Jessica Dawdy

Jessica Dawdy is a serial expat who has been slowly working her way around the world since 2011. She’s lived in 7 different countries, doing everything from painting houses to teaching English. Catch up with her travel stories and expat adventures at Ways of Wanderers. Read more about Jessica here.

Staying in a Hostel: A First-Timer’s Guide

Hostels are amazing, right? They’re cheap, fun, and just generally one of those you-have-to-try-it travel experiences. But they’re also kind of intimidating, particularly if you’ve never stayed in one before. I know I was worried that hostels would be filthy, loud, and filled with unapproachable, way-cooler-than-me backpackers but don’t give up on hostels. Instead for …

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3 Truths of Solo Female Travel

Social media makes solo female travel look pretty damn glamorous. It’s all meaningful insights, and gazing triumphantly over spectacular vistas. And don’t get me wrong, I love that there are so many positive messages out there encouraging women to travel alone, but let’s talk about what it’s really like going solo sometimes (for me anyway): …

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St. Martin Mini-Guide

St. Martin probably isn’t the first destination that comes to mind when you think of the Caribbean. Although this tiny island is a popular port of call for cruise lines, it still seems to get overshadowed by more well-known places like the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. St. Martin has been shared by France and the …

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How to Handle a Travel Disaster

There’s this startlingly accurate Paul Theroux quote that says “travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” Travel is sometimes messier and more stressful than many of us would like to admit. It means putting yourself in situations that are often completely unfamiliar. You’re bound to encounter a few mishaps here and there as you adjust to new people, new places, and …

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