WorldVentures: This is NOT the Way to Travel the World

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Last Monday Michael and I went to a coworking event with a group called DC Night Owls. It’s a pretty neat concept: freelancers, programmers, start-up entrepreuners all getting together a couple of evenings a month to meet and work together on different projects.

It was our first time, and we felt kind of like the new kids in school, so when a friendly looking guy started chatting with us about our businesses, we were psyched. As we talked about living and working around the world he got more and more excited. We’re on exactly the same page, he told us. He just had to tell us about his business!

He settled down beside us and flipped open his Samsung tablet. Thinking we were going to hear about his start-up or website or whatever, we leaned in. He started in on a slideshow featuring generic travel photos under headings like BEACHES, NIGHTLIFE, ADVENTURE.


Well whatever he’s doing, it sounds pretty cliché, I thought to myself. He kept going telling us about this online travel club called WorldVentures, where users can buy discounted travel packages for super cheap if they just pay a $199 fee + $54.95 a month (what a deal!). Then he told us the real money was in becoming an associate and recruiting others to join the program.

It wasn’t until he showed us the pay structure, which looked exactly like a pyramid, that I realized what was going on. It looked like this guy was actually trying to recruit us into a pyramid scheme!

“I’m going to stop you right now,” Mike said. The guy looked up from his endless slideshow where he was explaining all the free trips and cars you can earn, just by working for yourself! “We’re never going to be interested in this.”

“I thought you guys said you were entrepreneurs,” the guy mumbled before shuffling off dejectedly. Mike and I looked at each other in disbelief. Did that really just happen?

I didn’t know people even still DID these things. I associate these sort of companies (like Amway) with some bygone era. Clearly they do since this young (probably late twenty-something) dude was trolling coworking meetups for sign ups. So of course I started digging.

What I learned really surprised me. This is a multi-million dollar company and it is growing fast. When I asked around on facebook many people seemed to know at least one or two people involved.

With a few hours of research I was able to get the scoop on WorldVentures and I was pretty disturbed by what I learned:

The Promise

On it’s most shallow surface a program like WorldVentures sounds incredibly appealing. Trapped in a job you hate? Longing to see the world? Join us and become your own boss! Work from anywhere! Earn fabulous rewards like cars and vacations!

“Make a living while living,” is the catchphrase. And who wouldn’t want that? In fact, maybe readers of travel blogs are particularly susceptible to such a line. Isn’t that was a lot of websites promise? Isn’t that the idea behind the 4 hour work week? Isn’t that basically what I claim to do, more or less (possibly why the coworking dude thought I seemed like a perfect target)?

WorldVentures mentions “dreamtrips” and their promotional materials feature sales associates in tropical places holding signs that say “You should be here.” They entice people with the promise of an easy, glamorous way to make a living, and you can’t say it’s not appealing. In a world where becoming a location independent entrepreneur is the goal of many, this seems like the fast track to easy living.

The Program

Hidden only slightly below the glossy promises is the fact that WorldVentures is at heart a multi-level marketing (MLM) network. My initial impression was slightly off: it is NOT a pyramid scheme because the company sells actual products (vacations), which is enough to keep them on the correct side of the law.

The idea behind MLM is that you make money not just through your own sales work, but by recruiting other salespeople and making a cut of any sales that they make. Recruit enough people below you and you can just relax and watch the money roll in.

To become a sales rep you pay a $99.95 sign-up fee plus 10.99 a month. You then go to work recruiting others to sign up below you. Honestly the pay out scheme is so complicated I started tuning out, but to quote this very interesting article in the Observer:

“WorldVentures has a virtually inscrutable payout schedule comprising seven ranks and two pyramid-shaped hierarchies. The first pyramid is called the “lineage.” You sit at the top and everyone you’ve personally recruited is added directly below you, and everyone they’ve recruited is below them, and so on. Lineage is factored into rank, which is factored into compensation. The second pyramid is the “binary organization.” Here the pyramid spreads out by twos—the top spot sits directly above a left and a right spot, each of which sits above its own pairs, and so on. You can then earn bonuses based on sales made by the binary organization, which is comprised of the reps you recruit, and the reps they recruit.”

Right… so if you manage to master that complicated pyramid, you could potentially make a lot of money. You may not though, and here’s why:

The Problem

Many of you probably already know the issues with MLMs, but here is the lowdown, straight from Wikipedia:

“Companies that use MLM models for compensation have been a frequent subject of criticism and lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of products, high initial entry costs (for marketing kit and first products), emphasis on recruitment of others over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring members to purchase and use the company’s products, exploitation of personal relationships as both sales and recruiting targets, complex and sometimes exaggerated compensation schemes, the company making major money off its training events and materials, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion.”

Some people do make lots of money off of MLM, but many people do not. You see there is always a catch. In the case of WorldVentures the catch is:

  • Reps don’t start earning commission until they manage to recruit 30 customers or salespeople below them. That’s a lot of hustling. This is only the start of a list of very complicated rules and regulations which mean that very few people actually make it to the point of payout.
  • It’s not impossible to make money in WorldVentures, or else nobody would do it. It’s just a hell of a lot harder than recruiters would have you believe. Again from the Observer:

“MLM is a grind. When reps fail to make money, they’re taught to blame themselves. Reps are also heavily encouraged to spend their own money on WorldVentures’ myriad training events, which can range from $29 to hundreds of dollars to attend. WorldVentures has a tendency to sue its former employees who move to competing MLMs or speak negatively about the company, squashing public dissent;”

  • According to WorldVentures official documents, “73.7 percent of reps fail to earn a commission and only .1 percent earn a yearly income above the poverty level. The average rep earns $325 in a year. That doesn’t account for the price of joining or the cost of training events.”

If you need further proof this is a bad idea check out this guys first person account of his experiences (since removed but preserved via Wayback Machine):

“Not only you have to pay for Dreamtrips membership for trips which are priced the same or even higher than if you booked the exact same trip online or better through your travel agent who would take care of your flights too and treat you like a good valued customer, but you are bombarded every month with trainings (costing from 99US to 500 US), Marketing Tools that should be offered for free (ie 30 US per month to use a mailing system) and many more additional costs that WorldVentures uses to extract more money out of its reps and members.”

Someone is making a heck of a lot of money out of WorldVentures, but it probably won’t be you.

What I actually found most disturbing when looking into the company is the almost zombie-like devotion it cultivates among salespeople. If you look at the comments on any of the above linked articles you will see dozens and dozens of people staunchly defending the company. These comments often spout back the company lines word for word.

Additionally, when you search for terms like “is worldVenture a scam?” or “worldVenture pyramid scheme” you will find tons of enthusiastic users expounding on why it’s definitely not a scam.

That’s probably enough to appease a lot of people thinking about participating. It’s only those who dig deeper who will find out that WorldVentures has been the subject of several lawsuits and that the travel deals it offers aren’t even that great.

The Bottom Line:

Nobody likes to hear this, but anyone trying to lure you in with the promise of fast easy money is pulling a fast one on you. Particularly if you have to lay out money at the beginning to get involved. You are not going to get rich off of WorldVentures, but if you sign up WorldVentures is going to continue to get quite rich off of you.

The Silver Lining

So there’s no magical way to travel around the world and get rich while doing it. Trust me, I would know.

That doesn’t mean you can’t see the world though, for cheap too. Readers of this blog already know there are plenty of ways to travel around the world for far less money than you think. And yes, they require some of that less-fun stuff like working hard, and saving, but the end result is way more satisfying and sustainable.

The scariest thing for me is that WorldVentures appears to actually be growing, which means a lot of people are being enticed into paying good money and effort down a rabbit hole when there are far more productive ways to realize your travel dreams. Don’t be fooled, don’t go for the “easy money.” I promise you can do better.

Have you heard of WorldVentures?

9/27/13 UPDATE: Since publishing two months ago this blog post has become one of my most commented on posts, with passionate arguments from both pro and anti-WorldVenture perspectives. I welcome your insights, however, due to the high volume and limited hours in the day, I am not going to be responding to any more comments on this post. I will continue to moderate and delete abusive comments but I will not be engaging. Thank you!

10/10/13 UPDATE: After reading through a slew of comments from people who clearly didn’t read this article, and are mainly interested in promoting their own agenda and arguing with each other, I’ve made the decision to close the comments on this post. I stand behind what I’ve written, but I’m a professional, and it’s not a good use of my time to monitor and deal with these comments. Pretty much every point of view is already represented below, so I suggest you read on for alternate opinions.

You may not appreciate this decision, but it’s my blog, my rules. My post on Worldventures is just a tiny fraction of what this website is about. Contrary to some of the accusations below I make no money directly off  this article and have no personal vendetta against WV . My intentions are solely to provide a critique of widely available information.

I’m a self-employed travel entrepreneur who lives and travels all over the world. If you’d like to learn more about how I do this (without the help of a MLM company), please check out my about page.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Good on you for posting this. All those trainings and monthly payments are ridiculous – but I can understand why people don’t immediately see through it. It sounds so great, doesn’t it? FRUITY DRINKS and ADVENTURE!

    Too bad you have to shell out the price of a small island for it…

    • “All those trainings and monthly payments are ridiculous” When i hear somebody say this, that just sounds like your broke, you should pickup a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad” educate yourself on business, how it real works, you stick to a 9to5 and make other rich

      • So the person who wrote this blog, did their research!!??? hmmm, and they found their research on Google, a trusted source (sarcasm). So you band wagon blog lovers trust this person who has done there “Research” Somebody that’s never done network marketing that’s never made more then $5000 a month residually from this type of business. That’s like asking a license Carpenter to do open heart surgery on a patient and they have a hammer. They have no clue what they are doing or talking about. The fact that you would use Wikipedia as one of your source is a tell tell sign. It’s one thing for you to write a blog that makes sense, but i believe you wrote this cause you want to be heard. What’s the cost to go to school, then graduate and then 74% of people can’t get a job? What about opening up your own business? What will it cost you? This is a business, not a 9 to 5 J.O.B. You have to learn how to run your business. When you write a blog and your influencing people the wrong way, you make them as dumb as you and in this world we don’t need anymore dumb people. You want to do real “research” and educate yourself read some books “The Business For 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki, Cash Flow Quadrant. Think And Grow Rich, Lower Your Taxes By Sandy Botkins(This book is for you W2 employees), Science of Getting Rich”.

        Whether it’s Prime America, Worldventures, Herbalife, Visalius, Avon, Mary Kay etc… MLM will never be dead, I wouldn’t expect you to know that because you haven’t research how the industry truly works. As far as the word “Pyramid Scheme” the bank you bank with, facebook, YOUR JOB, Candy Crush, and The Public school system….ect. all these example are part of a Pyramid Scheme.

        When you use the world Pyramid Scheme you only say it to sound smart, and you want people to think your educated, but 99% of population don’t even know what it means, the true definition.

        As this post stays alive and people comment on it, People will still sign up to Worldventures, people will still have success in this company everyday, you or your post can’t and won’t stop that.

        • Dawud, you are entitled to your opinion, but I’m not going to argue about who is more well informed with someone who doesn’t even know the definition of a pyramid scheme.

          I am self-employed. I work for myself and nobody else and based on the statistics I make more than 99% of WorldVenture associated. I didn’t have to buy hundreds of dollars to training materials to do it. I can’t stop anyone else from making detrimental decisions but I can at least present another side of the coin. The fact that makes people so defensive is a dead giveaway all is not as it seems.

        • Well I’ll help you out with your pyramid “scheme” lack of knowledge! All companies are a pyramid when it comes to pay structure. Just like your business and your business I’m and sure cost you money to train employees if you have any or the training you went through unless you are washing cars. So you are informed…. A pyramid “scheme” is a start up company that usually last no longer than six to nine months and has no tangible product you can use or put your hands on and is shut down by the government quickly. WV has been around for almost nine years and has made a huge difference in my life even I had never made a dollar. Go try to open a McDonald’s franchise and shell out 500,000 to open the doors and wait five years working 70+ hours a week before you pocket your first penny. Anyone that tells me they have done they’re “research” make me laugh… Please do your self a favor and research the largest employer in the world… Walmart and read the “review” slash research on them or even better “research the Pope and tell me what you find? Nope that too easy for someone to sit behind a keyboard and listen to someone who never even got involved with the company in the first place. Ignorance is bliss.

        • I’m more worried about everyone here who makes a decision from reading a blog post. Do your own research. The poster didn’t even try the product, but has an opinion?!?

          For every product or service out there, you’re likely to find someone with a position for or against.

          Visit the website, watch the videos, and make your own decisions.

        • You should do more research because there is a big difference in being self employeed and a business and all business’s take money to start.

        • It is a Pyramid Scheme. Please stop defending the company that you are not “affiliated” with. How do I know? I know from personal experience and conversations with 1 of the members that started this whole thing. Why did I never join? I am not a believer in deceitful business practices, but I am a believer in karma.
          It’s amazing how close to cliff you can go and never fall over. This company has gotten extremely large and the homes they live in are even larger. They also withdraw a lot of the money in cash in smaller increments daily to deposit into overseas accounts in someone else’s name. While people work hard… They sit back and collect.

          The money withdrawn is also washed at local laundromats they are also affiliated with due to their extreme paranoia with traceable serial numbers on the bills. After that, the cash is dispersed and spread randomly into different accounts overseas for the day they any assets get seized.
          This guy has stepped into a realm where World Ventures wants you to be. Mentally you believe in this company so much that you’ll defend it to the bitter end not wanting to realize how naive you really are. As time in the company lengthens, embarrassment in your history with the company is avoided by the continuation of defense. Good luck…

        • I worked for them in a higher position. It is a major scam. I felt bad and just left. The managers are ruthless and egoistic. The company will create fake accounts to defend the company and discredit the bloggers. Isn’t it funny how all the Pro-Worldventures comments here have no profile pictures? I wonder why not. And apparently google is not a good source, such as the guy above me recommends. He might be right since the company also paid bloggers to create fake blogs to write for them. Always be skeptic.

        • Thanks for chiming in Peter. A lot of the defenders do echo the same phrases and sentiments. Either it’s the same people or they’ve all swallowed the same propaganda.

        • Perhaps a blog can be created especially for “Former WorldVentures Reps”. That way people who have been involved with the company can share their experiences and explain why they left…which in turn may help those who are considering joining the company make an informed decision.
          Steph…If you, or anyone on here reading this, has an interest in creating such a blog, please keep us posted.

        • That’s a good idea but I don’t think I’m the right person to spearhead it, hopefully somebody takes it up!

        • “and in this world we don’t need anymore dumb people”…. honey please go back and change all the heinous grammatical errors in your rant. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll take you seriously after that.

