. Come hungry as their portions are generous.

Irish Food Isn’t Just Fish and Chips

Irish Food Isn't Just Fish and Chips - Where to Eat in Dublin
Copyright Guinness

When you are ready to splurge a bit, go beyond the ordinary with Ireland’s farm to table cuisine. It’s easy to think that Irish food is just fish and chips and brown bread with butter. But, Irish chefs are coming up with innovative food trends that are all their own, focused largely on the country’s fresh produce and seafood.
At Pichet, try French-style cuisine with local Irish ingredients, like their potato gnocchi; gnocchi might seem like an Italian dish but potatoes are typically Irish and the Pichet version pairs the dumplings with smoked Gubbeen cheese from Cork, Ireland. Or, at 1837 Bar and Brasserie, which proudly proclaims that all their raw ingredients are 100% Irish, try classic Galway oysters poured with Guinness stout.
No matter what you choose, you are certain to enjoy a delicious Irish experience regardless of your budget.


Headed to Dublin and Need a Place to Stay?

Egali Hostel is a cozy, rustic and charming hostel located in the heart of the city.  Relax in their game room with a pool table and video games and take advantage of the free continental breakfast.

Generator Hostel Dublin is an upscale contemporary hostel located right next door to the Jameson Distillery.  Relax in the cafe and bar or opt for their private room with a hot tub (girls only)!

Harding Hotel is a modern hotel located in the heart of Temple Bar with a traditional Irish feel.  Relax in comfort and don’t forget to enjoy a drink at their pub.


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Where to Eat in Dublin (And Drink Well Too!)

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  1. Queen of Tarts is one of my FAVORITE spots in Dublin for breakfast! Such a cute place! Also, as much as I wish I liked Guinness and have tried to make myself like it, I just can’t 🙁 But I love other Irish beers like Hop House, and there’s so many delicious Irish Craft Beers as well!

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