Why wait to see the world?

We believe that traveling while you’re young is an invaluable experience. Sure you COULD wait until you’re old and gray and nothing else is standing in your way, but the benefits that come from traveling earlier in life are huge. Never again will you be as energetic, youthful or jazzed up as you are right now. The people you meet, the skills you learn and the opportunities for cross-cultural understanding will stay with you for life.

Traveling doesn’t need to mean dropping your entire life and taking off with only a backpack. Whether you want to take extremely large steps or small weekend adventures to see the world, that’s ok, and we support you! The important thing is not to wait! Traveling can come in all shapes and sizes, and we aren’t here to put experiences in little labeled boxes we just want you to not put it off until tomorrow.

Okay, if you are visiting this site you probably already WANT to travel. But how do you make those dreams a reality?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Why Wait to See the World is a travel magazine for Millennials. It’s designed not just to encourage you to travel… but to give you the tools to do it. Whether you’re planning an extended trip or simply trying to fit more travel in your traditional work schedule, we’ve got your back. This website is chock full of resources and information from expert travelers on why, and how, to travel abroad.

Within the Why Wait To See The World archives, you’ll find resources for all types of travel, from teaching abroad, to long-term backpacking, to luxurious getaways, to short city-breaks while maintaining a full time job. We’ve also got tips on how to finance your travels, where to go, what to see, just plain and simple wanderlust inducing listicles, basically everything wrapped up in this pretty little package.

Who We Are

We are Stephanie Yoder and Megan Stetzel, two Millennial travel writers who have lived and worked around the world. Stephanie started the blog Twenty-Something Travel in 2009 in an effort to encourage twenty-somethings to see the world. Megan originally blogged about food and travel at Forks and Footprints. She joined the Twenty-Something Travel team in 2015, and in 2017 they decided to merge their efforts and rebrand as a new travel magazine for Millennial travelers.

Why Wait (for short) also features guest writers and contributors to help bring YOU as many varying perspectives, opinions, and most importantly travel options as we possibly can!

Why Should You Listen to Us?

We didn’t wait to see the world either! Steph has been traveling, living and working abroad on and off for the past decade. Megan spent her early years dreaming of adventure, oceans and a flexible life. She got her first passport at 25 and hasn’t stopped moving since! We both haven’t waited to see the world and still aren’t.

Follow along on our personal adventures, drool over the foods you could be eating on your own adventures, and most importantly get the tools you need to stop waiting! Because really, Why Wait to See The World?

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