        • Anonymous Lurker says:

          LOL!!! WorldVentures LOVES people who are “ignorant and on fire!” They are the easiest to brainwash, manipulate and turn into mascots.

      • Rich Dad Poor Dad actually speaks of network marketing as a good way to develop skills needed in the world of business but it does NOT say that is a good way to be an “entrepreneur” but if that is how you interpreted it, then I suppose that’s your own fallacy. Have fun doing hours of work for someone who is actually an entrepreneur.

      • What’s funny about this very comment is that all of you who
        Jump into that nonsense are just hearing about a book that’s been out for years and you all throw that same line out just like the blogger posted above,mindless zombies wake up guys there is no quick way to make a buck stop being so goddamn lazy and realize that without an education and hard work you will go on a dreamtrip alright,to nowhere!

        • Please read the posts, now I haven’t read every single one of them, but if you look, re-read the posts myself and other WV people have written you will see that we go out of our way to say; This is NOT a get rich quick thing and people who do promote it as that are not doing themselves or anyone who they bring in a favor. It is not the position that the company takes either.
          Now the travel portion is one this and the Business is COMPLETLY SEPERATE. So everyone needs to see this as 2 completely different things.

          Now back to the Business side, can money be made, absolutely, can you make lots of money, yes you can. The difference with this type of business is you get paid on your results. Unlike most jobs’ while you can have raises based on performance, it is not always the case, especially when you look at actual compensation vs. performance, and you do have to admit, a majority of people that have a job would say they are underpaid for the work that they perform. With ANY network marketing company while compensation plans may have different rules, they do pay on results.

          Now don’t confuse Efforts with Results, they are 2 different things. With WV it didn’t start overnight for 99.99999% of the people, however each and every person has the same ability to excel or fail, it’s an even playing field so to speak. It all matter what someone wants to do with it. Some want to put a few extra bucks a month in their pockets, some want to retire a spouse, some want to make more than they ever dreamed of. All of that is available to everyone, so want a few bucks to cover some monthly bills or excel and retire your grandchildren who haven’t been born yet, is each person’s decision on what they want to do, simple as that.

        • Enlightened says:

          Please don’t say “It’s a level playing field…everyone has the same ability to excel or fail”. That is so ignorant! Open your eyes and realize that you are being taken advantage of and screwed! It’s obvious you haven’t done any research…and have allowed yourself to become “enticed” and brainwashed.
          Please take time to review the court documents and very serious allegations against WorldVentures in this link. Download the files….especially the deposition file from the former employee.

  2. Had never heard of it until I saw you and Mike post about it. Crazy that people are falling for this! I hope you SEO’d the hell out of this post so people start finding it instead of all the pro-WorldVentures posts if they do a search for it. 🙂

    • Please be a leader and not another follower… Steph you seem to have your own personal goal of bashing something your know nothing about… You put down something like you are going to win an award from it??? Nice motive

  3. Ah, the pyramid…. Actually I was just hit up for one regarding coffee while attending a travel event… Not my cup of tea (or coffee) I prefer the Mayan pyramids in Central America not these … Thanks for sharing. Stay adventurous, Craig

  4. Wow, this is crazy, I hate scams like these. Reminds me of the time we were put into a taxi and taken to a resort in Bali, only to discover they were trying to get us to buy a timeshare. Annoying!

    • Mlm will always survive avon has been around for 100 years what do u think it is

  5. If it sounds to good to be true, run …..
    Dont let your greed kick in, this is what they want. There is no free ride, free lunch or easy money in life.
    Find your passion, work at it, and you will not be in the slightest bit interested or tempted by easy money and get rich quick schemes.
    Shame on them!!!

    • hazel scott says:

      Who ever said any business building, including MLM was easy? and, as for one comment suggesting a thrive in any particular business?
      I’ve been rubbish at plenty or jobs, businesses etc and don’t blame the business. It either wasn’t for me, or I didn’t learn the skills to do it well enough to feel successful. If I was considering whether a particular business was for me or not, I’d rather listen the those who were successful within it. Why make your decision based on the percentage that didn’t make it work?

  6. It’s crazy how many scams there are out there today.

    I was road-tripping the US and happened upon a convention in Vegas for “mags”. These magazine sales groups are literally gangs that recruit and use youths and engage in a plethora of illegal activity.

  7. This sounds bad! I can’t believe people still fall for these kind of things. I thought pyramid schemes were so 1999 but I guess they survived the milleniumbug.

  8. MLM has reared its ugly head to unsuspecting travelers looking for an easy way to make money and see the world. I feel sorry for the one’s that think its an easy route and fail. You did a great job posting this and hopefully others will do some due diligence before buying into this junk!

  9. Candice says:

    Bahaha, what I think I love the most about this post is how quickly you shot this guy down. *high five*

  10. Wow, incredible the lengths people will go to steal money from others…what a shady company. I’ve had friends that have been swept up in this kind of nonsense as well, but with fitness products promising to revolutionize your life. And they became such devotees that every time I spoke to them, they were inadvertedly trying to self me a frwakin’ kit and to get me to join their ranks. I had to stop talking to them. People really need to realize that anything worth doing; Travel, health, your passion, all take WORK! I bust my ass serving tables at a restaurant to save 12k for my trip to SE Asia this fall, and I feel rewarded.

    Cheers to you for sharing this so others won’t unfortunately be tricked.

    • I am so there with you, Ryan! I’ve done a few MLMs in my day and it’s way too easy to get caught up in the hype. While they work for a few people, the masses would do better to work hard and save prior or find work on the road.

  11. The way I see it is this. Take $298.95 (the equivalent to the one time $199 membership fee, and one time $99.95 sales rep fee that WorldVenture charges) and put it away in a savings account for travel. Then every month take $65.94 (that’s equal to the $54.95/month membership and $10.99/month sales rep fees) and transfer it to that same savings account. After one year you’ll have $1090.23 saved up, and then every year after that you’ll be saving $791.28 automatically. Sure you can’t travel the world on this, but it is enough for a week vacation (or longer depending on how you travel), and if you want to start traveling long-term this is an easy way to start saving. You won’t have join WorldVentures or any other travel club. You won’t have to spend money on unnecessary training or courses, because you can save your money up, and choose when and where to travel without feeling pressured to go to a certain location or stay at a certain hotel or resort. Plus you won’t be that annoyingly desperate sales rep trying to recruit your friends, family, coworkers, and strangers into joining your cult. I mean scam. I mean “vacation club” where is seem like the chance for real success is less than one percent (which doesn’t sound like good odds to me).

  12. Stephanie, I know 2 people here in PHX that do it religiously. One of them pestered me till I no longer want to go to lunch with her. The other one is as positive a person as I have ever met.. Just so you know, they are the travelers that hold up those signs that say “You should be here”, so keep an eye out for those on Facebook and you will know them by sight.

  13. Any company that requires monthly fees from you to sell their product is dodgy as hell. End of story.

  14. Thanks for the informative post. While it’s annoying that these representatives are now infiltrating blogging and travel events, in a way it’s good news for those of in the travel blogging business. Apparently, people are so desperate to travel, to escape, to get a taste of the life we lead on a daily basis, that they are willing to be sucked into this lifestyle pyramid scheme. Therefore, there is a need for blogs that demonstrate how to enjoy budget travel, how travel can be accessible to the average person, and simply sharing inspiring travel stories.

    What’s not so good is that decent, hopeful people are out a great deal of money – real money that they could have used to actually travel with – trying to chase an unrealistic dream, having been led there by some sketchy slicksters.

    • hazel scott says:

      Hi to everyone who has posted comments on Steph’s blog site –
      Should we not all be glad that those with closed minds also have big mouths?
      That way we know who to agree with and who to avoid. – makes life easier all round. Have a wonderful day, hxx

  15. Thanks for sharing! these schemes are horrible!!! and require a lot of hard work! truth of the matter is, work that hard and be that dedicated in anything and success will come your way – but really just horrible these schemes and so annoying when people beat around the bush to try and recruit you.

  16. Woah. Excellent post. Thanks for being so informative! I feel like these companies definitely snatch people that hear all of the good and none of the fishy stuff. With people like you around, hopefully more people can learn to really do their research! Yikes.

  17. So, I guess I could make more money blogging (which is none right now), than I could make working for this company.

    I’ve never heard of them. But, thanks for the info. If anything, this could apply to a lot of pyramid schemers.

  18. If one more of my friends says they have to go work on their “business” and it turns out to be a Mary Kay or travel sales scam like this, I’m going to flip. It is not a business. You are doing work for other people to earn money. You’re working for someone else’s business and are too dumb to see it.

    • chris says:

      Hey what’s up man. Just needed ask you if you have a job? Hope you do.. If you do your making money for yourself working for someone else.. Same thing man.

      • Yeah, but he’s not saying it’s his own business. That’s what we’re talking about! Don’t call it your own “business” if you’re just going to work for someone else, and put money in their pocket.

  19. I’ve never actually heard of WorldVentures, but I’ve heard of companies like them and have been approached by people representing these companies trying to persuade me to buy in. I just looked on their facebook page and saw a couple youtube videos, and it looks like they claim to make everything “easy” for you and you don’t have to go any work. And, seriously, what is up with those “You Should Be Here” signs. They’re everywhere!

  20. I played the World Ventures game for a few months and the most I got out of it was some new friends who were passionate about travel.

    While I will say that I had friends who made great money off it is, they all already strong networks of people and were in positions of influence (e.g. CEOs, hotel owners, school principals, etc.). If you have a guaranteed network of people who will undoubtedly buy in, then it may work for you. However, if you’re more like me and move around a lot, there aren’t that many people who you will convince.

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is most business and systems are formatted as pyramids. Everything from our government to our school systems run on a pyramid format…and I’m not saying that’s a good thing. That said, I feel like most people on this thread have either gotten out of the 9 – 5 drudgery or are in the process of doing it – and you rock!

  21. I’ve never heard of WorldVentures, but thanks for exposing their scheme to us. And props to you for shutting them down so quickly!

  22. I think it’s best to just stay well clear of these schemes. It’s obvious that the majority of people are going to lose out, if they didn’t, the scheme wouldn’t work. If everybody was earning where would the money be coming from? It’s just not possible.

  23. chris says:

    Hello guys:) I’m 19 yrs old receiving residual income and i havr a bmw paid by them! I’m about to complete 4 months this is not for everyone but don’t judge something you have no idea of. This has been great we’re a huge team we work together all the time! It’s awesome we also received a free 5 day vacation to cancun which it was amazing! Guys don’t judge. I have a lot of friends doing this to pay their college! Thanks but i have made more money and received my bmw before my upline so if it was a pyramid scheme that wouldn’t make so much sense.. Thanks! Worldventures!

    • Haha, This comment by ‘chris’ looks like a high schooler with no grammar skills got paid by WV to browse bad publicity articles and post comments for them. What a joke.

      • He did say he was nineteen so guess u didnt read that part doesnt mean he’s not making money

      • I have been reading the comments made by both sides. I am not a memeber of WV but I was invited by a friend and was trying to look at it. For me I wouldn’t call it a scam but it might not work for everyone. If someone is deternined to convince 30 people s/he can earn some money. One also does not have to pay monthly if s/he manages to bring four people. That is a good idea but I did not want to join because I am not sure weher I will find four peole to join. I also realised that I can not afford the cost of air fare to go to those beautiful destinations. But generally, unless we are sure it is a scam we should not be judgmental. This has given some oportunity for those who need it. I also think that it is a bit disrespectful to judge someone because of the way s/he writes. That is not the purpose here. We know that it is not only educated people who are capable of earing money. Hope I am making some sense. Thank you for this opportunity

        • By the way, WV makes it clear that it is not an easy way of earning money. In their T&C they do say that one earns according to the effort they put on the business. It is true that one might call it ‘easily earned’ but for me to ask people to join and to follow up on them is not an easy job, unless ofcourse it goes with your personality.

  24. Never heard of it, but I’m often wary of things that promise riches from very little work.

  25. Never heard of World Ventures before so I appreciate the very informative post. It’s obviously not a company that offers viable money opportunities and is certainly not worth the risk.

    That said, I do work for another network marketing/MLM/whatever you want to call it company and I love it. I love direct sales, I love the products that I sell, and I love interacting with people. Unlike with WorldVentures, while you do get money by recruiting others, that’s not the only way to make money and it’s not a scam where only the people at the top make money. I hate the stigma that comes with admitting what I do because of companies like WorldVentures that do seem to make a living by screwing people over. Some direct sales/network marketing companies provide more opportunity than any other part-time, etc, job could and while it’s not for everyone, it works for me.

  26. I’ve never heard of such a company but This worldadventures story amazed me. Very thank to you to make an strong step and share this story with us.

  27. Great post, I had not heard of this company before either but I prefer to make my own travel plans and go where the wind takes me.

    • That’s the cool thing about WV. You don’t have to take the dreamtrips to get the good deals to where you want to go. you are given your own booking engine that guarantees you get he lowest price where ever you want to go and YOU get paid the commission instead of say Bill Gates who bought expidia because travel is a commissionable product. That is not just hotels. It is hotels, flights, car rental and more, things you plan on doing anyway. they are not trying to change the way you do things, just help you save money while doing it. thank you World Ventures!

  28. Well just for starters World Ventures is 110% real. People save tons of money on traveling. If my wife and I joined 9 yrs ago we wouldnt have paid over $7,000 for a timeshare in Aruba, Mexico, D.R. and many other countries. Yes by now our timeshare has been paid off and we still use 1-2 weeks along with bringing my in laws, but as a rep in W.V. I just booked another family trip to Cancun and before i tried that I had friends call and check online for the same trip with airfare and it was hundreds more almost $1,225 more through expedia and Major travel companies. Not only that but we just cancelled our car rental for Orlando that I booked last yr and got my $$ back and went through my ouw business in W.V. and saved $235 on the week rental. Sorry and about people talking about a pryamid, well for 16 yrs I am a police officer and I work for a Pryamid then The Chief is on the top and makes all the $$ and the Captain is next, along with other supervisors, then us the Reg police officers. So that’s a PRYAMID TOO. I looked at it the same way for a long time. With a business like this Everyone starts as the same, and unlike other jobs in the world you stay at the bottom for a long time most 30 yrs and never become the boss. In a Network Marketing BIZ you can be the chief in days,weeks or a few months. Just wanted to share this info because I looked at it the same way as others for a time before I said I want to change my families wealth. Sorry I would never become rich being a cop for 30 yrs. LOL Thank you to everyone here.

    • I’m glad Worldventures is working for you but I have to correct this argument I keep seeing. Just because your old company was hierarchal (and shaped like a pyramid) doesn’t mean it was a pyramid scheme.

      per wikipedia:
      A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

      • The definition you posted is not what World Ventures is, World Ventures has a product.

