Fiji on a Budget

5-star resorts, private beaches, cocktails, and fancy meals is what many people think when they think of Fiji. It’s hard to believe that Fiji can be affordable when you look at the pictures. The truth is though that Fiji on a budget IS possible even for backpackers. What’s great is that Fiji recognizes backpackers as an …

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Fiji: The Best and Worst

Total Days: 11 Total Days it Didn’t Rain: 3 (It wasn’t even rainy season, I just really need to work on this.) Amount Spent: Since we were guests of Fiji Tourism I won’t do a budget breakdown on this one. From what I’ve found it’s possible to travel Fiji as everything from a five star …

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What is Fijian Food?

My first move when I plan to visit a new country? Find out about the food. Even before Eat the World, both Mike and I have been major international foodies. Visiting a new country and learning all about their unique cuisines is like unwrapping a present for us. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there on …

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Sustainable Tourism in Fiji

Tourism in Fiji is a major and essential industry. It makes up 25% of the country’s economy and that number is rising quickly (in comparison tourism is only 6.7% of Thailand’s economy). It’s a number that is quickly rising. Tourists bring in money and jobs but they can also mean disaster if not handled correctly. …

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The Truth About Kava in Fiji

Before I left for Fiji I heard plenty about kava: that Fijians were obsessed with drinking it, that I would make you hallucinate, that it tasted terrible. Some of this was true, some of it was a flat-out lie. So I thought I would set the record straight about kava in Fiji. Also known as …

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9 Surprising Fiji Facts

I’m back! I went to Fiji not really knowing what to expect, besides plenty of beaches and palm trees. I’d never read much about Fiji, or seen a lot of pictures, I had no idea what made it different from anywhere else in the South Pacific. Well, this country surprised me in a big way. …

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River Rafting in Fiji

Before I went to Fiji, I thought of Fiji as mostly a relaxing destination. I imagined chilling out on the beach and kayaking on the calm ocean waters. It definitely has that as well but I found that Fiji is actually so much more than that. In the next couple weeks, I’ll be publishing a …

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