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I can’t quite find the words to describe China. As a travel writer, that’s kind of embarrassing.

China is just too big, too varied and weird to be summed up in any real way. Instead, the experience of being in China is made up of hundreds of tiny, incoherent details that make up a strange and unique whole.

So I think today I will go ahead and believe that a picture IS worth a whole bunch of words. When I see something that’s too weird to ignore, I try to snap a picture. None of these things are fleshed out to make an entire post, but they are each kind of awesome in their own right.

Here’s a handful:

Performance on Nanjing Road. I think it's supposed to say "Welcome to Shanghai"
Soviet style architecture, and a spaceship, in Shanghai
Mahjong in the park (I'm actually quite good!)
Chain store I see all over China. I giggle every time.
Super communist statue in Tienanmen Square
ObamaMao t-shirts
It's inescapable.
Beautiful shopping center in Xi'an
Exactly what it says
Ubiquitous old men playing Chinese Chess
hanging lettuce out to dry on a street in Beijing
Freaking adorable Chinese tourists outside of the Forbidden City.

That’s the really great thing about China (apart from the food), the thing that keeps visitors enthralled. You never know what kind of scene  you’re going to stumble across. It could be something awesome, or funny or gross, you just can’t predict. China is a constant surprise, and that’s what I love about it.

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  1. How adorable are those kids? Visiting China would definitely take me out of my comfort zone, perhaps that’s what I need right about now…

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