        Also there is no reason you need to do the business side of this if it’s not for you, you can just do travel. Even on the travel only side of this, you do still have the option to invite people to join.

        Try and follow this logic. Think of it like you cell phone plan. Many of you pay for your cell phone, right, you also pay monthly fees, correct. World ventures is exactly the same. Only diffeence is, the monthly fees wether you are doing the business or just travel can be waived. Get 4 people to join and it’s no more fees as long as you have 4 active members. Now tell me, if you said I just got this great phone from company xxx and you refered them to the company, would your monthly cell bill be waived? I don’t think so.

        As far as the comment about put the money in a bank account you would pay WV. Well there is a linited time promo going on that is exaclty that, money you use to join as well as monthly dues our 1st year, if you don’t get them waived. All that money you can use to pay for your own vacation dollar for dollar. Not sure how that is a scam or tricking you out of your money.

        By the way, as you can tell I am in WV, my wife is also, I also just retired her after owning her own travel agency for 17 years. I am also in the travel industry, but WV has taken us from only being able to do 3 or 4 vacations a year, to 7 this year already, and 3 more already booked and just waiting for the calender to roll around till the dates to go. As others have ssaid, this isn’t for everyone, but if you like to travel, and live live to the fullest, have the ability to spend more time doing what you want to do, living a Champaign lifesytle on a beer budget. Well this may be for you. If not, very cool, it’s all good, but I’ll take the whole World as my office and not a cubical or 9-5 gig either.

        Have a great day

    • Sometimes it’s not worth it to try and inform a brainwashed society to believe there is and can be financial freedom in a network marketing company. Most people have bought into the hypnosis of the 9-5 or go get a loan to start a busisness mentality. When attending college we were forbidden to take any material from Wikipedia to use as a reliable source, but as I read this blog it’s evident some people put there trust in the site. WV is a company that is not for everyone, but is for the 2% who are go getters and goal setters. It’s for those who don’t need guidance to to move to the next level. If that wasn’t true why are there only 2% of the World’s Population considered wealthy. This blogs tells who the 98 percenters are, and it reveals the 2 perecenters. Well enough said, you be the judge. Who’s keeping count of those who are against be free and those who choose to where the 9 – 5 chains?

      • It mystifies me that so many pro-world adventures commenters keep accusing me of promoting some 9-5 mindset. Did you even bother to look at the website you’re commenting on?
        Probably not, so let me tell you that I am all about encouraging people to to live outside the norm, just not in ways that are completely statistically unpractical.
        And if you really think that the 2% of the world that is wealthy is due to those people’s “Go-getter attitude,” then you probably need to think again.

      • hazel scott says:

        Tan, well said. Everyone is different, with different skills and aspirations. That’s just FINE. All chefs don’t get Michelin stars – doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with being a chef. All doctors don’t end up being (or wanting to be) consultants. That’s fine too. In MLM, NO-ONE is stopping you being successful, NO-ONE is trying to make you fail. Most network marketing companies work by helping all the new people to progress – if people don’t want to or can’t learn the required skills, or choose not to develop in that environment THAT’S FINE TOO.
        If you wanted to progress and there was no help available, then that would be a poor business to be involved with. If you don’t want to grow a network marketing business, DON’T!!!! If someone approaches you and introduces their own network marketing business – try taking it as a COMPLIMENT – they’re just offering you a choice. TAKE IT OR DON’T, but please stop banging on about something you really don’t know anything about…. and WHY listen to the failures / quitters / those who are not interested? If you really want to understand any network marketing business, listen closely to the successful 2-5 %, then if you still say no, that’s just fine. Apologies for the rant, but the small mindedness is giving me a headache! Have a wonderful day everyone and thrive in whatever business or work environment you choose, hazel xx


  29. I read this post shortly after you published it, and I thought this sounded like a pretty horrible scheme, and the company sounded vaguely familiar but I just sort of dismissed it. Someone I kind of know sent me a link a couple days before your post went up, but I didn’t have time to look at it until just now. Turns out it’s a link to her personal page on the WorldVentures site. I didn’t even go any further, just assumed she was trying to sign me up. How crazy! I just wrote her back and said, this is a pyramid scheme and I’m absolutely not interested.

  30. A: Oh no~ it’s pyramid scheme, run~
    B: How do you define Pyramid?
    A: Well, people on the top make the most money? and it’s a scam!
    B: hm.. did you mean your boss?

  31. btw, thanks for the effort for writing this blog, smart enough to titled negativity to gain reading traffic. you must be earning a lot of viewing money by people clicking in your blog.

    • I think we both know that’s not the definition of a pyramid scheme. Anyways, as mentioned above, WorldVentures may not technically be a pyramid scheme but you’re still more likely to spend more money than you make getting involved with it.
      I removed your second post because it was copied verbatim from another website. If you care to defend WorldVentures in your own words you are more than welcome to.

      Also, “Viewing money” is not a thing.

  32. Name (required) says:

    you Sound Like Such A Hater Obviously Ppl Are Joining For A RIseason Because It Works! Don’t Listen To Negative People..WHo Are They to Tell You That You Won’t Make Money In This

  33. Well, one good thing came of WorldVentures… I found your site! I was Googling the “company” because two of my Facebook friends have been posting cryptic photos and posts that sound like they were cranked out of a spam generator. After reading this, now I know why.

    So, they won’t sell me on travel, but maybe I’ll find some real inspiration here.

  34. Kelsey says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have a bunch of friends who have just joined World Ventures, and when they started telling me about it, it definitely sounded like something was too good to be true. Your post confirmed what I thought, and the fact that this is a scheme that is just preying on those who are not savvy enough to do their research on a company before they get involved in it.

    • remember what you wrote here when those friends of yours are retired in a few short years and you are still working 60+ hours a week and plan on retireing at age of 65 then go to work at Sams club because your social security does not pay the bills.

  35. Sasuke says:

    Steph .. U Rock !!
    Keep rolling out posts like this … Don’t get bothered by ppl who pull u down

    Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves;
    because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be !!

  36. steve allen says:


    • All caps make you sound crazy.

      Also… self employed people still need to pay taxes so I hope you’re on top if that.

  37. Ah… gotta hate when people try to lure you in the long way. Not very nice at all!

    I have nothing against Word Ventures. I happen to have some really good friends who are doing really well with the company (it didn’t happen overnight though) and as such I have a lot of respect for them and what they do. They never made long time-wasting presentations to me either though so… no hating here 😉

    Great write-up though!

  38. Enough said from all comments here, pyramid or not, scam or not, and what I do know is the technology they use is real as link for below, the world travel awards page. WV won a title there in 2012.

    No money comes easy, it’s all hard earn/by effort/by investment. I believe WV product and offer is real out there, it depends on individual’s value, priority and direction.

    It isn’t fair to judge a company or a person if you buy or not buy in the idea/concept it presented. Except if the company/individual is a real SCAM/SCAMMER which we want to make awareness to the public.

    Just my 2 cents opinion 🙂

  39. The thing that bothers me soooo much about these exuberant participants in WV is how ill they speak of “education” and working a 9 to 5 is looked down upon. It seems as though they have not realized that the people who are contributing to their “wealth” are their own family and friends who have gone to school and are working a 9 to 5. I think a little appreciation is in order!

    • I think the Exuberant attitude is easy to explain. Yes i did retire my wife who ownerd a travel agency for 17 year this year, I do still work a very good job, only because I have been doing what I do for going on 27 years. I will be 50 in 2 1/2 years and my daughter will be graduating highschool a few months after I turn 50 and I will be retired. I am one who from the time I was 18 years old contributed the max in my IRA accounts, I have maxed out my 401k plans every year for the last 26+ years, I Ihave been the type of person who was looking to fund my future myself. I grew up knowing I had to pay myself first and not rely on something that may not be there down the raod. I have also done additional investing on my own in addition to the above. My kids college fund is already funded and it doesn’t matter if she want to do someting that requires 4 years or 6 it funded. What I do like about what I am doing on the side with WV is I am not only funding my daughters retirement, but my grand childrens retirement who have yet to be born.
      So take it from someone who has done and still does the 9-5 thing, only thing it’s much nicer when you enjoy what you’re doing, and don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

      I will say sorry for the negative look at the 9-5 gig, but tell me really, if you had the choice of rolling out of bed because you have to, or rolling over because you didn’t need to 7 days a week, what would you chose? Just saying….

  40. All good personal opinions and that’s what these comments are for to spark conversation. MLM is not for everyone but to say that its a SCAM seems a bit uneducated. Warren Buffet and Donald Trump own MLM companies, Warren owns over 6 looking at his 7th. If Warren is doing it its not a SCAM guys.

    MLM has been around and will continue to be around for ever – Most people have had their hearts broken by one MLM or another due to bad leadership or bad products so now all MLM are bad to that person.

    WV states that its not for Everyone – but to say its a SCAM is just untrue, I’ve been on 10 Dreamtrips that have saved my family over 8 thousand dollars in cost. That’s real money saved – I’m not sure how that is a scam.

    If your talking about the MLM in general that’s just an opinion, all MLM companies are not pyramids or SCAMs…don’t get me wrong there are wolves in the world so be cautions but WV is real, the vacations are real and those are me in those pictures on beaches not stock photos.

    For me its been awesome – I have a small income that covers my bills coming in and I take cool Dreamtrips. Was it hard of course it was its a business.

    Good Luck to everyone and to your success regardless of how you get there.

  41. Got a buddy who just joined and is pushing hard for it. Called me at 8 am on a sunday about it really annyoing this same buddy tried Amway last year and lo and behold he didn’t succeed. I think WV would work like the girl above said if you have a solid network, if you have a not so good like my buddy and I then it won’t be worth it unless your willing to bust your a$$

  42. I have never seen so much advertisement for one company . MLM is far from dead. Please take the time to educate yourself on the industry before making false claims. You are starting to position yourself as you claim World Ventures does. I am not involved in anyway with any MLM company, but if you do understand how the business works you will see that you also are marketing a product. False information. Blogging is fun, but lets not make fools of ourselves. The difference between you and a person involved with the direct selling industry is they get paid to refer people to a company. You don’t . Its really that simple. Every suggested a good coffee shop? I’m sure they didn’t pay you to do that.

  43. I just wanted to say that just because it is an MLM plan, or that many people fail, does not mean it is a bad thing. Most small businesses fail. The capital needed to start many small businesses can be quite large (not all, but probably most). There is definitely a risk whenever you try to start a business venture – no matter what it is.

    I am not in World Ventures (I came here because a friend just told me she was doing it, so I searched it). I do sell Amway products on the side though (which is another MLM type of company).

    I make six figures in my regular day job. I do not believe being an Amway distributor will ever meet or come close to that level. I do realize that this is the type of money (or more), as well as a free lifestyle, that they try to sell you on to get you to join. I think a lot of people get caught up and start believing this. It is true it can happen. People can turn Amway and other MLM companies into successful careers. But it takes a lot of work, skill, and talent to get that far. Just like not everyone can run a successful “regular” business, they cannot all run a successful MLM business.

    I am one of those people. This is simply because I do not want to put the effort into building an MLM business. It is a lot more time consuming than people want to admit. And I am just not going to do that. (I am in the process of starting my own office though… which will take a lot of work, but I am more interested in starting this type of business).

    So why did I join Amway if I am not sold on becoming a millionaire and not working ever again? MLM businesses are an excellent vehicle to network and meet people. They really are. I meet more people every couple weeks than I did in a year before I started. It can be hard to meet people outside of your normal social circle. MLM businesses give you a great excuse to go out and meet people.

    Another reason I think young people should try an MLM business is because of the education materials they usually give you. I am not talking about the motivational audios/books that are so common in this things. I am talking about the more substantive books and materials. Many young people leave school without a clue of what to do with their lives. They are taught by their parents that their only option is to get more school and find a job somewhere. That is not true. You do not have to do MLM business, but you are allowed to think bigger than that. In a capitalistic society we have so many options, we can think big, and if we truly set our sights on a goal, we can achieve it. Not all of us… some of us just do not have the talent. By talent I mean whatever “thing” that may be needed for what we want to do. For instance, if you want to be a football player in the NFL you better have an elite level of physical talent. In some businesses you might need to be overflowing with charisma, etc. These things are not skills because they cannot be taught. Sure you can be taught some social skills, negotiating skills, etc., but some people just have a certain charisma that sets them apart. But many people out there, that have those talents, are shut down by nay sayers. People who tell them they cannot do that, or that they will fail, etc. (its a herding mentality… trying to pull you back in). MLM businesses do teach young people to think bigger; think like a entrepreneur. Yes, they are doing it to convince them to try harder for their MLM business. But even when that young adult quits the MLM business, those lessons will stick with them throughout life. I really think that is worth the price of a few hundred dollars and a few months of time. It is a life experience I think that is worth having.

    But most importantly, I think the networking and meeting people is invaluable. (plus I actually like the Amway products I sell… so even though I think they are overpriced (shh!), at least I get a discount on them 😉 )

    I know this comment was long, but my point is, there are a lot of benefits I think one can get by doing an MLM. Some people can make money with them (the guy who I signed up under does legitimately make good money doing Amway, and he does it as a full time job (he is a diamond)), but most won’t. But what most people who do an MLM business can do is learn a lot of life lessons in a very short period of time (relatively), and meet some great people. Take it for what it is… about a $600 (sign up cost + the inevitable meeting costs + materials + products, etc.) crash course on some very valuable life lessons, a good chance to meet some great people, and a tiny chance to make some money. What is that? About one course in undergrad? It is worth it, IMO.

    • Sure, there are benefits, but something doesn’t sit right with me about a company that promises success (even though that is statistically unlikely) and makes a ton of money off of the failure of many people. I can’t comment on Amway but Worldventures strikes me as predatory. It’s prey is not reasonable people like you, but those who really believe that if they just buy these materials and work hard enough they’ll reach a new level of success, instead of just spending a ton of money.

      • Actually Steph, the companys position is not a promise of success, it is clearly stated that it is not an over night thing, it does take work. Just by joining wont get you anything in reagrds to making a great income. Actually some of the core values of the company and direction they want to go is fantastic. Everyone know that MLM’s do get a bad rap, it’s the many that have been around that are scams, or not legit. What really go tme was, not only is WV the #1 network marketing company in travel, the company want to strive for 2 additional goals as I see it. # 1 they would like to get WV to the #1 position in Network marketing ovverall, but what really interests me is, they really want to be the company that is known for taking the bad tase in peoples mouth and change the way the general public thinks about network marketing.

