Here Are Your New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions. Big, grand gestures that are usually completely abandoned by mid-February. Sure we’d all like to lose weight, exercise more and stop biting our nails but ain’t gonna happen b/c of some magic decree.

Still, I can kind of see the point of using the start of the year as a vantage point for evaluating your life and deciding what kind of changes need to be made. Too often we get bogged down in routine, so this one point in time is a great catalyst for saying yes to something new.

Therefore I’m gonna help you guys out. Haven’t picked up a New Year’s resolution this year? I’ve got some ideas for you:

Eat More… Foreign Food

There is so much good food in the world- incredible, mouth-watering food that you’ve never ever tried. Even if you are a fairly cultured person this is still true (and if you’re not, there’s no better way to fake sophistication than espousing your love of pho). So this year, make an effort to discover new favorites: try a new cuisine, order something new off the menu, be a little adventurous. That way when you finally do get to Japan or Spain or Ethiopia, you’ll actually know what you’re talking about.

Spend Less… on Dumb Stuff

Okay nobody understands the joy of impulse buying more than me, but all that useless stuff you accumulate weighs you down and drains your wallet. Save your money for more important things (like travel) and cut yourself off from buying stuff you don’t need (if you’re like me that means pretty much anything you buy online).

Try Things… That are Scary

This one can be really hard because well, scary things are scary! I think that it’s important to do things that scare you once in awhile, it makes you stronger and also lets you experience things you would never otherwise do. These don’t have to be massive things like jumping off a bridge , my scary things to overcome this year are groups of people I don’t know, and dance lessons.

Explore… The World Around You

I could call this one travel more, because of course I want everyone to travel more, but I think it’s an important sentiment whether you are across the world or in your own home. Make this the year you really get curious and learn about the world outside your door. Go on a day trip somewhere new, do something you’ve always wanted to or yes, buy a plane ticket. Life is short and there is a lot to see so don’t drag your feet!

What is all boils down to is the resolve to make 2012 the year to challenge yourself. Be a traveler of life, no matter where you are going this year.

What is your resolution?

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