Kay Rodriguez

Kay Rodriguez is the editor-in-chief of The Kay Days, a travel blog focusing on immersive travel for young people. She is also a full-time university student at Rice University in Houston, Texas. During school breaks, she travels and writes to inspire other students and recent graduates to do the same.

Sin City Outside the Strip

“Well,” I thought to myself, “here goes nothing.” In my mind, I pictured sparkling lights, clinking glasses, and hordes of tourists from around the world dressed in flashy nightlife attire. Having just turned 21, the world of Las Vegas finally became accessible to me. When I heard about this opportunity to join Travel Nevada for …

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Mythbusting Brazil

What do you think of when you hear Brazil? Sparkling, sandy beaches and giant rock formations might come to mind, or an image of the giant Christ statue towering over the city of Rio de Janeiro. Maybe you think of women (and men) in tiny swimsuits and the grandiose costumes of Carnaval. Perhaps you’re thinking …

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