        I do like one of the comments above but a poster, that said something to the effect that I kow a lot of people do this and more and more people are joining, don’t know how soo many people can be tricked like that. Kind of brought up the though of good old Yogie when he said “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too busy and the wait is too long” 🙂

    • hazel scott says:

      RJ, I applaud your post – just one thing I’d like to add – where you say at the end “a tiny chance to make some money”, it seems to me that most MLM’s give everyone exactly the same chance… however we don’t all have or acquire or want to get the same skills, or effort, or whatever to do what is required to make the significant money.
      Of course, there is a tiny likelihood that someone will make it to the top of any organisation, but at least in MLM we all started with exactly the same chance. Hazel xx

  44. MLM companies work similar to a gym membership. So for those who think they are Pyramid Schemes I am assuming you think the same of a Fitness center. Both you have an initial enrollment fee, and monthly fee’s to obtain membership. (Only with gym memberships you also have a contract and WV you can quit anytime without penalty). With both you can’t just have the membership with the expectation of achieving results. You have to work for them. In the gym you have to consistantly physically work hard to get results over the next few months. Some people pay extra for “more training” and such. With the MLM companies it is the same thing only you are excercising your brain with personal development training that will help you with your business as well as personal life. MLM isn’t for everyone (nor is the gym) and that is OK. To those who read uneducated blogs as yours and are persuaded to not look into other income possibilities are not the kind of people I want in my business anyhow. Just like if you own your own business in “Corporate America”: do you want hard workers that enjoy their jobs, or slackers who are trying to steal and rip you off?

    • My gym has never promised to make me rich or required me to sign anyone else up, so it’s not really the same thing at all.

    • These analogies used to defend MLM are so ridiculous! The people who are at the top of a pyramid scheme know what they are doing, while everyone underneath them are totally blind. These associates should be spending their money on philosophy courses instead of marketing events- that’s where I learned the structure behind a logical argument.

  45. Danielle says:

    Last night I boarded a plane to fly home from a vacation. A very pleasant older woman from Mississippi (I live in Tennessee) sat next to me. She was chatty, friendly, and full of southern charm. We chatted about ourselves, families, travel, etc. We talked about trips we’ve taken and trips we plan on in the future. She said she belonged to a travel club, and she showed me pictures of her family and some of the places they’ve been. Many of these pictures had family members holding up a sign that read, “You should be here!” I thought it was a cute little gimmick her family came up with to include in their vacation pictures. Then it happened……….She pulled out a glossy brochure and some financial “disclosures” about this amazing travel club she was in. And I knew I had just gotten the hard sell with the softest southern touch ever. I listened to her (it was a 2 hour flight and about the last 45 minutes was the hard sell with me asking questions about how it worked), took the information with me, gave her a hug at the baggage claim (she really did strike me as having a good heart), and promptly threw that brochure and info into the recycling bin when I got home. I’ve gone down the MLM road before when I was in my twenties, and it always left a bad taste in my mouth even though it sounded SO GOOD when it was being pitched to me. I was happy to come across this article on your blog, along with several other articles written by people who have an investigative spirit and desire to reveal truth and facts and by people who were once part of this MLM and no longer are. Kudos to those that have the personality, the drive, and the wherewithal to join and succeed at MLMs. They are definitely not for me.

  46. I just signed up to WV over the weekend. Was brought in through my wife’s friend. I have several people at work pushing for other network marketing companies, all of which have products and creative compensation packages. To me they seem all the same… I paid the $370 bucks to check it out. I don’t even know how it really works yet, but if it makes her happy and interests her, why not. I’m not looking for a way out of my 9-5, I wasn’t sold a dream, I probably didn’t even pay too much attention to the video but it looked fun.
    I like the concept whether it be true or not. Isn’t that why people jumped on the boat to come to America? better life, freedom of choice, etc….
    Yes your either the one making the sale or the one being sold. One only needs to accept their role. A lot of these responses make it sound like a bad hangover after a night of lots of fun and romance…..
    This thread is full of great stuff that in the end if I would of said no, would cost me a lot more than the money. I can’t say I don’t like something because of something I read without trying it. If I loose a couple grand learning it’s this or that so be it.
    Do what makes you and your family happy. Take a risk. Just make sure you can pay your bills before you get into something you don’t know about.
    But the more I read this thread the better I feel about my money going to WV, simply because I despise negativity! oh wait, did i just say that!

    • Stan, welcome to the club, best part about it os out of the 370 dollars you spent, 200 of it you can use to book a vacation not, 55 of it is in your account to use at your 1 year mark and if you don’t show anyone each of the monthly fees you pay up to 660 dollars you will be able to use to pay for a vacation. I think getting into WV and the business side for 110 plus 11 dollars a month with the oppertunities that are available is not a risk at all. Also if you didn’t like the business side, you can opt out of it and just take vacations. I’ll bet if you use all that you get with the travel side, from the dinning and entertainment to your personal mall (do use that) you will have saved mor than the membership cost even if you continue to pay the dues for life. No to mention all the other benifits that are available, not to mention even if you ever decided to do it full time, there are insurance options for health insurance that I know a few people joind WV just for the saving of what they were paying as an individual business owner. Also there are tax benifits that I know a few accountats who joined just for that but saw more of the fun to be had after joining.

  47. Stephanie, don’t worry about the haters. What’s interesting about those defending WV is that they are all doing so anonymously. Unlike them, you have your entire travel life and point of view visible to the whole world. The power of your blog and social media influence is a threat to this bad business idea. Let the trolls troll on. Any objective reader of this article will see them for who they are and their outbursts only serve to confirm the suspicions you raise about WV in your article.

  48. i’m from hong kong. i’ve joined world ventures for a little more than 2 months. i’ve made about US$1500 including my first wings and wheels bonus. for what i’ve paid it’s about a 400% profit already.

    world ventures is not a pyramid scam. a real pyramid is when the people at the top always makes more money. that is not the case with WV’s binary system. in fact, WV is the best MLM business I have encountered. you don’t need to buy expensive products upfront, do a lot of selling and keep racing with time to keep your rank, and the best part is the income will become more and more passive in time. for those who did not succeed there is only one reason – they don’t understand the beauty of the business.

  49. WorldVnetures is not a Pyramid.. The corporate world is.
    In corporate, people below us cant move up.
    There is no pressure to do this travel club as a business.
    A lot of us just join to take advantage of the amazing trips and travel!
    I know how you feel I felt that way once as well.
    I wanted to see it for myself I joined. not a scam at all!

  50. I came across with this awesome website while researching about the WV. I was also approached by 6 of my friends who joined this so called travel club: WV. And guess what? All of them didn’t make it as well. But they were saying that we have a common friend who made it on top already as she is already a marketing director of WV and I saw her facebook, she keeps on posting majority of her travel pictures with the fan sign of “Dreamtrips: You Should Be Here”. I think it’s ridiculous. I’d rather invest in Real Estate, at least it is tangible and it is really from my pure hard work. I do not want to lose money like majority of my friends who joined the WV. Aside for losing money, you’ll be also stressed to look/lure more members to join the club. Bottomline: Due diligence is very very important in investing your hard earned money. Thanks, Steph for sharing this eye-opener blog post of yours. Kudos! And please… keep it coming!

    • Just a little info for you. The so called travel club as you put it is a real travel club. Many of the negative comments are coming from people who not only don’t know what WV is about but don’t realize that it’s core product is travel and the dream trips. That’s not the business side that many of the negative comments are focusing on. The travel club is great, fantastic trips, not cheap trips but great resort at fantastic prices. Anyone who plans on taking a vacation this year or next really should at least check out the travel portion of WV and not worry about the business side that’s completely optional but not requires. Put it this way, if you joined now, you have ZERO risk of losing a single penny as long as you take a vacation at a huge saving over anything you can find. So either see what WV really is or miss out on a huge opportunity.

      Can’t see how a ZERO risk opportunity is a scam, but like the commercial says, it’s on the Internet it must be true. Lol.

      I’m free to contact if you want the real infoFor you to make your own decision on the facts and not what someone thinks on their blog.

  51. What aspect in life isn’t pyramid? You are born in a pyramid scheme, you was born by a man and a woman, and if you go one step higher, they also was born by one man and one woman. And if you look at most firms in the world today, are some kinda pyramid.

    If you don’t want get into any can of pyramid scheme, then you will have a hard life. The issue here is of course, will you lose your money being into something like this. MLM is a very good way to make a living, but as with everything in life, you have to be willing to work for it.

    I am a member for vw for almost a year now, but for me, I haven’t used there dreamtrips product other then the search engine. And I haven’t been pushing people to join.

    But I do travel a lot, so for me, every travel I make with the same airline companies as any other that out there, I save money. So for me this is a pyramid scheme, that is working for me. And if I can make money just saying to people, they should travel more, so why is that a bad thing?

    And why is a normal business so much better? Where you have to work your for someone, that can fire you when they see that the budget doesn’t match. For them you are just asset. With a MLM scheme where you have a change to make a living, you will be your own boss. Why is that so bad? And that you can join that with your friends, if its a product you love, why is that so bad?

    If you don’t want the products that is in the business and you don’t feel like asking any friends about joining. Then it’s better to stay away of course.

    But with everything in life, will this be something that will have more positive things then negative, then do it.

    I haven’t joined other MLM stuff because it didn’t really speak to me. But if they did I would at least tried to understand more, to see what effect that would have on me.

    For me it was simple, I joined because vw, because that rep that showed me. Let me try out the search engine first. With what I normally pay. I usually save around 200 usd per trip thru VW per person. So for me, traveling 4 times per year with my wife, we save around 1600 usd. What I paid to join was 250, so for me this was a great deal. So for me I don’t feel this is a scam. But then again maybe you know better then me?

  52. Robert Montoya says:

    You cited wikipedia!?!?! U serious my university doesn’t even let me get away with that! Lol WV Rocks! Haters gunna Hate Tho! Stick to your 9 to 5’s. We’ll travel the world and make money. Month 2 I eliminated all overhead and became profitable. What business and awesome membership can you get for under 300 buck$ I won’t entertain this too much tho there way too much proof already.

    • Does your university let you write papers using “u” “gunna” and “tho”?

  53. Ill let this do the talking for World Venture that has given my wife the opportunity to retire and me while still working a job I very much enjoy the ability to vacation multiple time s a year and have a blast.

    Just announced, world Ventures news:

    WorldVentures is proud to announce that Rovia, our exclusive travel partner for DreamTrips, has officially been named North America’s Leading Travel Agency at the World Travel Awards.

    “It’s an honor to be named a winner in the World Travel Awards. The fact that we’re recognized as North America’s Leading Travel Agency means we’re really continuing to raise the bar of excellence—and the travel industry is taking notice! This esteemed award shows we’re building greater awareness of our brand and is a testament to the level of engagement our Rovia team members have after adopting our new set of core values.”

  54. hAHA yes i went to work and my boss asked me if i like travelling and then it started, i couldnt believe my ears – well educated, responsible woman wants me to be part of finance piramid (“it is NOT finance piramid” of course:)

  55. The other day me and my cousin went to this ladys house to watch vthispoker ideo on does sound to good to be true my parents always told me to work hard for my stuff…but i will say she did have that silver bmw in her drive way the same kind on the idk what to think

  56. Evelina Prodanova says:

    It is great that you have shared your thoughts and have done such a research. I am not part of WorldVentures and will not be, but reading your post made me think of something. People know what the conditions are when they decide to enter such a company, they pay their fee absolutely intentionally! It seems like it is just like a fashion that everyone is getting so obsessed with MLm companies – they are not a bad thing. It is up to every person to decide if they want to do whatever the company requires. Of course, there are bad examples, but oberall they are just normal companies with a different than the ‘normal’ way of working. I appreciate the people who put effort in such businesses because it is often harder to do well and the people who are the ‘rich ones’ as you say are the ones with the guts and the efforts!

    • I see what you’re saying, but my issue is that people are basically being sold a lie- this idea that you’ll be able to quit your job and travel the world and make a ton of money. As someone who actually did quit her job and travel the world (although I can’t say I made a ton of money), I understand that urge so well, and that people are desperate for an answer. This just isn’t it.

      • You have very strong opinions on this Company. It’s obvious you also have strong opinions on MLM’s.

        You’ve stated you’re an entrepreneur and in which case I’m sure you’re familiar with Robert Kiyosaki. I encourage you to pick up Robert’s audio, “The Business of The 21st Century”. Network Marketing is very much alive and thriving, with a list of very impressive staunch supporters.

        As for WV, it certainly makes me wonder how far you research has spanned. Have you ever visited their site to see the benefits the actual club has to offer or is your “opinion” based on one article you found to suit your needs and a represeantative that put you off.

        As your blog focuses on travel, to seem impartial and informative to your readers one would have thought you might at least review the benefits of the club. It’s quite ironic that when I looked at the WV site, it appeared that your readers might actually appreciate some of the benefits.

        All dues go into a savings plan, discounts on entertainment and meals, and the best part, they use Rovia as their booking company. For those unfamiliar with Rovia, Rovia was named 2013 North America’s Leading Travel Agency.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we must remember the old adage about opinions.

  57. Saved $1,500 on my first trip. Have been on over 20 now. Easily saved about $25k by being a member. Definitely makes sense for anyone who travels. Business is great too! Have earned a residual check every month for almost 2 years now. Company is not a scam. If a person uses the product they will have a great experience.

  58. Look bottom line’.the only way people will stop puttin stupid stuff on the interweb about WV’. Is to take a trip! I’ve been on three in 2 years and I’m not Ritch! It because the price’s we offer are great!! I don’t give a rats ass what people think’ or wright about us especially the idiots who have no clue what were about’ and I didn’t even sign up to make money and gee. Because I showed a few of my friends and even my own brother I made money!! Evey company has a corporate structure ‘ have fun workin for one for 60 years! Cause if you believe every thing you read on this thing that’s were you’ll be! We win awards we have our own freakin NASCAR!! Last time I looked they don’t let scams on the race track unless your Danica. Lol! Just kiddin. I dare you check it out. I can almost promises’ cause you can’t please everyone.’ That It will be they best thing you ever done!! Oh by the way if you decide to do this as a biz. Its not easy’ makin money never is anyone who tells you other’ now that’s a scam. This ain’t !! But believe me it’s well worth it!!

  59. Firstly, I despise poor spelling and grammar as much as you do Steph, so I will endeavour to word my comment in an intelligent and well-educated manner.

    My name is Clare, I have a Masters Degree in Geology, I spent many years working for De Beers and Anglo American before quitting to start my own diamond and jewellery business. That’s what I still do – manufacture engagement rings and wedding bands.

    I also happen to love travel and have been an active WorldVentures representative for the last 4 years, and I have NO issue putting my name and picture to this comment.

