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She’s here!

Actually she’s been here, for 7 weeks now. I knew that babies were time consuming but I never realized they eat up every LAST second of your day and leave zero space for pretty much anything else. It’s kind of insane- I spent 8 hours yesterday just trying to put away laundry.

But that’s OK because LOOK at her. Guys, please meet Marcella Josephine, born August 12th, weighing just 5 pounds 12 ounces. Itty bitty but LOUD as hell.

Labor was a whirlwind. I won’t write out the story here because that’s not what this blog is about but let me just say she came SO FAST there was not even time for painkillers (yes, I had a natural birth basically against my will). Seriously, I’m lucky we even made it to the hospital- she was born less than twenty minutes after we got into the delivery room. This is a lady who doesn’t waste time at ALL.

Why Marcella? Mike and I wanted an Italian name (she is, after all, going to be an Italian citizen) that was pretty and unique while still being very much an actual name. I’m not sure who suggested Marcella but we fell in love with it. Josephine is after my grandmother who was a social dynamo, a fantastic Italian cook and a world traveler herself.

She just started smiling!
She just started smiling!

Motherhood so far has been exhausting, thrilling and basically a massive non-stop learning experience. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on things she totally changes. The only real constant is we just LOVE her to pieces.

I’m still on maternity leave until early December but I wanted to share our joy and gush just a little bit. Parenthood promises to be an adventure like non-other and I really can not WAIT to start showing Marcella the world.

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