    When I was first introduced to network marketing, I was as convinced as most of you that it was a scam and a pyramid scheme. However, unlike most of you, I took the time to educate and inform myself as to the differences, benefits and pitfalls of the industry. What I found intrigued me enough to participate.

    I’m not going to elaborate on the pros and cons of network marketing; most of you have already made up your mind and it’s really not our job to convince you otherwise.

    Like it or hate it, network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing is here to stay. These companies employ hundreds of thousands of people in corporate, 9-5 jobs, but allow millions of people world-wide to earn an additional income. Whatever you may think of them, Amway is a legitimate business than did $11.3 billion in 2012.

    WorldVentures is an 8 year old travel company that just happens to market using the network marketing model and, having racked up gongs such as Carnival Cruise Lines’ Pinnacle Award, the 2012 World Travel Awards Best Online Booking site (which previously belonged to Expedia) and the 2013 World Travel Award for North America’s Leading Travel Agent, our credentials in the industry are not up for discussion.

    Network marketing/MLM is like any other business – it’s going to take time, effort and dedication. A bit like running a travel blog really. I love the travel bloggers – you guys are amazing, you are a great community and travel blogging is really the best way forward for destination marketing.

    However, how many travel bloggers are making a full-time income from their blog? Very few, I’ve found. Most bloggers have full-time jobs and if you can make some additional cash from advertisers and get an occasional press trip (when you can get leave from your job), you’re mostly happy. The 80/20 rule probably is in play here too….if 20% of travel bloggers are making a full-time, livable income from their blog I’d be surprised.

    From my side, WorldVentures has allowed me some great travel experiences over the last four years and, whilst big group holidays aren’t my preferred way to travel, the business model is allowing me to earn income to put towards the holidays I do want to take….like a trip to Antarctica and a chance to view the Northern Lights in the Arctic.

    WorldVentures is not the answer for everybody; neither is travel blogging or going to teach English in Taiwan. There are plenty of ways to be able to quit your job and travel the world and if WorldVentures is not the way you choose to travel, then so be it. Don’t knock the people who do choose it as their platform, they’re entitled to do what they want to do – just as you are entitled to backpack and blog about it.

    You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, but what you can’t do is speak on behalf of every other traveller out there – for some of them WorldVentures IS the way to travel the world, whether you like it or not. It’s not the way for you to see the world, and that’s cool.

    Agree with network marketing or not, the business model is here to stay. As Susy has commented, read up on Robert Kiyosaki’s “The Business Model of the 21st Century”, together with Paul Zane Pilzer’s (economic advisor to 2 former US Presidents) book “The Next Millionaires” and either the CD or DVD by Tim Sales & Dr Charles King, “Brilliant Compensation”.

    Respect those who do choose to participate, and they’ll respect your choices in the way that you travel and earn a living.

    • MLM is not for everyone, but again, not all MLM are not for everyone. I’ve tried several MLMs, and I found out that I am not cut out to be a successful MLM rep. I wasted several thousands on stock, because I wanted to maintain my PV. In the end I have to throw away the products because they all passed their expiry dates. When a friend presented to me about WV, first thing I told her, if you are going to tell me about MLM, stop now because I am not interested. But she asked me to give her a chance, and I am glad I did. What drawn me to WV was not the money, she did explained to me the compensation plan but she did not make it sound as easy as what the guy who approached you told you. I think I am quite familiar with MLM to know that it is not so easy to reach the top. I carefully go through the compensation plan and knowing that I don’t have great network, it probably will take me maybe 10 years to just reach the senior rep stage. I am also not the kind of person who will just ambushed my friends by asking them out and present to them about WV. I always tell them upfront why I ask them out and ask them whether they are okay if I share with them about WV. What made me join WV was because I think it is a cheap travel club membership compared to other travel clubs which are based on timeshare basis. I wasn’t looking for a cheap way to travel but I was looking for cheaper way to travel, i.e. having the comfort and convenient of 5 stars hotel at 2-3 stars price. It is not cheap, I agree with that but it is definitely cheaper than the actual price. I used to travel backpack, in fact I can definitely roughen up, sleeping in tent or even in my car. I’ve done that. But last year I got injured while paraglide and I broke my leg. The recovery process was slow and after a year, I have yet to fully recover. Few months before my friend introduced me to WV, I accompanied my husband for his annual paragliding trip in Indonesia. We stayed at a budget hotel and we were given a room at 2nd floor. It took me half an hour just to climb the stairs, and my husband had to carry our luggage upstairs and then go down again to get his 20kg paragliding equipment. It was indeed troublesome for us. Because of that, I think WV provides us with a great alternative for our travelling need. It is not dirt cheap like staying in backpackers hostel but it is indeed cheaper. At least for us.

    • Ex WV Member says:

      Do you know what is the biggest difference between a WV member and Steph?

      She does not need to recruit another person to teach English in Taiwan and do travel blogging. WV member MUST recruit whether he/she likes it or not.

      Why? BECAUSE that is where money comes from. End of story. I’m sick of WV already.

      • Actually that’s where you are wrong. You do not need to recruit anyone if you don’t want to. Tell me if I am wrong here being you are saying you are an X WV member. If you are just in the travel portion if WV do you need to recruit anyone. NO you do not. Can you get 4 people and waive you monthly fees, well yes you can. Do you need to do that, no absolutely not. I feel my monthly fees if I was still paying them wild be worth the money I say using the Entertainment Guide regardless if I am at home it on vacation. I use the mall for all my normal shopping when I can and I save enough by doing that to go on at least a weekend getaway for no money out if my pocket. So basically I save more than what my monthly fees would be for a great product. Everyone keeps thinking you Have to do the business side of this. You do not.

        To out this in to perspective, by the logic used here if Costco or SAMs Club allowed you to recruit 4 members and that would eliminate you yearly dues they would be a scam and taking advantage of people.

        Please people, stop talking about emotions and what you think you know and let facts tell the real story

        Do you really think WV would be partnered with the Boys/Girls club if America, the Nancy Liberman Foundation, Hug it Foward or any of the other great organization that help us help people here in the USA and around the world.

    • Thanks for the insightful comment Clare (and for reposting it after my back-end ate your last one.)
      I think my main issue with WorldVentures is that it sells a model of travel that is probably not realistic for a lot of people. It’s great that you are able to use it successfully, but according to the states, most people are spending more money than they are making trying to get ahead.

      I wouldn’t say the alternative that I espouse is starting a travel blog. I actually get a lot of emails from people asking me how to make money blogging and traveling and I tell most of them that it’s just not a real possibility. I think your 20% figure is generous, in reality it’s probably more like 5-10% of travel bloggers who are making anything close to enough to survive, the number making a reasonable income is much smaller than that even. I don’t tell people to blog because I don’t think it’s a viable path for making a living except for the very very few.

      My biggest recommendation for making enough money to travel is the very, very boring simple one: Cut back your expenses, save a lot of money, make travel a priority. A lot of people don’t like that because it’s kind of hard, and (much like with weight loss) they’d rather find a trick or easy answer. I think Worldventures claims to offer that easy answer, and sucks in a lot of less savvy people who end up spending more money than they ever make. Some people do manage to make it work, like you, and that’s fantastic, but a lot of people are not as fortunate. I think that if more people looked at the raw statistics on their likelihood of success, they would probably reconsider their options.

      • Thanks for the platform Steph.

        The model of travel is realistic for most, but the marketing model isn’t for everybody, and we have to accept that.

        We know that starting a network marketing business is relatively cost effective compared to buying a franchise (what does a Taco Bell or Chick-fil-A go for?), and that has to be taken into account when looking at investments for trainings from a business perspective.

        I don’t think there is a network marketing company that promotes quick & easy money and getting rich fast. Most acknowledge that effort and work is required, but sadly, representatives often use the “get rich quick” approach to enroll people – an approach I disagree with completely.

        WorldVentures publishes it’s income disclosure statement to show what work is required – and we make that clear up front. The statistics are fairly similar to the success rate you can expect in any business start-up, be it a retail store, a franchise or something similar.

  60. Sorry if there are any framer and spelling errors but in an iPhone isn’t easy when you at the age you need readers. Lol

    I just have to comment on you thinking the company has the position that the business is easy or that everyone will have their Silver BMW and be able to Fire their boss in short order. It’s actually just the opposite. Also WV frowns on anyone who promotes WV in that light. The companies position is to actually under promise and let the product over deliver. If anyone has run into a rep that says you will do this or that ind it won’t take any work on your part or just a tinny bit of work. Well I am sorry for that and like I said the
    Compay doesnt want that. I that note, is there money to be made. Absoluty, will it happen overnight. Not at all. Would a person puting in 5 to 10 hours if quality work into the business over a 3-4or 5 year period be doing well. Absolutely. Now could that person make enough to retiree, very good chance they could but like in sports some people. Make the team some don’t but over the long run the only people that won’t make something with WV are people who don’t do the business. It a matter of numbers and math is math.

    Again I must stress, the business is NOT required and is optional, the core product is travel and great vacations at 4 and 5 start resorts at 2 and 3 star prices, but more than that it’s a vacation experience, unlike and not able to be duplicated with any existing product out there.

    If anyone wants to see the actual promo that is out there that tells all the facts about travel and a small section on the business that can contact me directly and I’ll forward them the link to report on exactly that they see and what that are promised because what people are saying here that do not know what the product is are making very incorrect statements and very wrong observations.

  61. Ex WV Member says:

    “Actually that’s where you are wrong. You do not need to recruit anyone if you don’t want to.”

    Yeah right Harry. And I pay USD$60/mth for life to Worldventures like some idiot?

    Of course I have to get 4 more victims. Who go on to get 4 more victims who go on to get 4 more victims.

    • Ex WV Member says:

      I know why people like you write long defensive essays online.

      only 1 reason, because IT AFFECTS YOUR PAY CHEQUE at WORLDVENTURES!

      If nobody joins you, boo hoo hoo, you got no pay cheque 😛

      • Actually no it doesn’t impact my pay, financially I have been retired for a number if years, however I do enjoy managing the air traffic system at the airport I work at and continue to do what I enjoy. When it’s no longer fun and I don’t have the ability to take vacations every month or multiple times a month I will call it quits.

        Now what is WV actually able to provide me. That’s very easy, great vacations, great time and fantastic people to be around. I get to bring my wife and daughter and do the WV Foundation trips, I get to help build Bottle Schools in countries where the children need help. Get to show my daughter there really are kids that don’t have ANYTHING and a day with out a cell phone is not the end of the world.

        The other thing it is doing for me is I am working in retiring my grandchildren who have yet to be born. How many opportunities are really out there that can give anyone in the company the ability to do that. Will it come easy, not at all, is it guaranteed, not at all, can it happen if I want it, absolutely.

        • Sorry for the spelling and grammar, getting bit by the auto correct here and there on the iPhone. Only good think as I read my post, none of them should make the top 10 but in the butt by spell check list Lol

      • One last thing on your boohoo comment. So what, make money or not it’s just a great product that saves me lots of money to go on vacation. I guess great vacations at very affordable prices are a bad thing.

        • But Harry, when I go to your website, I see an image of a woman by the pool versus a traffic jam, with the words “Which commute would you rather have?”
          You can go on and on about the benefits of the travel club, but you can’t honestly tell me that Worldventures is not pulling people in with the idea of making quick easy money, which is not statistically not going to happen for 95% of members. It’s false advertising that’s all there is to it.

        • Would you rather be on the beach or in traffic?? I know exactly where you are coming from, but that’s the exact reason anyone who is in WV for more than just the travel side needs to do a few things. First every presentation must show and be told in addition to see the slide, Not everyone will make money with this etc. additionally avert one must be given a written Income Disclosure statement that gives all of the numbers.

          Again all of that is for the business side of WV. WV isn’t just people doing the business. There are many people in the company don’t like the business side, all they want is travel.

          Again, there is no reason to do the business if someone doesn’t want to, it’s just an option. Everyone is grouping both products into 1 and that is not the case.

          Have you seen yet if not take a look and let me know what you think.

  62. That is the option of getting 4 more and correct that will waive your monthly fees. Does Costco, SAMs Club, you cell phone company, gym, cable, utility company allow you to do that?? No but if thy did would they be a scam??

    The monthly dues are for something, a product correct? Should the company offer all the being it’s for free?? I don’t see your point, it’s an actual product, why would you think there would be no fees accounted with it??

    Should I cancel my phone, cable, gym because they charge me over and over??

    Think about it.

  63. Ex WV Member says:

    Face it. You all can’t make any money if nobody joins you, thats why you all have to come up with so many theories to convince people.

    Whatever theories u say and long essays u compose, Sam’s club still beats Worldventures hands down. They didn’t have to sit people down 2 hour presentations. And they don’t get demoralised or need pep talk when someone doesn’t want to join.

  64. Ex WV Member says:

    I have been there.

    I used to pray and hope nobody google Worldventures during the presentation and finds a site like this. Because it means the person won’t join and this affects me.

    Now, I just feel FREE from this WV burden and I’m just so glad I don’t have to listen to Matt Morris presentation for the nth time.

    I made money from WV, and people joined. But people also kept dropping out and I knew the system wasn’t made to suit people. People had to change themselves to suit the system and it wasn’t making them happy. I brought my friends in because I thought it would be something they like as well. Eventually it was a strain having to go to presentations all the time. I didn’t stop them when they wanted to leave because I could see they didn’t benefit much.

    Nobody ever got upset when someone drops out of Sam’s club. But in WV it’s a different story, we always got consoled that our friends don’t see the vision and are destined for 9 to 5. And of course we will be told to go out and get more.

    • Thanks for your input- I was wondering about all the defensive comments that end up on this site, but it makes sense that members feel a negative commentary like this hurts their business because of potential googlers.

      • Not sure who that was directed to, but I hope I didn’t come across defensive even though I have only tried to provide facts and let the facts tell the story and would meet resort to name calling because, well actually arguing in the internet is worthless. Lol

        One thing I would like to comet on is the title if the blog. WV is a great way to travel the world. What WV may not be good for and this doesn’t apply to everyone but the business side may not be for everyone. For people who like the business side and thy apply themselves they can do very very well. For people who are enticed to do the business and it’s not for them, well that’s where you get negativity. This would stand true for anything that someone trying to do that wasn’t for them.

        Steph please let me know what you think about the vacationsooner. Com presentation. Stop the video before it goes into the business portion and let me know if you think like I have been trying to say all along, the travel product is just that a travel product that just happens to be absolutely fantastic.


        • Honestly I could care less about the travel club aspect of Worldventures, this article is only concerned with the MLM side. I have no doubt people have a great time on those vacations (although organized resort trips are definitely not my personal style). I wouldn’t personally advise anyone to sign up for a travel club, but if people want to that’s their prerogative.

    • Just few questions for you. Honestly, did you ever take and dream trips? Did you have a good time, did you feel the dreamtrip pricing was good. Could you get the same vacation experience that you got with another company.

      Now here is the big one. Did you ever do a Manafest trip? Or one if the excursion where you were able to help others who don’t have much/anything. Did you see the thanks you got. To me I gave so little and got back so much, I was treated volunteering a little but if time helping them and that have me back thanks like I just have them the world. Well if you never experienced that, you missed a lot.

      Note I never knew this existed, I have never been that type if person because I just didn’t know about it but if it wasn’t for WV I would have never experienced that and I feel I’m a better person for it. Not too often a company can show you that there can be a part of your life that more than just you looking out for you. It was a
      Priceless experience when a child thinks you just have them the world.

      Well I’ll be out if here soon, waiting room in the Doctors office is thinning out.

  65. Ex WV Member says:

    You are welcome Steph…its not an anomaly, there are bloggers who have been harassed by WV members’ comments when they expressed similar opinions.

    Previously one of my uplines was even asking me who she could hire to hack a site that actively spoke out against Worldventures. So thats how invested people can be in WV.

    I have taken trips with Worldventures, they had been fun, its not all bad. But I wouldn’t call Worldventures the Alpha and Omega of holidays though.

    • The upline that asked you to do that should have been reported to the main office and compliance. That is exactly the tripe of things that are not allowed and would not be tolerated and one of the few ways WV would remove them from the company. These type of action hurt the whole company and are not what WV is about.

      Sorry you had a less than standup person in your upline and even if you didn’t do anything it will happen and that type of person will be removed for doing things like that. Suck by there are bad apple out there in everything and people like that make for blog titles like this.

      • A Former WorldVentures Rep says:

        Sorry to say….when I have filed complaints…the compliance department at WorldVentures doesn’t seem to care or do much to stop reps from doing things that are against compliance or policies and procedures. It’s sad when you see the top leaders breaking the rules and getting away with it. Also sets a bad example to all of the reps who sign up under them. It’s a joke.

  66. Ex WV Member says:

    I have written emails to WV’s compliance before, I can tell you they honestly don’t care. Its all for show. I’ve been there done that. Their business is in getting more people to join, not in compliance.

    You can continue to reply, increasing comment count is only going to help this site reach out to more people who google about Worldventures during presentations.
    I think its a good thing that you are doing, so keep it up. Readers are going to register short comments better than long essays.

    • Not sure how long ago that may have been but there is a very big push on compliance these days and all to better the company. I’ll still stand by everything I have said and can back up the WV position with industry travel awards and E&Y’s validations.

  67. Ex WV Member says:

    Don’t even kid yourself about the awards.

    Worldventures rally us to vote for Rovia every single year. That is the only reason why it wins awards.

    Expedia doesn’t even need to email every single user to vote for them in this ‘contest’, it still makes more money than Worldventures.

    • Never ever received an email or communication about voting for any award, I guess you were special in getting the ability to do that. Lol

      • Former WorldVentures Rep says:

        Hey Harry…you must not read your emails much then! WorldVentures/Rovia bombarded everyone with emails telling them to vote for them for the awards and included the links in the emails with directions on how to vote.

        • I didnt get any either oh well maybe bext time cause I sure will vote for them.

  68. Hello? WorldVenture is not about recruiting people to make money; this is only ONE of the available options if you want to do so. People get the main concept wrong all the time when someone mentioned ‘make money’. I personally think this is bad for a slogan as it misleads those who are stranger to this concept.

    The membership is not necessary for you to recruit others, it is mainly an offer to let you enjoy discounts when you travel. This is the main point.

    Its not about helping you make money, its about helping you lessen your financial burden for your travels. Don’t forget and confuse it with making profit.

  69. Copying and pasting from other non validated resources is absolutely the worst way to promote your own business. Wikipedia- Really…Receiving information from other blogs. Very disappointed. As I did the “research” over the past 24 hours, this is what I found wrong with your blog (I did not use other blogs or friends from facebook to construct my research)

    The company does not “sale vacations” so apparently you did not do enough research into the company at all. It offers a membership to choose vacation packages at lowest rate. Simply, wholesale cost such as major wholesale retailers (Costco, B.J.’s). Utilizing this simple system allows many to travel on a budget. It also provides online discounts to it’s member that includes over 450 major retail stores, restaurants, sporting events, movie passes, etc. WV also provides a 24/7 concierge service through Rovia. Refer 4, pay no more on their monthly membership cost. So as a customer, you have no future fees. WV offers packages, outside of destinations dream trips such as tickets to the Emmy’s, Country Music Awards, World Series, Superbowl and many others from what I found. I am actually questioning your research capabilities.

    Secondly, you do not have to recruit 30 people to start making money. Every MLM has their own clause on recruitment based financial stream. Meaning, if you do not want to become a representative, opt out. The diagram above represents every MLM company out there so don’t be alarmed by all your red dots. It is simply a binary meaning as a representative, you build off 2 legs straight down (stay outside), the inner representatives are brought in by the ones you recruit or your team recruits. The number “30” as you stated is apart of this binary system, like many and capturing 30 on both legs brings in $100 per cycle of 3 (bottom line $1,000 per month regardless if you personally represent all 30 or if others represent them).

    There is mention of a law suit. Look out. A disturbed customer became upset and decided to sue. Is this suppose to scare people away. If you look into public records of current MLM companies and the suits “pending” I think it may surprise you on just how far someone will go because they are unhappy.

    The reason why this company has been around for almost 8 years is certainly not due to “scamming”. This company owns Rovia, their own booking travel engine which is very similar to many of the travel booking companies out there. Rovia just received the 2013 Best Travel Award for Booking Site in the Agency category. Seems odd that a “scam”company would in this prestigious award.

    I am just curious Steph since you like figures if you can account for the monies spent by World Ventures that has built 20 schools with an additional one being built right now?? It seems that the greedy up line would just keep the millions of dollars to themselves, why build schools, bring fresh water to over 13 countries, and supply electricity to these underserving populations. This does not make sense to me.

    Lastly, if you choose to use blogs, wikipedia ( a non scholar site that anyone can post anything about), why not send people to Trip Advisor Review to experience what others have with “A Twenty Something” travel company. I do believe there were more poor and worse ratings than good but I will despair you the numbers.

    Frankly, to be successful in this industry or anything else. you must be positive, even if it is with your competition. Looking into “A Twenty Something” company such as the one you represent, I believe they are on the right track to be successful but as with any business, it takes work. You obviously spend a great deal of time posting blogs and information regarding your travel company so it may be of interest to you to post comparison, apples to apples rates between World Ventures and your company.

    MLM is a competitive market but when you have others, such as yourself who claim that did the “research” and statistically formulated a copy and paste from other blogs and non reputable sites, it exactly why MLM continues to generate horrible leaders, ones that worry about what other businesses are doing rather than focus on your own.

    Steph, you have many things to work on. Now that you have my email as this is your capture page to entice those who are responding to your marketing tactics, feel free to email me. I will give you this positive comment, this is an excellent way to generate leads for your travel company, kudos to you but you will find out soon enough, if your own company cannot provide happy customers, putting down others will only hurt you in the long run because you never know who is reading your blog.

    Several post to respond to. “Those who represent the company will protect it”. I would hope so. Those represent leaders of an organization. At one point in time, many of you spoke aloud about your business of employment in regards to being unhappy or simply hating your boss. Isn’t this the same thing. Other comments in regards to spelling and grammar, come on people, Really!!! I think many have lost the reality button and need to press it quickly. Simply speaking, if it was not for spell check for most, we would all be classified as uneducated. Lastly, for the former World Ventures representatives, it is unfortunate it did not work out for you. As with 98% of companies, their sits that one employee (others with many to be politically correct) that will say or do anything to attract business, similar to this blog. If you are not led the right way, meaning using ethical principals to build your business and are not patient, it will be very difficult to succeed. Let’s not forget the word succeed, this is a noun but typically is used as an opinionated verb because success is very different with everyone. You want to make millions, start your own business. You want to make a 6 figure income work hard at what you are currently doing. You want to make money to pay some bills, take a trip, be able to enjoy life a little more outside of the corporate world, join an MLM company that you can be passionate about but do your own research such as NPROS, MLM rankings, etc.but encourage you to not rely on blogs and non reputable sites to direct you because this will deter the success you are independently looking for.

    Best wishes with your travel company Steph, I do hope you find success and financial sustainability.

    • Huh? What Twenty Something Travel company? I run a blog and am a freelance writer.

    • Shannon…there are a lot of complaints about unethical practices by WorldVentures and that raises a lot of red flags. People need to do their research prior to joining this company and understand the good and the bad! Here is an excerpt from one of many complaints. This one cites a lawsuit and deposition from a former employee:
      “According to the lawsuit, WorldVentures propped up one of its star couples, Dave and Yvette Ulloa, by “grandfathering” them into the highest rank in the company even though they hadn’t earned it. Jennifer Taylor, the WorldVentures employee who was responsible for making the rank changes in the company’s MLM payroll software, iMatrix, said in a sworn statement that she personally made that change and others like it at the request of WorldVentures executives. It was then announced at a WorldVentures convention that the Ulloas had achieved the rank of International Marketing Director, Ms. Taylor said, for the benefit of impressive entry-level reps: “It would be important because it gives them the image that these ranks are attainable in the natural sense of attaining them. So, you know, they wanted it to appear to a new person in the business that this could be you. You can achieve this rank and make this money.”
      You can read more about this complaint here:
      And this article from The NEW YORK OBSERVER is quite interesting.

  70. hazel scott says:

    BEST COMMENT on this thread belongs to ;
    Clare Appleyard, posted 22 Sept 2013
    Thankyou Clare, whoever you are, Hazel xx

  71. hazel scott says:

    I’d like to put something to Steph; you made a comment “Thanks for your input- I was wondering about all the defensive comments that end up on this site, but it makes sense that members feel a negative commentary like this hurts their business because of potential googlers.”
    Isn’t it a bit narrow minded? If you’ve already made up your mind that your assumptions are right, therefore the responses putting another perspective must therefore be wrong.
    Does it make sense that all of those who have left, never joined and post negative viewpoints are all right, and those who have stayed, prospered are all wrong? Hazel, xx

    • This article has been up for two months now and is already on track to receive more comments than any other post on this site, including other controversial issues I’ve talked about. From what I can tell a large chunk of the traffic is from people googling “Is Worldventures a Scam.” These leads me to (possibly incorrectly I will admit) conclude that Worldventures members are coming across this site by specifically seeking out negative information to lash out at.

      Do you mind if I ask how you found this article?

      There have been a few really well-rationed defenses (you are right about Clare) but most of the comments from Worldventures people have been not so coherent, angry, and recycled the same handful of points that have been elsewhere disproven. My point was, WHY are Worldventures people so defensive about their product? If you don’t like what I have to say, why not just leave my site and never come back? Why leave 5 or more comments? What are people afraid of?

      • Oh I forgot to add, I have no doubt it is possible for a small percentage of people to become very succesful in a system like Worldventures. However far more people are going to end up spending more money than they make. The people at the very top are getting rich off the failure of these people. That’s a statistical fact and people ought to know it before they join, don’t you think?

      • Quite simply, I found this article by Googling WorldVentures. It’s in our best interests as members to know what is out there. Yes, some people want to “do their research” before they decide whether to join or not and for most people doing research is going to Google.

        Very few people are prepared to do research “from the inside out” so to speak – never mind all the positive videos, photos, experiences that you’ll find from members on Facebook, Instagram and so forth; never mind going to the head office in Dallas to meet the corporate staff or the executives or the leaders; never mind going on one of the trips or getting your investment back in vacation dollars. People look for quick excuses as to “why not”.

        So sadly, when you type WorldVentures into Google, what google prompts is “is WorldVentures a scam”, exactly as it prompts “Amway scam” when you type in Amway or “Prepaid Legal Complaints” when you search for “Prepaid Legal” (both network marketing companies).

        My final word on this will be “the people at the very top are getting rich off the failure of these people”. The beauty of any network marketing company is that we all start at the same level. Of the Top 20 highest earners in WorldVentures, approximately half of them are new to the company in the last 3 – 4 years. Considering that WorldVentures will be 8 years old in December, that tells you something. You don’t need to get in at the beginning to make money. Many of the early members have been over-taken, rank and income-wise, by newer members.

        Over and out. Thank you for the platform.

        P.S. I wish I could type shorter comments 🙂

  72. Oh my gosh, can I just say how hilarious the comments on this article have been? Good gravy. Plus, I get Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” stuck in my head every time I read them, so it’s all doubly entertaining.

  73. Victoria says:

    How about all the Pro World Ventures post a screen shot of their Finalized Commission Overview??

  74. Thanks for your blog post, I was trying to do some research on WV before joining my friend. The comments section is the most telling and helpful part. After reading through and reviewing the holidays on my friend’s site, I’ve decided not to join.

  75. Researching says:

    I went to a presentation at a friend’s house last night. I fought her on FB as we’ve recently had a rash of “opportunities” from a supplement company in our small town. She told me it wasn’t that and involved travel. I hate the MLM thing- it’s just not for me. Heck, I couldn’t even sell Norwex because I couldn’t bring myself to ask people to book parties. But I like to travel and figure I have nothing to lose, so I went.

    I went alone, knowing full well that they couldn’t push me too much. I’m unemployed and my husband is the man with the (limited) income. I was really nervous when they introduced a guy from the company– that right there told me I was in for it. I’ll admit, I was intrigued by the whole travel club thing. I likened it to a “savings account” where you’re forced to stash money away for a vacation. I was upfront with them on the “business” side in that I have seen too many people lose money and the trust of others. The guy actually wasn’t pushy at all.

    Thankfully, I’ve found a lot of resources and I’m learning toward not signing up, even as a customer. From what I’ve seen:
    1. the savings don’t really exist
    2. there are likely a lot of extra expenses on top of what you already pay in- marketing materials, trainings, etc.. Of course this is for reps, not regular customers- although I’d guess there is a constant push for customers to rep.
    3. in all of the pro-WV comments on all of the blogs I’ve read, there seems to be the same vernacular along the “rat race 9-5” or “corporations are a pyramid”. This tells me these folks are just repeating what they’ve heard. And if I hear the gym membership or Sam’s club comparison one more time, I just might puke.
    4. Keep in mind that they buy in bulk, so they are basically selling a group excursion. In other words, you’re going on vacation with a bunch of other WV customers and reps. Are these trips all just WV conventions? Either way, I can see it being a bunch of people talking about how awesome and amazing WV is and personally, I just want to be left alone on the beach with my drink.
    5. Finally, I understand space is limited and stuff sells out quickly.

    The guy wants to give my husband the pitch on Sunday at the same house- he’s pitching to others as well. I’ve got a long list of questions. Knowing MLM is not for me, I have about a 0% chance of taking the rep route. But I do want to find more out about the travel club thing. I’m armed with a few travel apps and want him to do a price comparison for me on the spot. I’m also a Costco member and can price their trips. If he can’t or won’t, I’ll have my answer.

    • A Former WorldVentures DreamTrips Customer & Rep says:

      Good for you for doing your research. Be sure to ask LOTS of questions and research your own prices online with other sites for proof of savings….Don’t just believe the slides or pre-arranged comparisons they have in the presentations.
      Unfortunately, the presenters don’t like it when people ask questions, especially in front of the other guests in the presentation. They will do whatever they can to go take those who are asking a lot of questions off into the corner so other guests don’t hear the questions/concerns and lose the excitement from the hype at the meetings.
      Be sure to ask for a copy of the terms and conditions,income disclosure (which shows you proof that most people DON”T make ANY money). Many eager presenters and reps don’t show you that. Be sure to demand that you get “Terms and Conditions” with your contract. This is something else that many reps don’t provide their potential customers.
      And…take a look at the very lengthy compensation plan explanation….see if you can figure out how it works!!! I’ll bet your head will be spinning!
      The company advertises and flaunts the $69 cruise, but it gets sold out in minutes…and they don’t stress that you have to pay port fees and taxes which could add up to a couple hundred dollars more, and, of course you have airfare on top of that. You can’t go on your own either for that price…it’s based on double occupancy so you have to have another person in the room with you who also has to pay the $69 plus port fees, taxes, airfare,…etc. There have been countless complaints from frustrated people who try to book those cheap cruises and they can’t book them because the cruise special is released on a Monday at 12noon and they only have a very limited supply of cabins so they get sold out in a matter of minutes. You may NEVER be able to even take one of those cheap cruises because of that. I know so many people who tried to book those cheap cruises and never could….or it took them a year to finally be able to log onto the website at just the right time to get a cabin.
      And you really need to look at the details of their “price guarantee”! You have to find the EXACT same trip, during the EXACT same time, with the EXACT same amenities before they will honor the guarantee within 7 days of booking. After those 7 days, they won’t guarantee it. The chance of you finding the EXACT same trip at the same time is very slim because they purposefully throw in some random little extra so they can claim it isn’t the exact offering.

      We found that you can get better pricing and package deals, INCLUDING airfare, elsewhere. The Rovia site, where they tell you to go to book your airfare, gave us many problems and we found better pricing on other sites, especially hotel/resort/airfare package deals. Rovia also did not show seating available on many flights we were searching and their Live Chat assistance claimed all the seats were sold out. Yet…when we went on other sites and even directly to the airlines, there WERE seats available. Apparently the airlines only gives Rovia customers a limited amount of seating on flights and when that quota is reached, you can’t book a flight on the Rovia site.
      All in all, after being a member for several years, we lost money and didn’t feel the membership was worth the cost at all.

      As a side note…when they bring up the BMW car bonus, keep in mind, you are the one that takes the lease in YOUR name, YOU pay the insurance on it,…and if any customers you signed up drop out or cancel their membership and you fall below the quota required to keep that BMW, YOU will be stuck with the lease payments. I am sure a lot of those BMW’s got repossessed because people are dropping out all the time.

      • Melissa says:

        Most people don’t make money because they dont work for it. Worldventures is legit. The CEOs /founders were in the Ersten and Young Entrepreneurship award finalist in 2005. Look up what that company is then cone back with your questions and allegations. Its just not for everyone. Why? Because people are scared to step out and do something different.

    • But we’ve got plenty of people in these responses who DID try it who were former employes and even they are telling us not to drink the damn kool-aid what’s freighting is the fact that you are all on some step ford wives none sense defending this junk…your responses are all uniformed the same way your arguments are all the same,then you have the nerve to gawk at using google and or Wikipedia as a valid source of information,it’s horrible what the appeal of a fast dollar will do to a huge sect of people…you young kids better wake up and stick to your education or you will be in for quite the shock later on.

      • Young Kids?? Where did you get the idea that it was only a bunch of young kids. WV is comprised of all ages, people doing not only the Travel portion of this, but the business in 24 different countries that we have gotten government approval after a full vetting process that WV is a ligament and valuable company and meet each of the country’s regulatory requirements.

        Now for me, I’m 47, wife is 45, I just retired her after owning her own travel agency for 17 years, myself if I didn’t enjoy the job that I have would also be retired and the only reasons I do stay working is like I said, I enjoy my job and I have the ability to vacation 16 or more weeks a year. If any of that changes over the next 2.5 years I will just retire early.

        Now WV didn’t put me in the position I am in financially, I did, I do not require a pension, social security or anything else, and they will just be gravy and extra pocket change. Now I am not most people and I planned this out since I was 16 and my father taught me how to invest in my future. Sure it took sacrifices, I may have only been able to vacation 2 or 3 times a year through my 20’s, 4-5 times a year in my 30’s, and now in my 40, 10 or more a year but I also have to restrict my budget to 20k a month in spending for all living expenses. What has WV been able to do for me in the 15-16 months I have been in, well my wife is retired and we have more time to spend and travel together, more time with my kid, and realistically, if this didn’t change for what I have been able to do over the time I have been with WV, double my time with family, increase the number of vacations we are able to take and all the while, putting some extra cash in my pocket and be in the black after my first month with WV. I do put in my time with WV, but quality time on the business. I only put about 4-6 hours a week into it. If I want more, I would need to put in more time but at this rate, when I do call it quits on my 50th I am on track to exceed my current salary and not touch what I have invested for all these years.

        I’ll tell you, it’s a darn good position to be in and unlike the corporate world, everyone who joins with me; I want the same for and will help them, guide them and support them in any way I can to get what they want out of this. How many people have all of us worked with that think like that? Well that’s very common in this business.

        • Curious says:

          So…did ED TERRANOVA…one of the top leaders and income earners from WorldVentures quit just recently because WorldVentures isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be…or it’s in trouble???
          It’s not a good sign when you have a top leader jumping off the ship.

          (Note to Harry…your messages are too long and you keep repeating yourself so please refrain from answering unless you have something new to say, and can say it in a few sentences)

        • Exceeding your attention span, sorry. I’ll keep quiet for a while being I’m headed to CUN again tomorrow morning.
          Have fun folks..

        • david - new to WV, but smart says:

          Wow… some great posts from both sides of the argument here. Damne for spending a couple hours here and there reading these all night lol…heres my story amd stance:

          I’m am entreprenuer. I succeeded in direct sales through college summers selling knives while I had a lot of friends who didn’t do so well. Its not unfair to say “it wasn’t for them”… they would agree.

          10 years later, a couple entreprenuerial (not MLM) opptys later and a med device sales gig, I joined my wifes family insurance business to build our “nest egg” for years to come…

          I learned a long time ago “having multiple streams of income is a great way to accelerate wealth”… so, I took the bait, learned about WV, and I’m fired up to make a run at creating a second income while having the ability to travel. I HAVE NOT BEEN PROMISED ANYTHING rather I have been impressed with the complete disclosure to all my questions. Sure, I could get off to a fast start but that doesn’t work for me and my schedule. HOWEVER….

          I have chosen to succeed at this and therefore I will.

          I am very excited after reading SOOO many of these posts to create a MLM opportunity with disclosing facts. Should someone choose to travel only, great. If they want to build an ethical successful second income I will do everything in my power to help any way I can. Fortunately I have direct contact with someone who has 60, 000 ppl under him… its up to me to succeed or not, I am knowingly taking that risk.

          MLM CAN WORK. It sucks that it doesn’t work for nearly all that try it… I will choose to surround myself with successful people.

          I respect both arguments… I wish people weren’t so quick to judge something before trying it themselves. That doesn’t go towards those who worked for WV and decided to leave. Like one guy earlier: I feel fine rolling the dice to see what I can do because I’m confident in my abilities.

          Stay tuned for my update after my first 60 days (the timeframe I’m giving myslef).

        • Wakeupnow says:

          If everyone under you is successful in worldventures you can’t get passive residual income, you know that right?

          You need to have lots of unsuccessful people below you to be paying the monthly fees -> with each set of 3 unsuccessful people on your left and 3 unsuccessful people on you right, you get $10 to $25 per set, depending on your rank

  76. So MLM is not for every body the same way joining the armed forces is not for every body History on me i served my country for 5 yrs I am a Marine. I am apart of world ventures and i know about 20 service men and women that are apart of WV i also know police officers and firefighters that are apart of WV. This is what happens in the armed services men and women get kicked out for doing things that are bad. and then they start a blog on whats wrong with the armed service and thats whats happening with WV. Im a highly decorated Marine that served his country this has been a blessing to me and my family and you just said i was a fool for doing this thank you so much. let me ask you a question why should i take advise from you what are you doing with your life.

  77. Scott Jensen says:

    Worldventures is a nice idea, but when the music stops…a lot of people who have been blinded by the hype and the promises are in for a real disappointment.

    First of all, the product: vacations.

    Everyone likes vacations, yes? Of course. The advertised vacations are no better than any packages. Yes, there are the 99$ 3night stays in Mexico, but those spots are limited. It’s not unlike the airlines who used to advertise $99 coast-to-coast fares…only to make it available for a very limited few. By the time, you called up…the ‘great deal’ was gone.

    Aside from the highlighted trips to Mexico or the Caribbean, you and your clients are more likely to be ‘tempted’ by vacations to, uh.Wichita…or maybe a 4 night stay in a Comfort Inn in suburban Atlanta. Wow.

    As someone who does travel extensively domestocally as well as internationally, it only takes a cursory web search to find identical vacations packages that are often offered much lower. For that 4 night stay in San Antonio…you can even contact the very hotel you’d be staying at through WV and most likely find that you can get the same package for less. Why? You cut out the middleman…in this case WV.

    Oh yes, the income. Don’t quit your day job for WV. Only an excruciatingly few get an income above the poverty wage. Don;t take my word for it…have a look at the very documentation they are required to give you…but will hurriedly pass it over amid the hype you will get to sign up and lengthen the chain.
    Don’t expect your friends and family to come running. Rather, you’ll sleep better at night bypassing your friends and family as when the house of cards falls, you won;t be the schmuck who 1) made a fool of them or 2) got them into making a fool of themselves with their friends and colleagues.

    If nothing else, keep your receipts and deduct what was fleeced from you in your taxes.

    • Of course, if only 1 percent are making money it MUST be a scam. Did you know that less than 1 tenth of 1 percent of licensed realtors make over 40k per year? Must be a scam. Less than 1 tenth of 1 percent of insurance agents make more than 45K per year? Must be a scam. Why do only 37 percent of full-time college students earn a 4 year degree in 4 years while the rest take 6 or more? College must be a scam. They must make it hard so they can keep getting your tuition payments. More than 90 percent of Taco Bell franchisees and more than 98 percent of Subway franchisees who operate 1 store make less than 50K per year. Must be a scam.

      If every job and industry was required to provide an income disclosure and make it public, the same argument for minimal “success” could be made in every instance. I challenge you to show me an example of ANY organization where more than 1 percent of the entire organization make over $1 million.

      Start up cost? Monthly fees? In Florida it cost between $500 and $800 to become a realtor, and more than $800 per year in fees and continuing ed. Same for insurance agents. Try buying a Taco Bell $1.6 million and 8 percent of your monthly sales.

      Why is everyone so down on MLM? It’s a profession like any other. Show me any profession that doesn’t take an abundance of skill, talent, drive and determination, plus a lot of continuing education to become a top earner. MLM is not a lottery ticket, and those promoting it as such do more damage to the profession, their relationships, and themselves than any “blogger” could ever do.

  78. Marissa says:

    Wow. The more comments I read defending WorldVentures, the worse it sounds. And it sounded pretty bad from the beginning.

  79. 9 months Worldventures Member says:

    I’m in Worldventures and I have achieved director status.

    But I’m thinking of quitting.

    Because I keep throwing house parties every other week to lure people to my presentations to get them to join me in Worldventures.

    I get only USD$200 for each 6 new people who join me even though they are paying USD$360 each. I hate that Worldventures get most of the money when they are not even the ones who have to clean up after parties or stand in front of the crowd to sell.

    Its just not fair. So I want out now.

    • Melissa says:

      Dont quit. Everything takes time and work. Would you rather go back to a 9-5 where only the CEO is enjoying their life. Work now and youll get to relax later.

      • Really wonder about the persons status and level if at all. Director level is the next set up in Residual income that increases by 50% over Senior Rep. Number quoted don’t really jive if you catch my drift.

        Folks, Bottom Line: The business side is not for everyone, The core product Vacations is, especially when the vacation portion of WV is now completly risk free as far as lossing money as long as you TAKE a vacation. As well as the savings you will get shopping online, the Entertainment guide portion, as well as the unlimited use of the concierge service that is included with the product. From what I have heard that service alone can cost more per month than the montly fee’s WV has, if people are still paying in the first place.

        Some people get it, Some don’t..

  80. Great article. I have a friend who works for them and has not spoken to any of her friends who decided not to become involved since she became affiliated. It’s all about money and it reaps people of their ability to socialize without the intent of monetary gain. I really appreciate this insight.

    • Melissa says:

      That is a lie. Maybe your friend just decided to do that but its completely false. Its not ALL about making money. They actually have things to donate and help poor countries and the leaders solely care more about the people than anything else. You just believe anything you hear. Its sad.

  81. One point you forgot to mention is the so called residual for life. Which is a lie you have to keep recruiting those members you recruited are not for life. 2nd I had a friend who worked his butt off to get his BMW. What he didnt know is that he has to go lease it him self and they laughed at him when they saw how much he made yearly. He had to get his mom to co-sign, and after a month he got money from WV. Then tax season came around and he was screwed. He owed so much tax on this money. We did the math and he lost more then he made, also in 3 years he went on one vacation because he never made enough. But the whole time he had to show like he was living free, no job, just living his dream all the time living in a basement oh yea with a new BMW and insurance that he can barely afford. Most people in WV think that leasing a BMW means they made it. smh

  82. Wow, thanks so much for posting this…i’ve actually just been contacted by someone about a job and it turns out (after stalking them on FB) that they are indeed affiliated with WorldVentures. Definitely not going to meet them now!

    • Melissa says:

      You should never pass an opportunity up because you read one post online about someone who has never tried it. I encourage you to see it. Being scared is ok but dont let that rule your decision making. Its a real deal not for everyone but worth seeing.

  83. Melissa says:

    First off you should know the definition of a pyramid scheme before you say that worldventures is one. Im going to clue you in. A pyramid scheme is when you exchange money for no real product and when the person at the time will ALWAYS make more money than the person on the bottom. Sounds like your regular cooperate job to me then amway or worldventures. These businesses are called MLM and network marketing. You make money in exchange for money. It’s like making an investment. Nothing in life comes easy as 1,2, 3. So yes you do have to put the work in. Now the reason you are broke or living pay check to pay check is because your mind set and you choose to believe what someone else told you instead of seeing yourself. Ok back to it being a pyramid. I know countless amounts of people who have been on REAL trips at REAL discounted prices and thats the product! ALSO you can bring your family with you to the top. Making money, taking vacations, getting online discounts, etc etc. Tell me at your job can you do that. Is your family sitting with you enjoying life. Just because you are scared doesnt mean you should throw your opinion in something you have never tried before

    • Anonymous Lurker says:

      The above comments from Melissa are an example of what WorldVentures teaches their reps to say in their trainings. They are taught to say….
      “This business isn’t for everyone!”…as well as all the other stuff Melissa rattled off to defend the company and MLM.
      I would like to interject my thoughts on why they say: “This business is not for everyone”.
      The reason I feel WorldVentures and many other MLM’s always stress they are “not for everyone”… is because some people have moral values and don’t believe in pressuring, manipulating, enticing, lying and ruining relationships with family and friends in order to put money in their pocket.

      • The reason people say that is for 1 reason, it’s the truth, same way my Air Traffic job isn’t for everyone. One of the main reason MLM may not be for everyone is because most people don’t like to see things, they don’t like to approach people with something that they them selves are not 100% sure of. that and some feel that they need to talk infront of people and we all know how well like that is. Then there are people like myself and many of the others in WV who not only enjoy the travel side, but the business side. We don’t feel we are trying to get over on anyone, as a matter of fact, for people who see this the way I do would see it as an absolute gift. I honesly believe that anyone can do this if they put work into it. Is this a get rich quick deal, not at all, is there work involved, absolutly.

        Does everyone in the business side of WV make money, no they don’t, can they make money, yes they can, why do some people fail, because they don’t do anything with it. The only way you don’t do well is you don’t show people and think they will come and find you and quit, it’s as simple as that..

      • As someone that was approached by a family member about joining WV, and passed on participating in the program…I am insulted by the comment “it is not for everyone”. That comment was made to me when I politely stated that it was not something I would benefit from at this time. The response was “that is okay, it truly isn’t for everyone”. In reviewing some of WV blogs and training videos…that line is used to describe people who reject WV pitch and imply they “don’t have leadership skills and ability, and are affraid to work hard”. I have worked hard, and my personal path has been a degree and growing in a career that has offered me great finacially stability, achievement, and personal satisfaction. To respond to me and imply that I am not open to working hard/lack leadership just because I don’t want to be a part of WV is just plain wrong. WV is quick to complain that people should allow everyone to choose the path they want and accept their choice, but are quick to put down & dismiss those who politely choose not to be a part of WV. It is a part of their brain washing ‘who vs them” approach to their business…and anyone that needs to take that approach is trying to cover-up a flaw in their own business.

  84. Devaugn says:

    So many people have no clue!!! Donald Trumph and Warren Buffet own their own Network Marketing company. Bill gates said, “if he was to start all over, he would do Network Marketing.Without a structure of a pyramid, nothing will succeed.Why is it that your research is being researched over a SEARCH engine.Read a book.Talk to millionaires or join one yourself before you post a comment like this.

  85. Common Sense says:

    Donald Trump and Warren Buffet may OWN network marketing companies.

    Problem is I never saw them working in 1 before.

    • You have to ask yourself, why would they own a network marketing company, maybe there is a benefit, maybe the business model of multiplication is better than addition.

      To put it another way, you work, you get paid for the hours you work, network marketing you get paid off the work being done by multiple people.

      Say I have 180 people on my team, they each put 4-6 hours a week into their business. By the way there are only 168 hours in a week, I put in my 4-6 hours and if my team is doing the same thing that only works out to 724 – 1086 hours a week going into my business each week.

      Most people if they work a whole year with no vacation would work 2080 hours a year, my business I would be paid off based on the example above would have 37440 – 56160 hours going into my business a year. By the way, 25 years at 2080 of work per, equals 52000 hours. By the math on the high side, I can have more than 25 years’ worth of work going into my business each and every year. Does it work out like this for everyone, no it doesn’t, can it, sure can and more depending on how you see the business model of network marketing and what you do with it

      I’ll say, some like it, some don’t, to each their own, but when you look at numbers and facts, I think it’s a very good model and probably the reason Trump and Buffet got into it, after all those gentlemen didn’t get to where they are by joining scams or investing in poor business models.

      • Curious says:

        Hey Harry,..(or any other pro WorldVentures reps that may on this blog), since you seem to know a lot about the company, I am wondering if you could answer a question.
        Just recently, a “top income earner” at WorldVentures by the name of Ed Terranova quit the company. Why did he quit?? He was with the company since it started 7 years ago and was also a “top trainer and leader” and supposedly enrolled 20,000 people. What happened…were all the people under him dropping out and was he losing money?

        If things are so great at WorldVentures…and if he was supposedly making a great residual income… why did Ed Terranova quit???? I heard he jumped into another MLM company.

        • Ed from what I understand is or was from NJ, the same state I am in for now. As far as I understand I think it may be a case of the grass being perceived “The Grass may be Greener” at another network marketing company. As far people dropping out of his team, can’t speak about what I don’t know, however I can tell you NJ is getting more and more members joining every day. As far as Ed losing money, without knowing any specifics at all I would still have to give a resounding NO to that question.

          I have wondered about people moving from company to company, especially people have built large teams, in example we have one leader in the team that departed another network marketing company to come to WV, his team was over 600,000, yes that is not a typo, to come over to WV. Don’t know the details on how he may have cashed out so to speak from that company, but I would guess regardless of what company he departed from, his buyout would be in the 8 digit range.

      • Common Sense says:

        I definitely don’t mind OWNING a network marketing company. Because all the cronies will be working for me. Plus the success rate is so little which means most of the money will be going to me. Yay.

        But I MIND being in a network marketing company. Its like bringing a Japanese family car to a F1 race. The odds are really just so little.

        • I hear ya, we would all love to start at the top, but as with anything, there are steps. Some are willing to put in the work, some aren’t. Some people like the responsibility, some don’t. Example, as my wife said, she owned her own travel agency for 17 years. She is a very hard worker and took pride her name was on her business and while she didn’t report to anyone, she reported to the biggest pain in the #$%$ boss she could ever have,, herself. Myself, I’d be the exact same way, it’s just who her and I are. The business actually turned into owning her. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoyed what she did, as I do, but there comes a time in your life that all the hard work pays off and you get to enjoy life. I love that she now is up with our daughter in the morning, is there when she comes home from school, we get to eat dinner every night and we just really get to spend quality time with each other. Take away the 4 vacations our daughter was able to take with us over the summer and the great times we had, when I really look back at it, I just love the time I can now spend with my family and while 90% of what I can attribute to what I have done with funding our future, WV in the short time I have been here has just increased what I can do, and decreased the have to do’s.

          Now back to the Network Marketing business model, on paper it just works, in real life it does work, but too many people that come into it bring the wrong attitude and think it’s a free ride and that’s where a major portion of the failures come from. The one thing I really do like about it, it’s so different than the corporate world I also live in where it seems today’s workers feel it easier to disparage someone else to make themselves look better and open up opportunities, than digging in and just doing the best job they can and helping others do the same. I like the fact that I have met a lot of great people in general on a higher percentage than any other environment that believe what I do, The more I help people get what they want, the more I am able to have, I feel that’s just a win – win situation.

          Now if more people though that way in network marketing in all the different companies, you might have turned the industry into the most sought after but people will be people.

  86. mmichelle says:

    they’re all scams mary kay, avon, visalus, it works body wraps, the list goes on and on theyre designed to mke you fail. I bought into one about 10 yrs ago selling waterless car wash til some guy tried to sue me for the crap scratching his paint upon me doing my demo. Lesson learned. You say you want to earn a living and not have some boss breathing down your neck, ok well do it. If being travel agent sounds like your niche then go to school put in the time and effort to learn about the industry yo want to make a living in. For me it was photography, I have spent the better part of 5 yrs educationg myself about the ins and outs of this business. Still working my way up. I have a handful of clients that refer to me as “their photographer” and for me that is worth more than all the riches in the world. I love what I do unfortunately I am not making millions doing it, but I still have a lot to learn and dues to pay so I don’t expect to be some world famous highly paid photog. Maybe someday I will be but for now I am good just knowing that people appreciate my work and when people ask who did your pics? They are gonna say here’s a card give her a call. No business is going to make a million their first yr, you have to do the ass bsting work required to build your brand and get yourself out there and pay your dues.

  87. Eduardo says:

    I don’t belong to this company but obviously you don’t know what is a pyramid!

  88. I joined WV as a result of a merger with NUMIS. Did no research and went gangbusters. I have never met a person who has ever failed in network marketing. But WV falsely advertises prices. I left after trying to book a few of their dreams trips. The cost not including taxes is any where between 109 to 300% higher than what they advertise with a fee they add prior to paying.
    Not a single dream trip costs what they show. Go ahead WV people. Try it

  89. Why do they trick people who don’t have a job into giving them their SSN. What will happen if the person who said they will pay fee for him, stop paying them. How do you get out of the Game.

  90. After doing a search on Google, I found World Venture’s 2012 Income Disclosure Statement at this URL:

    Basically, 80% of the Independent Representatives (IRs) did not earn anything. Out of the remaining 20% that made money, only around 0.1% of the IRs earned over $44,000.

    The promises and dreams made on those videos simply do not match the numbers presented. I would be keen to know if anyone from World Ventures is willing to refute those numbers presented in the above document.

  91. samantha daley says:

    I won’t lie, I joined this company for about 6 months. i paid my fees and became a member, however i never did get 4 people under me so i payed the monthly fee, If i would have put in effort i would have manged to get free monthly but i joined out of curiosity.
    This company is actually legit and I did go on their 69 dollars cruise which was amazing, not to mentioned round trip ticket from canada to miami for about 210 dollars with taxes through them. Yes I did pay my fee and monthly fee, but all the trips i got through them (jamaica, costa rica, miami, bahamas) was more than i could have ever afforded on my reception job in 5 years – yes as a receptionist i could afford these trips all in the 6 months.

    So yes not every company in the world is a scheme. This works like costco, you buy a membership pay a fee a year and get rewards plus extras if u can get friends to join as well. I would gladly continue this company once i end up in a better position and am more willing to put effort into getting members to waive the monthly fee. My friend continued this and i wont lie, i wish i had like she did because she gets paid enough to do it as her full time job.
    This company is worth it as long as you put in the effort to get 4 members below you, than you don’t have to work on it ever, or u can from time to time or you can be crazy and do this 24/7. Either way you can’t judge companies based on assumptions. i mean banks are worse and yet people use them.

    In your comment, reps don’t make money until they recruit 30 people or more. No that’s not the case here, all you need is 4 and your good. you pay no money but you also don’t make lot’s of money unless your 4 get 4. But either way even if you only ever get 4 people. that’s all you need because your savings from joining them for traveling is upwards of 60 – 95% off. Its a great company if you just want a discount but don’t want to put too much effort into it, who knows maybe the rep you get will do all the work for you.

    MLM does work, but if you want money you do need to put in effort like a real job, it’s not something you can just say oh yeah ill become rich like that. no you are an idiot you need o work hard like a regular human being.

    Don’t judge companies over something so trivial. it’s stupid and you are really missing out.

    • I am a member and I believe Rovia gets you great deals but the dreamstrips are not what they advertise it to be. I have gone and booked several of them and they end up being 100 to 300% higher than advertised wit hthe fee that’s added. when talking to customer support, it is what they charge to administer it. $113 cruise ended up being $560 or $780 (double occupancy). they also do not mention that the price for most of them is per person but requires double occupancy. go ahead, book one. I deal with facts.

  92. michael says:

    The best thing you can ever think of doing is network marketing if only you understand how it work. I think there is nothing wrong with doing business with world venture bcos they have product call TRAVEL. Just like forever living product that have variety of products. I love MLM.

  93. Veronica says:

    its so funny how anyone who know nothing about MLM company and not to mention worldventures would’ve write something so detailed about it (Considering you would spend a lot of time learning even the lineage and binary thingy). Here is the thing, to be as an entrepreneur and financial analyst, i think worldventures is just offering an opportunity, some will get it some wont, just like opening up a restaurant, not everyone succeed and earning tons of money??Most people dont, but does it stop people into getting in restaurant business?

    And basically the world is not a fair place, the percentage of rich people is only 2%. So not everyone gonna make it, or else everyone would be a conglomerate

    • I know a lot about MLM. I’ve read WV’s income disclosure. 80% made nothing. An additional 15% made next to nothing. The median annual income of the 20% that earned money was $40. You can attempt to spin lineage, binaries, balancing legs, etc. into magic, but those of us who are not brainwashed or brain dead can see that you’re stark naked. Yes, not everyone will make it in WV, and right now about .1% are making it.
      WorldVentures Income Disclosure:

  94. Harlock says:

    I would like to write my personal experience for this Pyramid.

    I live in a Country with huge recession (Greece).

    From the begging of 2013 WV started to operate here. One poor friend of mine told me that all of his dreams can be really through this company.

    I tried to stop him but it was impossible, he had been brainwashed…

    He ended up loosing money and time.

    So i would like to state that the most unethical things for these fraudsters is that they promise money to poor people, if you are desperate you hold in everything gives you hope.

    I hope all the masterminds behind this fraud rot in jail.

  95. After reading through a slew of comments from people who clearly didn’t read this article, and are mainly interested in promoting their own agenda and arguing with each other, I’ve made the decision to close the comments on this post. I stand behind what I’ve written, but I’m a professional, and it’s not a good use of my time to monitor and deal with these comments. Pretty much every point of view is already represented below, so I suggest you read on for alternate opinions.

    You may not appreciate this decision, but it’s my blog, my rules. My post on Worldventures is just a tiny fraction of what this website is about. Contrary to some of the accusations below I make no money off of this article and have no personal vendetta against WV . My intentions are solely to provide a critique of widely available information.

    I’m a self-employed travel entrepreneur who lives and travels all over the world. If you’d like to learn more about how I do this (without the help of a MLM company), please check out my about page.

    Thanks for reading!

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